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Considering you can still buy the albums individually at around £6 each (some with bonus tracks not on the boxset), the price is a bit of a joke.
I’ll probably just buy the 3CD set as the remasters I already have sound fine to me.
The book does seem like a fantastic companion piece, and probably the reason why the price is a bit steep. Since I'm not a stan, I have no reference how complete this is, but if some bonus tracks are missing, well...
I've preordered the super deluxe vinyl box set from Amazon, it's much cheaper than Recordstore, who originally claimed there were 30 copies available, but now doesn't appear to have a number.
Yeah I suppose it’s a better purchase for vinyl collectors. But those who want CDs it’s probably a quarter of the price to buy everything separately.

It’s a shame Little GTO is still not included.
SDE has the full tracklist.
  • CD 1: Blondie
    1. X Offender
    2. Little Girl Lies
    3. In The Flesh
    4. Look Good In Blue
    5. In The Sun
    6. A Shark In Jets Clothing
    7. Man Overboard
    8. Rip Her To Shreads
    9. Rifle Range
    10. Kung Fu Girls
    11. The Attack Of The Giant Ants
    Bonus tracks
    1. X Offender (Intro)
    2. X Offender (Private Stock Single Version / Remastered)
    3. In The Sun (Private Stock Single Version / Remastered)
    4. Little Girl Lies (Private Stock Mix)
    5. In The Flesh (Extended Intro)
    6. A Shark In Jets Clothing (Take 2)
    7. Kung Fu Girls (Take 8)
    8. Scenery (Plaza Sound Outtake)
  • CD 2: Plastic Letters
    1. Fan Mail
    2. Denis
    3. Bermuda Triangle Blues (Flight 45)
    4. Youth Nabbed As Sniper
    5. Contact In Red Square
    6. (I’m Always Touched By Your) Presence, Dear
    7. I’m On E
    8. I Didn’t Have The Nerve To Say No
    9. Love At The Pier
    10. No Imagination
    11. Kidnapper
    12. Detroit 442
    13. Cautious Lip
    Bonus tracks
    1. Denis (Terry Ellis Mix)
    2. Moonlight Drive
    3. Bermuda Triangle Blues – Flight 45 (Take 1)
    4. I Didn’t Have The Nerve To Say No (Take 1)
    5. I’m On E (Take 2)
    6. Kidnapper (Take 2)
    7. Detroit 442 (Take 2)
    8. Poet’s Problem
  • CD 3: Parallel Lines
    1. Hanging On The Telephone
    2. One Way Or Another
    3. Picture This
    4. Fade Away And Radiate
    5. Pretty Baby
    6. I Know But I Don’t Know
    7. 11:59
    8. Will Anything Happen
    9. Sunday Girl
    10. Heart Of Glass
    11. I’m Gonna Love You Too
    12. Just Go Away
    Bonus tracks
    1. Once I Had A Love (Mike Chapman Demo)
    2. Sunday Girl (French Version)
    3. I’ll Never Break Away From This Heart Of Mine (Pretty Baby) (Take 1)
    4. Hanging On The Telephone (Mike Chapman Demo)
    5. Will Anything Happen (Instrumental)

