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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. @Serg. Binch is it true that Jennie liked and unliked this JB fancam on Instagram??? I'm shaking.

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  2. Please no, he's already in a throuple with myself and Jinyoung.
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  3. She moved on from Kai real quick ddd
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  4. [​IMG]
    - Jennie, probably.
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  6. Speechless.
  7. They've just wrapped biggest world tour ever by a K-Pop girl group. Time to get back to the studio.


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  8. Do we have any sense of how long the wait will be for new music???
    Might all the scandals involving YG spur a push for new music in an effort to generate positive press???
    Or will it be another year???
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  9. They will release a full-length album by October with 10 original songs and 2 remixes of their title track and Kill this Love respectively.
  10. Just... let them work with producers other than Teddy already... PLEASE.
  11. Should we change the thread's title to K-Pop Fantasies or something?
  12. [​IMG]

    Imagine if "Grandé in your area" actually happens. Imaaaaagine a gay world like that.
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  13. 1B stre4ms in an hour realness.
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  14. Na she can keep away. I like her but she’ll bring them down rather than they bring her up.
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  15. I recently discovered them through their Samsung performance, since I bought a Galaxy A70. I've been looking for a successor to 2NE1 for years and I finally got it! It'm addicted to their This is Blackpink playlist on Spotify.
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  16. Turns out that Blackpink are actually in my area.

    Should I camp out at Arlanda?
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  17. Jisoo’s secret trip to Sweden to write with Max Martin and become the next main pop girl
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  18. I don't know, but it is Pride Week.

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  19. Tove Lo co-write on Lisoo subunit... And that's on that.
  20. I’m still waiting on Lisa’s solo debut.
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