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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 5343, Feb 13, 2018.

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  2. Hard agree for "Good Boys" being in there.
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  3. I’m impressed Good Boys is in there over Maria.
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  4. Thrilled my favourite is at number 8. But I could easily do a top 50 and even then the order would change by the hour.
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  5. Yeah, not sure I could pick 20 only.
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  6. Good Boys not being available on streaming (along with the parent album and its follow-up) is honestly a hate crime.
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  7. Panic of Girls is such a great album. I'm thankful to own it on CD but would love it on streaming, along with The Curse of Blondie.
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  8. Despite not really being a favourite of mine, I own three copies of Panic Of Girls because of all the regional bonus tracks.
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  9. 'What I Heard' should be a classic Blondie song.
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  10. What I Heard, Fun and Long Time can rival anything from their prime.
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  11. I'm a sucker for this too
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  12. I really like Ghosts Of Download. It could have been even better if it was less over-produced as done here:

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  13. Ghosts of Download walked so Pollinator could run.
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  14. Add in Too Much as well. Gutted it wasn't a proper single.
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  15. This isn’t from 2021 is it?

  16. I love it and am happy that I got the download of it but it really should be on streaming. Though, I hate the final version of Mother and prefer whatever version was released in the UK as a promo cd.
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  17. I got that 2010 Parallell Lines newspaper-mounted free CD just for the slightly-earlier mix of "What I Heard" on it.
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  18. Do we know the exact issue as to why those albums are not on streaming? Do Blondie not own the rights to the material of The Curse and Panic of Girls?
  19. That’s the version I have for both What I Heard and Mother. I don’t know if I’ve ever head the slightly different final mix for the former though.
  20. It's slightly more punchier. I'm not sure if calling it a different mix is technically correct, it might just be mastered differently to the album version.
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