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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 5343, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Considering you can still buy the albums individually at around £6 each (some with bonus tracks not on the boxset), the price is a bit of a joke.
    I’ll probably just buy the 3CD set as the remasters I already have sound fine to me.
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  2. The book does seem like a fantastic companion piece, and probably the reason why the price is a bit steep. Since I'm not a stan, I have no reference how complete this is, but if some bonus tracks are missing, well...
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  3. I've preordered the super deluxe vinyl box set from Amazon, it's much cheaper than Recordstore, who originally claimed there were 30 copies available, but now doesn't appear to have a number.
  4. Yeah, I have been meaning to get a Blondie set so this is in my interest but how many tracks are missing exactly?
  5. Yeah I suppose it’s a better purchase for vinyl collectors. But those who want CDs it’s probably a quarter of the price to buy everything separately.

    It’s a shame Little GTO is still not included.
  6. SDE has the full tracklist.
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  7. Songs like Denis, Slow Motion, Live It Up, Heart Of Glass, Sunday Girl and War Child had different versions and remixes on previous releases. The same with live cover versions (Get It On and I Feel Love). Plus no Eat To The Beat DVD.

    I suppose the boxset does say 'studio recordings' which is why these aren't included.
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  8. 123 tracks total on the SDE list, unless I'm missing something dddd These things drive me nuts.
  9. Call Me being housed on the Eat To The Beat disc upsets me.
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  10. Along with The Curse of Blondie and Panic of Girls hopefully!
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  11. I'm going to need a box set for No Exit onwards next dd.
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  12. Call Me smashing up the charts was the only reason the Slow Motion single got pulled
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  13. I’ve got the 2001 remasters. They’re ok. The 1994 reissues of Blondie, Plastic Letters & Parallel Lines are better, less compressed the good EQ. The treble on the 2001’s was really cranked up. Also 2001 Parallel Lines has the wrong mix of Heart of Glass on it, although that seems to be common for CD reissues.

    2001 remasters of Eat To The Beat, Autoamerican and The Hunter are great though.
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  14. The vinyls on Blondie’s webstore are red or black. It’a also available on white vinyl (platinum blonde) and limited to 500 copies below:
  15. They could quite easily have released it post Call me. It wouldn't have been a number one but top 10 wouldn't have been out of reach. Fuck it, with The Hardest part as 5th single!
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  16. Added the new demos etc to spotify slowly.

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  17. Here is a video of the unboxing of the various different 'Against the Odds' box sets. It looks really nice, but I can't imagine ever listening to all that material. I hope that it does well so that we get reissues of the comeback era.

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  18. I saw her last night in Boston and she seemed really into the whole thing, more so than on the Pollinator Tour. She had a great energy and seemed to be enjoying herself. People should definitely go when they get the chance: she's 77 now. You have to hear the "Rapture" rap live at least once!
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