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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Deleted member 5343, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Such a shame only Sugar On The Side got a video.
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  2. For me, I'd rank those albums something like:

    Panic of Girls
    Ghosts of Download
    The Curse of Blondie
    No Exit

    The fact that 3 of those still are not on streaming is a crime!

    I agree that No Exit has some good songs but mostly it's not a great album. The Curse was much better and I really love the variety on Ghosts. Panic of Girls though, I think, is a really strong record. 'What I Heard' should have been a massive hit, it's as good as many of their other hits.
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  3. I’ve never heard Panic as it’s not on streaming. Mother is the only song I’ve heard. I’ll probably pick up the cd (shallowly the artwork has always put me off)
    I think Winter from Ghosts of Download is classic Blondie
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  4. Updated now to include Wipe off my sweat.

  5. I wish they would announce the tracklist for the archival box set out in August.

    There is some confusion about the contents and if it will be the same as the "musical elements" included with the deluxe comic book.
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  6. Same. I bailed on buying the deluxe comic book as they cant say what's on it.
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  8. Having never seen a solo Debbie show this has made my day.

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  9. Clem is saying 2022 for the vinyl box set.
  10. It’ll almost be a 50th anniversary boxset at this rate.
  11. This is great but a shame that the setlist is missing out all the best singles from that album.
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  12. The new live (album? or EP?) isn't too bad. I think the new arrangement of The Tide is High was good and benefitted from the extra musicians and background vocals.

    Apart from a few dodgy notes and odd phrasing here and there, it was a good listen overall. Nice to hear Long Time amongst the classics. Heart of Glass was rather nice too.

    I wish Debbie would stop trying to sing falsetto though.
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  13. I’d love to see some Debbie solo coloured vinyl reissues.
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  14. Although her solo years are nowhere near as well regarded as the Blondie stuff, I would have thought there would have been something reissued by now. My no.1 wish would be for a Debravation reissue as that is quite scarce on vinyl now.

    Coloured vinyl, with bonus tracks, new liner notes, unreleased stuff, or just a no-frills release - just give us the scraps we deserve, Debbie.
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  15. VIVIR EN LA HABANA made no.18 on the Offical UK vinyl chart this week.
  16. I recently managed to track down a near mint copy of the Summertime Blues CD single for £10! I was so happy.
  17. I love her version.
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  18. It’s fun. Most Of All is a decent Debbie compilation. But there’s a potentially great boxset to be made of her features, rarities and remixes.
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  19. Are they never repressing the Deluxe Redux greatest hits?
  20. War flashbacks about how Maria sticks out like a sore thumb in that one, being the only one that wasn't rerecorded.
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