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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by saturdays20, Jul 17, 2016.

  1. Blonde Electra debut single RADIO is out around September.

    You can listen to Radio here

    It's great pop track. Glad they have chosen it.

    They are previewing their album 'Pop Tart' this week in London at their showcase.
  2. They're getting an album??

    Weren't they eliminated the first week of their X Factor series? Good for them, I guess.
  3. What kind of Meghan Trainor bop is this, though: And we're all keep listening to Taylor Swift... Jesus Christ.

    Yes. PopInjustice.

    I was waiting for them to sing Aqua's Cartoon Heroes during the liveshows and it never happened.
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  4. Y.O.U is a great pop song!
  5. Christ, maybe those Tamera Foster stans aren't so deluded afterall? Just kidding, of course they are.

    This is unsurprisingly trash.

  6. Single Radio coming soon
  7. New track's - Toy Machine & Lets Touch

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  9. New single 'Let's Touch' out next week.

    They doing the Prides at the minute.
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