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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

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    We never got a video because YG are an awful company that didn't even acknowledge the song, while Dua was talking about it to anyone who would listen. Such a missed opportunity.
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  2. I'm sure a million tweets about Dua not being able to keep up didn't help while memes about her dancing abilities are in an all time high.
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    I mean but that is easily hidden in a glossy video. They could all serve attitude and looks, but I guess maybe their schedules didn't match at all / YG are shit at doing more than one thing at a time (except standing by corrupt misogynist idols).
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  4. Or maybe they knew it's a basic bop that works as an album track but is not a good single in 2018.
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  5. We stan Dula Peeps now.

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  6. My first words aged 3 teebs.
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  7. Why is Jisoo’s post written in the most legible English. We stan a learned woman. Meanwhile Jennie is out here writing sweestest.
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  8. You guys, both Newark shows were amazing. I'm still on a high and I can't believe I got to see them in person after months of watching their videos and interviews and just absorbing every piece of BP media that is out there. It really was a surreal experience and the best part was sharing it with fellow Blinks who love the girls just as much. Loved the diversity of the audience: of course, there were a lot of Asians but there were also a lot of blacks, whites, Latinos/Latinas, young kids with their parents, etc. and everyone just had a fantastic time.

    Performance-wise, I think I preferred the first night if only because the girls were probably super hyped at having Dua perform with them which is obvious especially in Jennie. She was super smiley the entire night which was beyond adorable. Jennie is my bias so hearing her voice in person is something else. So much power in such a tiny body and not power as in her being a belter but power in the sense that she can command it so well that it comes out quite strong and steady and just like the studio version. So impressed.

    Seeing Lisa kill that stage during her solo...I have no words. I wanted to cover the little kids' eyes during that part of her solo (you know which one, haha). Girl can move her body in ways I didn't know you could move your body. Jisoo probably got the loudest cheers during both nights especially when she spoke English and you just can't help but love her, it's really quite endearing every time she says something to the audience. And Chaeng! She has been bias-wrecking me this entire era and hearing her solos especially the last song that she does (I forgot the title) where it turns into a rock song was my highlight for her. When she stood up from the piano, I swear, she looked like an angel.

    In any case, I think these concerts just solidified my Jennie bias and the rest of the girls can bias wreck me but Jennie will always be it for me. I do love all of them dearly, though.

    My seat for the second night was much closer to the stage so I got a great view of everyone every time they went to the extended stage and believe me when I say these girls are beyond stunning. Like they look fantastic in photos but they look even more beautiful in person (if that's even possible). My favorite outfit was definitely Jennie's Solo outfit during the first night and the fact that she put her hair in a ponytail was the icing on the cake. I hope she wears that from time to time during her Solo set. LOVED Chaeng's ponytail in the second night and how it was tied with a ribbon.

    Of course I knew which moments to look out for during the show and See U Later is always a highlight as was As If It's Your Last. I was laughing so hard at ChuLiChaeng's reaction when Jennie deviated from the choreo and knelt in front of everyone and faced them instead, hahaha. Jenlisa was pretty lowkey both nights but I guess they were just being subtle because there were several moments that I missed during the concerts but were captured by dedicated fans. There were also a ton of Jensoo moments and wish we got more Chaennie moments (such an underrated ship). Chaelisa fans were well-fed, for sure.

    Post-concert withdrawal hasn't hit me yet but I'm sure it's bound to come. Thankfully I have another concert tomorrow (Maren Morris) so that'll help alleviate the withdrawal.

    BLACKPINK really is the revolution, y'all.
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  9. I fucking love these girls.

    I have no other comment at this time.
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  10. I have rewatched this all week...if you need motivation, Rosé is here to YELL AT YOU to make sure you get your shit together.
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  11. By the way, just realized they have 5 songs on Spotify with well over 100M streams (with Whistle on track to become their 6th and Kill This Love not too far behind), and overall they have an aggregated +1B streams on the platform.

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    I swear I hear "Kick It" out and about way more than Kill This Love and its made the song grow on me immensely.
  13. I liked Kick It upon first listen...
    I was really confused to see so many people think it was hot garbage...
  14. Kick It was like their worst song for me at first but I like it now.

    My ranking of their album tracks would be: Forever Young >>> See You Later > DKWTD > Kick It > Hope Not > Really
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    People like to dismiss this last mini a bit much. I kind of love it.
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  16. Just popping in here to say that As If It’s Your Last is criminally underrated.
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  17. As If It's Your Last walked so that Dalla Dalla could love haself.
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  18. Their best song.
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  19. It's so much fun hearing it live and seeing the girls perform it.

    Cue Chaeyong screaming her head off at Coachella to "dance AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST." (Lisa's side eye never fails to crack me up.)

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  20. Me after listening to Golden Hour for the first time

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