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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 5343, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. I preferred it over Fun
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  3. A firm date for the box set. (May move though) - 26th August 2022.

  4. Wonder if that’s the date the missing albums will go onto streaming?
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  5. Just saw this

  6. So damn good

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  8. Chris has unfortunately pulled out of the tour.

  9. Tonight...

    Chris & Debbie join The Record Club for a Record Store Day Special, supporting the release of Blondie's limited edition EP 'Sunday Girl'.

    Livestream 1:30pm ET / 6:30pm UK time.

    Grab your limited edition copy of Sunday Girl at participating indie record stores this Saturday at
  10. Anyone going to their O2 date next Tuesday?

    I'm coming in at Heathrow at 8.10 and I'm tempted to make a run for it.
  11. I am! I only bought my ticket last week, but I've never seen them do a full headline show before, so I thought it was about time.
  12. A wise choice. I feel that as Chris is missing this tour it could potentially be the last.
  13. I think it may be the last tour too. I've got tickets for Birmingham and I can't wait.
  14. They were great last night in Cardiff. Was nice to hear a couple of tracks from Panic of Girls as that usually seems to get paid dust.
    Though the stage setup is simple I thought the screens behind them were really well done. ‘Rapture’ was a particularly cool moment.

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  15. Their setlists always tend to be better when they're inbetween albums as that's when they bring out the deep cuts or overlooked singles.
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  16. The visuals look great! What time did they come on?
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  17. 9pm.
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