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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. They need to enjoy the fresh air while they can, they'll be back in YG's dungeon as soon as this world tour is done.
  2. Ok, I love this choreo and their execution so much. Hopefully their next lead comeback song will have more of a melody too.

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  3. I was walking around LDN listening to "Don't Know What to Do," picturing myself doing the choreography alongside them, haha.

    But, also, this could be me (but I actually don't know the full routine step by step):
  4. After listening to both songs a lot, I think I like Don't Know What to Do a lot more than Kill This Love.

    None of them are better than Square Up tracks like Forever Young & See U Later though.
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  5. He


    I kinda love three of these songs with a passion.

    I'm stanning Kill This Love and the energy, and the girls.

    Am I... a Blink?
  6. yes
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  7. is it possible to stan them while enjoying less than half of their output lol
  8. You're not alone.
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  9. All of the newly established pink pandas on KPJ will probably say yes, myself included. I stan the girls and two of their singles but I kind of hate the rest of the singles and never heard APINK's albums.

    Not this being my second GFRIEND post in the BLACKPINK thread ddd.

  10. I love how Jisoo didn't flinch one bit. Chilled queen!
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  11. Turning the Twitter into a stan account... we stan.

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  12. Memories!!
  13. Jisoo became instantly iconic with “I’m not scary.”
  14. “Your faves could never” yeah this is a local and definitely not a gay intern
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  15. It's Shuga Cain.
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  16. Did I just really buy a ticket to their second NJ show? Yes, yes, I did and I regret nothing. My friend in LA saw them on Wednesday and couldn't stop raving about it and she mentioned going through serious post-concert withdrawal and if I could avoid that for an extra night, I would. So, ticket bought.

    Someone needs to show Jennie all the memes of her getting scared as the intro to Kill This Love plays. I keep replaying the clips and they never get old.
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  17. I echoed what some people said in the past (maybe in the General Thread, I forgot). I haven't really been a huge fan of their recent output (either singles or b-sides), yet I somehow find myself stanning more and more with time? I just think, despite the music, they have so much charisma and a great energy about them. They also really compliment eachother so well. I'm so glad they're exporting themselves overseas.
  18. I just saw them at Coachella! It was so amazing. I was really surprised the girls came to the side and interacted with the crowd. I arrived about an hour and a half before and got second row but it felt like front row as the girl in front was really short. It was so surreal and bizarre seeing them in person as I thought I would never be able to do that workout flying to Asia. They’re all so beautiful in person and the crowd was living for them even the frat boys there waiting for Diplo
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