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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. How You Like That 10th Win & Triple Inkigayo crown.

    Bad thing it was their goodbye stage, good thing we can move on to the next single.

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  2. She looked so good with the hair too, I'm surprised it wasn't at least kept until they moved on to another track.
  3. They're moving onto it, I mean if the title track is coming in August/September they gotta prepare/shoot the mv/photoshoots, etc.
  4. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    Update (?) on next pre-release single:
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  5. He


    So they actually said nothing. "Soon" in 2021.
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  6. I'm... very surprised that YG ENT wasn't lying outta their mouths about this August single?
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  7. Please be good.
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  8. OMG it's Ariana

  9. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    There's a feature??????? Great, now my Kween Jisoo will have less lines ugh. If this feature turns out to be one of those Treasure boys, I will fight YG.
  10. Seriously can we take a moment.... Teaser 3 days after their promotions are over... Well done @YG it's been 4 years but finally first thing correct.
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  11. 100% is Grande. But the imagery reminds me of Bang Bang...

    2 singles in a year though, it’s like what we signed up for all those years ago.
  12. He


    Wait how do we know it's Ariana?
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  13. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    We deserve this, KPJ Blinks. We have been through so much.
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  14. All jokes aside, it's been heavily rumored for ages and they worked with her producer/friend a lot so yeah she's the first person that falls on everyones mind plus she's a singer they're not collabing with a rapper for sure and YG doesn't have any good singers.
  15. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    When after the Ariana rumors the feature turns out to be G-Dragon

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  16. Ariana x BLACKPINK....the streaming collapse
  17. Hold on to your knickers, girls!.gif
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  18. I am very much a Rosé all day person (though I truly do love them all!) but I must say, congratulations Jennie you are the winner of this week's photo shoot. I'm thinking maybe this track is a little more As If It's Your Last compared to their other releases. (I will ALWAYS be bitter that Don't Know What To Do was robbed of a video...and a title track status quite frankly.)
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  19. YG feeding us 2 pre releases before the actual title track, this feels so foreign.
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  20. They better have a good promo schedule if it's Ariana, because I want to see a K-Pop girl group in Billboard's Top 10.
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