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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

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    I understand you, but you should check out (G)I-DLE and CLC and these songs...

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  2. So the Manchester date has a lot of unsold tickets on ticketmaster, does anyone think they may reduce the price since its getting nearer to show date?
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    Ok but when is Legend Lisa getting ha solo moment.
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    How full was it though? Not sure the Amsterdam sales were all that great.
  6. This video shows the crowd pretty well (that full title of the video...):

    I imagine the top balcony may have been curtained off but it looks reasonably filled. Hopefully a future tour will have better prices.
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  7. I'm perched for their London show on Wednesday. I can't believe how much I've paid for tickets right at the back of the arena though...
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    Rich parents.

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  9. Review from The Guardian here.
  10. They’re not even doing DDDD? I’d be annoyed if I was going.

    Also in terms of triggering - if this is just the gun movement in the choreo, it has nothing to do with what happened in Manchester and if it’s OK elsewhere it should be OK there. At least perform it and just don’t do that move. Madness.
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  11. They apparently performed it in the encore, though?
  12. It was the anniversary of the attack...
  13. If they were so concerned about it, why hold it that day in the first place?

    Before anyone says, I’m not being insensitive but the song and the attack are so clearly unrelated, it just doesn’t make any sense to me.
  14. They did the remix at the end anyway, just without choreography.
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  16. I went to the Manchester show and I have to be honest I was very underwhelmed which is a shame. The girls are fantastic and they're extremely good singers/dancers etc, but the show is a mess.

    If you compare it to other girl groups such as Girls Aloud when they would tour it was a huge difference. It felt like more of a showcase than a tour show if that makes sense, like the girls decided to just perform some of there songs on stage for people rather than it being an actual show.

    The visuals where awful, like they literally used an advert as an interlude at one point and none of the other ones featured the girls, you would expect them to have filmed stuff for the screens just for the tour.

    I'm glad I went as it was good to see the girls and they're extremely talented but I'm glad I got my tickets at a fraction of the price.

    I went to see Big Bang years a go in London and the show was so much better in terms of the production etc so hopefully the same can happen for Black Pink when they get more songs etc.

    Bless them for being so cautious and thoughtful when performing in Manchester too.
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  17. I saw them in Manchester and London last week, after seeing their Coachella set last month. It was great to see the big production and full setlist, but the energy was a little bit off. Jennie seemed completely uninterested, especially compared to how hyped she was at Coachella.

    I'm still a huge fan and really enjoyed the performances, but I do wish there was a bit more banter with the crowd, better interludes, and hopoefully their next proper tour will be better with more songs to chose from.

    One of my favorite moments was when they performed Don't Know What To Do a second time in Manchester. It was random, but a lot of fun and you could tell how much they loved just goofing off on the b-stage.
  18. Me last year:
    I don’t understand K-pop

    Me rn:
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