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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. I think that changing the lineup now would be a mistake. It would kill their momentum.
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  2. Jisoo, a MAIN vocalist!
  3. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Okay but where tf is Jisoo anyway? I need an update on my girl.
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  4. 3Xs


    Jisoo is currently being detained in a Samsung holding cell after they discovered her iPhone usage. Her release date, much like the Galaxy Fold, is still to be determined.

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  5. Ddd we’re all Kikiing about it now but Samsung HAS actually sued people for using iPhones when they’re are contractually obliged to use Samsung’s in public. And the girls have already been caught several times at Coachella alone doing just that. YG found bankrupt
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  6. 3Xs


    Which if you've been reading business reports in the Korean news since Burning Sun is actually... a lot more likely than one might think dddd

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  7. BLACKPINK soon to be free agents?

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  8. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Update on Jisoo:

    Hope she feels better soon. ♡
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  9. That Blink sure stretched 'She wasn't feeling great' to a whole 500 word Buzzfeed article, I stan!
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  10. At my desk crying right now because this is the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Capitalism is a TRIP but my girls make it cute and fun, love them.
  11. I know I complained about their live performances before but Coachella made me realise it's not them. They absolutely destroyed their set, the energy was incredible and the band took everything to another level. It was insane. I need an mp3 rip of the whole thing.
  12. The Coachella set made me go from being a bit "meh" about them and their output to loving every single song they've released so far. I was really surprised at how free they were during the performance.

    I hate that their concert tickets are so expensive, though. If they were about 100 euros cheaper I'd absolutely love to go.
  13. Help I can’t stop listening to these girls. I never “got” k-pop and to be honest I still don’t ddd but something about these girls is really getting me. I’m hooked!
  14. Huh sis, we gotta change that....
  15. I’m really not here for people saying they only like BLACKPINK but still thinking 99% of k-pop is icky. It’s literally pop music sung in Korean.
  16. dddd @Fascination is bae, though, he means well I'm sure.

    I can get through to him and make him one of our own, just give me time. xoxo
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  17. I never said k-pop was “icky” and that wasn’t my intention whatsoever. I do apologize if it came off the wrong way - what I meant moreso was that I never really understood the widespread appeal that K-pop has (it’s genuinely always astounded me that these groups were pulling such massive numbers) but BLACKPINK has opened up that door for me where I’m starting to see something special about it. It’s genuinely interesting. We’ll see where else it takes me but for now I’m really vibing with BLACKPINK’s output.
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  18. The amount of casually racist comments made about K Pop truly disgusts me. However I still can’t get behind groups with more than 5 people which is my main issue with K Pop.

    The way their labels and industry work is very different to “western” (problematic?) pop so I understand why it might not be appealing to pop fans who prefer solo artists, or artists who became famous more organically
  19. I'm the same way. I knew of them because one of my friends is a huge fan and she tried her way to get me to listen to them when Square Up was released and I did listen to them but never got into them until this past November. Funny story, it was actually watching a Jenlisa reaction video that made me do a deep dive into their music and everything about them. The past few months have been nothing but me watching reaction videos, dance practice videos, BLACKPINK House, radio interviews (subbed and un-subbed), Korean show performances, Korean variety shows they've appeared in...yeah, I think there's nothing else left for me to consume.

    Anyway, this all leads up to me throwing money at them and buying tickets to both of their NJ shows which is next week already (!). I'm not ready. I don't know how I'll survive being in the same room as them.

    Also, I tried to listen to other K-pop artists but I can't seem to get into them because I find the music just a bit too cute-sy for my taste. Like, I love Irene from Red Velvet and want to like her group but I just can't. Maybe I just need to listen to that one song that will be my gateway to that group? Anyone a fan? Which song of theirs would be classified as the closest to BP?
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