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  1. You have to get Panic - it's so good.
  2. Went to see Off the Rails last night and it was a servicable enough road trip movie (by way of interrailing from Paris to Barcelona via Italy) but all the tropes were cliched middle-aged women feel good drama ones. The Blondie songs were all a nice touch, although some of them repeated too often and they used all the re-recorded versions (aside from "Maria" and "Long Time").
  3. Debbie at the Met Gala!

  4. Amazing.
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  5. I can't believe she hasn't been photographed for a Blondie album cover since No Exit (or The Curse Of Blondie depending on what you use).
  6. “I wanna be the Queen of the USA/
    You could send me roses every other day”
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  7. She is definitely rocking the Red, White and Blonde look there.
  8. I would have gone wearing an Autoamerican tshirt.
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  9. Not sure if this was posted
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  11. Well I can't say I'm surprised but gutted to lose Garbage.

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  12. I wonder if there’ll be a new Blondie album by then?

    I LOVE Blondie and have been to multiple dates on each tour since No Exit. But I don’t really feel like I need to see them perform the same hits again just because it’s in an arena. Having Garbage there was a huge incentive.

    Though watch me eat my words and be pogoing away in Block 2.
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  13. Yeah. I think the Garbage / Blondie combo was definitely a massive draw. I'll go if we have a new Blondie album by then but if not... I dunno. Although it is Blondie so... I saw them during the Pollinator era and they were fab.
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  14. I'll definitely still go as you never know when they may give up performing but maybe I'll just have drinks near the venue and then arrive to get my life to Blondie (where as I would have definitely watched Garbage).
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  15. Yes, same here.
  16. Shame about losing Garbage, I wanted to see them.
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  17. 26th August 2022 for the Blondie Box Set according to this post.
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  18. Finally! I’ve had to make do with a low quality download of a flexidisc rip of Yuletide Throw Down all these years.

    Hopefully Little GTO gets similar treatment.
  19. It's already on spotify.

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