  • CD 4: Eat to the Beat
    1. Dreaming
    2. The Hardest Part
    3. Union City Blue
    4. Shayla
    5. Eat To The Beat
    6. Accidents Never Happen
    7. Die Young Stay Pretty
    8. Slow Motion
    9. Atomic
    10. Sound-A-Sleep
    11. Victor
    12. Living In The Real World
    Bonus tracks
    1. Call Me
    2. Spaghetti Song (Atomic Pt. 2)
    3. Die Young Stay Pretty (Take 1)
    4. Underground Girl
    5. Union City Blue (Instrumental)
    6. Llámame
  • CD 5: Autoamerican
    1. Europa
    2. Live It Up
    3. Here’s Looking At You
    4. The Tide Is High
    5. Angels On The Balcony
    6. Go Through It
    7. Do The Dark
    8. Rapture
    9. Faces
    10. T-Birds
    11. Walk Like Me
    12. Follow Me
    Bonus tracks
    1. Autoamerican Ad
    2. I Love You Honey, Give Me A Beer (Go Through It)
    3. Live It Up (Giorgio Moroder Demo)
    4. Angels On The Balcony (Giorgio Moroder Demo)
    5. The Tide Is High (Demo)
    6. Suzy & Jeffrey
    7. Rapture (Disco Version)
  • CD 6: The Hunter
    1. Orchid Club
    2. Island Of Lost Souls
    3. Dragonfly
    4. For Your Eyes Only
    5. The Beast
    6. War Child
    7. Little Caesar
    8. Danceway
    9. (Can I) Find The Right Words (To Say)
    10. English Boys
    11. The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game
    Bonus tracks
    1. Yuletide Throwdown
  • CD 7: Out in the Streets
    1. Out In The Streets (1974 Session)
    2. The Disco Song (1974 Session)
    3. Sexy Ida (1974 Session)
    4. Platinum Blonde (Betrock Demo)
    5. The Thin Line (Betrock Demo)
    6. Puerto Rico (Betrock Demo)
    7. Once I Had A Love (Betrock Demo)
    8. Out In The Streets (Betrock Demo)
  • Home Tapes
    1. Nameless (Home Tape)
    2. Mr Sightseer
    3. Sunday Girl (Home Tape)
    4. Theme From Topkapi (Home Tape)
    5. The Hardest Part (Home Tape)
    6. Ring Of Fire (Home Tape)
    7. Heart Of Glass (Chris Stein Mix)
    8. Call Me (Chris Stein Mix)
    9. War Child (Chris Stein Mix)
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Yeah, I have been meaning to get a Blondie set so this is in my interest but how many tracks are missing exactly?

Songs like Denis, Slow Motion, Live It Up, Heart Of Glass, Sunday Girl and War Child had different versions and remixes on previous releases. The same with live cover versions (Get It On and I Feel Love). Plus no Eat To The Beat DVD.

I suppose the boxset does say 'studio recordings' which is why these aren't included.
Considering you can still buy the albums individually at around £6 each (some with bonus tracks not on the boxset), the price is a bit of a joke.
I’ll probably just buy the 3CD set as the remasters I already have sound fine to me.

I’ve got the 2001 remasters. They’re ok. The 1994 reissues of Blondie, Plastic Letters & Parallel Lines are better, less compressed the good EQ. The treble on the 2001’s was really cranked up. Also 2001 Parallel Lines has the wrong mix of Heart of Glass on it, although that seems to be common for CD reissues.

2001 remasters of Eat To The Beat, Autoamerican and The Hunter are great though.
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Colour me (your colour baby) confused.

What's the actual difference between these? The actual listing seems to have the same content (e.g 10 inch vinyl etc) but photos are different as well as a big difference in price.
The vinyls on Blondie’s webstore are red or black. It’a also available on white vinyl (platinum blonde) and limited to 500 copies below:
Here is a video of the unboxing of the various different 'Against the Odds' box sets. It looks really nice, but I can't imagine ever listening to all that material. I hope that it does well so that we get reissues of the comeback era.

I saw the Brighton and Manchester shows and this tour is phenomenal! I have seen Blondie over 20 times since they reformed and these shows are definitely among the best. The order of the setlist - and the setlist itself - are fantastic, Debbie sounds better live than she has in years (for how much I love Debbie, she has definitely phoned it in on some tours) and her styling was great. The crowds were fantastic and engaged - I never thought I would hear a packed arena of nearly 20,000 people sing along to "Picture This". I might go a third time because I don't know if they will tour again, and even if they do I don't know how it could top this.

I saw her last night in Boston and she seemed really into the whole thing, more so than on the Pollinator Tour. She had a great energy and seemed to be enjoying herself. People should definitely go when they get the chance: she's 77 now. You have to hear the "Rapture" rap live at least once!