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Blondie - Pollinator (2017)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by spillett, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. Collaborators include Dev Hynes, Charli XCX and Sia.

    Due for release on 17 March.

    Song titles include Doom or Destiny, My Monster, Gravity, Long Time, Love Level, Fragments

    Produced by John Congleton and according to the band was recorded very similar to the way they recorded their first two albums.

    Colour me excited!
  2. Bring it on!
  3. Ooooh this will be something to look out for then! Wasn't interested in their last few albums but this sounds very promising.
  4. John Congleton has been producing everyone lately it seems. Nelly Furtado, Goldfrapp, now this...
  5. I loved a fair bit of the last few albums, 'What I heard' and 'I wanna drag you around' in particular were great songs that don't sound out of place when they play them live alongside the classics.
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  6. Here for this!
  8. Goldfrapp, Blondie... 2017 is shaping up rather nicely!
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  9. Oh this should be good.
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  11. Gravity is the charlixcx song.

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  12. I love how Blondie never shies away from modernity; they've always been open and curious about new sounds and new vibes.
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  13. Ooh brill! I really need to revisit their last two albums again too...
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  14. I love the cover.
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  15. Debbie Harry is such a legendary rock star with so many amazing songs. I'm glad they're still releasing new music. That album cover is hot too.
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  16. So long as it doesn't sound like the album is made on a computer, I'm game. Their last album was dreadful (except one or two songs).
  17. I hope Dev Hynes has some co-production on the album. His track with Debbie on his own album is fucking brilliant. Her voice sounds so magnificent over his production...

    Honestly wish it was a Debbie solo album produced by Blood Orange.
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  18. I'm guessing Fragments is a Sia track.
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