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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. Seriously, what a child.
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  2. He


    So precious!

    Also I wish I could move like this.
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  3. Can't wait for their cameo in Bad Boys 3.
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  4. That #pixel3 plug tho.
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  5. I know. His IG page says: "Paid partnership with googlepixel"

    You know he's just gonna go home and crank Michael Bolton. Again.

    "Jada, who were those Asian girls? I gotta make a post for Google."
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  6. Not sure it's even right to use other celebs (who aren't notified or aware) on paid posts?
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  7. Especially when they're all representing the Samsung fold right now.

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  8. I'm screaming. I guess we're one step closer to a collab with


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  9. This shit is so funny gkjrjnfdkks

  10. I think that changing the lineup now would be a mistake. It would kill their momentum.
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  11. Jisoo, a MAIN vocalist!
  12. Okay but where tf is Jisoo anyway? I need an update on my girl.
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  13. 3Xs


    Jisoo is currently being detained in a Samsung holding cell after they discovered her iPhone usage. Her release date, much like the Galaxy Fold, is still to be determined.

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  14. Ddd we’re all Kikiing about it now but Samsung HAS actually sued people for using iPhones when they’re are contractually obliged to use Samsung’s in public. And the girls have already been caught several times at Coachella alone doing just that. YG found bankrupt
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  15. 3Xs


    Which if you've been reading business reports in the Korean news since Burning Sun is actually... a lot more likely than one might think dddd

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  16. BLACKPINK soon to be free agents?

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  17. Update on Jisoo:

    Hope she feels better soon. ♡
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  18. That Blink sure stretched 'She wasn't feeling great' to a whole 500 word Buzzfeed article, I stan!
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  19. At my desk crying right now because this is the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Capitalism is a TRIP but my girls make it cute and fun, love them.
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