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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. Just... let them work with producers other than Teddy already... PLEASE.
  2. Should we change the thread's title to K-Pop Fantasies or something?
  3. [​IMG]

    Imagine if "Grandé in your area" actually happens. Imaaaaagine a gay world like that.
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  4. 1B stre4ms in an hour realness.
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  5. Na she can keep away. I like her but she’ll bring them down rather than they bring her up.
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  6. I recently discovered them through their Samsung performance, since I bought a Galaxy A70. I've been looking for a successor to 2NE1 for years and I finally got it! It'm addicted to their This is Blackpink playlist on Spotify.
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  7. Turns out that Blackpink are actually in my area.

    Should I camp out at Arlanda?
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  8. Jisoo’s secret trip to Sweden to write with Max Martin and become the next main pop girl
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  9. I don't know, but it is Pride Week.

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  10. Tove Lo co-write on Lisoo subunit... And that's on that.
  11. Island

    Island Staff Member

    I’m still waiting on Lisa’s solo debut.
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  12. It’s low key iconic how the girls are living their best life in the middle of all the turmoil at YG. Dddd.
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  13. Wasn't there a rumour about Rose's MV being filmed back in February/March? Where is it?
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  14. They're barely getting out as a group, what makes you think YG will release the solos any faster dddd?

    It does make me wonder if the girls ever expressed they would like to get more music out more often or if they're going for the "I know it's taking a while, but we really want to make sure we're giving you the best material we can give you, be patient please!" route? Regardless of it's sincere or not, that's not the point.

    I know we've been over this over and over again, but I'm still baffled at how little YG takes advantage of them on a business-level. Like... They're at that point in their career where their profile is huge enough to get them sure-fire hits out of some even just remotely catchy songs, and their charisma will do the rest. There really isn't no point in waiting 9 months to find their next title song.
  15. After fucking up 2NE1, you'd expect them to do better. They've been out for three years and they have yet to release a full lenght album.
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  16. I think with them relying 100% on one producer, they're even struggling to get this.

    I'm hopeful there are going to be changes now that YG ,the person, is defeated but that depends on how much control over their music he had back then and how much their new management team (if there is one) are willing to try new things.
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  17. I'm not insider, so I know nothing about the industry itself, but a lot of people are speculating this is strictly a public (and business, I guess) image matter. He will still be pulling the strings behind the scenes, but his "public" dissociation with the company is better for the acts' reputations, as well as to ensure they don't scare away their investors.

    If it's the case, I doubt we'll see much change with BP. Which is a shame.
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  18. He


    This is what I was fearing. Things will continue to be run the same way.
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  19. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Clown season, here we go!
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  20. I came across some Blackpink sticker sheets in Glasgow the other day and now all my textbooks and journals are covered in Blackpink stickers. That's all.
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