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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. 3Xs


    I swear I hear "Kick It" out and about way more than Kill This Love and its made the song grow on me immensely.
  2. I liked Kick It upon first listen...
    I was really confused to see so many people think it was hot garbage...
  3. Kick It was like their worst song for me at first but I like it now.

    My ranking of their album tracks would be: Forever Young >>> See You Later > DKWTD > Kick It > Hope Not > Really
  4. He


    People like to dismiss this last mini a bit much. I kind of love it.
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  5. Just popping in here to say that As If It’s Your Last is criminally underrated.
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  6. As If It's Your Last walked so that Dalla Dalla could love haself.
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  7. Their best song.
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  8. It's so much fun hearing it live and seeing the girls perform it.

    Cue Chaeyong screaming her head off at Coachella to "dance AS IF IT'S YOUR LAST." (Lisa's side eye never fails to crack me up.)

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  9. Me after listening to Golden Hour for the first time

  10. [
    I understand you, but you should check out (G)I-DLE and CLC and these songs...

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  11. So the Manchester date has a lot of unsold tickets on ticketmaster, does anyone think they may reduce the price since its getting nearer to show date?
  12. Ok but when is Legend Lisa getting ha solo moment.
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  14. He


    How full was it though? Not sure the Amsterdam sales were all that great.
  15. This video shows the crowd pretty well (that full title of the video...):

    I imagine the top balcony may have been curtained off but it looks reasonably filled. Hopefully a future tour will have better prices.
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  16. I'm perched for their London show on Wednesday. I can't believe how much I've paid for tickets right at the back of the arena though...
  17. He


    Rich parents.

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  18. Review from The Guardian here.
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