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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 5343, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. I agree, seeing them perform this year there was definitely a lot more energy coming through than on the Pollinator tour. Happy to see them working on the next album too.
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  2. The box set made #25 in the UK Official Top 100 albums.
  3. Just too expensive for me! These things are nicely put together and a great idea for hardcore fans but it's just so expensive.
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  4. Working my way through the Against The Odds box set and hearing Hunter for the first time, and realising it’s actually quite a good album???
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  5. Yeah, it's solid. By no means on the same level as others but still really good. I think people assume that as they split after that record that it was the reason why they split - because it wasn't very good or very successful. So the album definitely gets a bad rep. Plus the artwork was... interesting.
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  6. Yeah the artwork has always been really cheap looking and off putting to me, and seeing it on sale at a reduced price didn’t help too, oh and island of lost souls isn’t a strong single either, I’m glad to discover this song isn’t really representative of the rest of the album sound and the rest is actually really good.
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  7. This has also been the revelation I had while listening to all of the albums. Dragonfly is especially great.
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  8. I always felt like they were attempting to recapture the success of The Tide is High.
  9. excuse me Island of Lost Souls is amazing. Despite having one of the worst music videos ever made
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  10. I too have just listened to the debut, Plastic Letters and The Hunter for the first time with the arrival of the boxset. I had the three big ones already (Parallel - Autoamerican). The Hunter is probably going to wind up my fourth favorite from the original run. The debut and Plastic Letters have so many tracks I cannot recall seconds after they end.
  11. True, but the debut has X offender, in the flesh and rip her to shreds which are about 100 times better than anything from The Hunter.
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  12. Shout out to The Attack of the Giant Ants, Love At the Pier and I Didn't Have the Nerve to Say No!
  13. Agreed, and Plastic Letter has I'm Always Touched and Denis which are about 100 times better than anything from Hunter.
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  14. Island of lost souls has that 'where did he go?' middle 8 which is classic Blondie but then has that tedious middle section which lasts ages and NOTHING HAPPENS before it gets good again but the damage is done.
  15. At least there's the extended mix of War Chid for a quick combatant disco boogie.
  16. Love that she named Autoamerican as her favourite Blondie album.

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  17. That's a great interview. I liked hearing her talk about her connection with Wwf/e wrestling.

    The interview also made me want that box set even though I'd decided I didn't need it. I need willpower.
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  18. Same. I know I don't need to boxset but it does look pretty. Saying that, I can't afford it so, whatever.
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  19. Forever I will now hear, “Once I had love, it was a pain in the ass.”

    I adore everything about Debbie.
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