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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. Unpopular but sorta kinda hot take: As If It's Your Last is a slice of FameGa excellence and y'all can't take.
  2. As If It's Your Last is my favourite BP song after Playing With Fire.. Explosive pure pop excellence with a great chorus? The girls just ain't doing it like this anymore.
  3. YATHHHH I am so here for this As If It's Your Last reappraisal. I still don't get why the subforum hates it so much other than the fact that it beat Nine Muses' Remember in the KPJC ddddd. I mean, how can one hate BP's only song with a chorus??? And a stunning chorus at that. Make it make sense.
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  4. I also love As If It's Your Last but I'm still waiting for people to realise So Hot (Global Talent Remix) is a bop too.
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  5. R92


    Another co-sign here for As If It's Your Last being Blackpink's A chorus so strong, it almost makes up for the fact that we haven't gotten one from them since.
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  6. I really hope their next comeback is actually worth all the wait. If they comeback with Kill This Love 2.0 aka DDDD 3.0 and still no full length album...
  7. I’ve honestly given up on ever seeing a full length album from them.
  8. Kinda late but chiming in here as well for the AIIYL love. I actually did not care for this song when I first became their fan because it sounded so different from their usual "black" sound but then I listened more closely to it and now I think it's one of their best songs. Add in the fact that I think this is the song where Jennie and Rosé give their best vocal performance on any BP song (to date).
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  9. It also gave us this:

  10. HJAHDJDJDID NOT THIS VIDEO AGAIN. Why do they look like they're playing Ouija board or some other satanic ritual. Kweens tbh.
  11. Those boys are a million


    I am a billion


    They are some dirt


    I am the earth


  12. "released in early 2020" aka May 2020 given past experiences
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  13. I can’t wait for them to release one (1) single and video, 2-3 additional tracks and a remix and disappear for another year.
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  14. He


    I guess this is who LOONA are trying to emulate. Minus the record breaking fame and countless modelling gigs.
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  15. Meanwhile, Rosie's solo is nowhere to be found. So disappointing.
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