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Blood, Tears & Votes: The Hurts Discography Rate. #4: you know I'm right

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by CorgiCorgiCorgi, May 20, 2019.


which album are you rooting for?

  1. Happiness

  2. Exile

  3. Surrender

  4. Desire

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  1. Get The Road out ASAP.

    I’m not especially bothered by Surrender and Boyfriend leaving. They’re definitely on the non-essential side of the discography...
  2. While I'd rather they stay a bit longer, these 2 aren't worth fighting over. Definitely worse songs than these in there though.
  3. You guys are harsh, aren't you?
  4. [​IMG]

    Not you already baying for my back up 11. Between this and the Kate Bush rate I feel like abusing this gif so hard.
  5. I am shook to be the only person giving this 10/10... I love it. Has a bit of a Talking Heads vibe that I like - but I might be one of the few people who actually loves Desire.
  6. To be fair, the averages are still really high for this early in the rate. Only 4 eliminations in and we're almost to the 6.0 mark!
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  8. Eighteen! Which is about fifteen more than I'd expected.
  9. Jam


    Real life unfortunately got in the way and I was unable to submit my scores (I didn't even get close to finishing) but I will be following the results. When doing so I always listen to the song as I read its commentary and so far my only main thought is how little I must have listened to Desire since its release as I have no real hold on those songs.
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  10. Yay! Happy to have you follow along - the more, the merrier.

    Which song do you think would've gotten your 11?
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  11. Can we not mention him in a thread that I frequent please?
    I just pretend that Marina released it originally.

    Or better yet something Hurts could have actually released

    Or you know, Ashlee.

    Moving on, the results so far are going swimmingly.
    However this rate turns out, I I'll be happy with the result.
  12. My commentary that I sent in for Boyfriend was "I’m too aromantic for this shit", which I think sums up my feelings towards Desire nicely.
  13. Just one elimination for today, because your girl got the flu!

    Rounding out the bottom five....

    55. Ecstasy [feat. Calvin Harris] (5.69)
    high scores: 9 (@Remorque)
    low scores: 1 (@Ana Raquel)​

    We lose one of our two features! @berserkboi (8.9) calls it "lovely for the most part!" Fellow fan @RUNAWAY (8) probably isn't too happy about this one going first: "this is much more in the vein of Hurts rather than Calvin. SO much better than Under Control." I wonder how much longer Under Control will last?

    I remembered @Reboot (4)'s commentary this time! "I can’t remember ever listening to this before. It sounds a bit more like a proper Hurts song than Under Control but it’s a bit boring."

    @OspreyQueen (4.5) is a wise and just rater: "Anyone who’s heard the album this is from will know it’s basically an interlude, so that’s what I’m rating it as."

    @londonrain (5) says "this feels weirdly unfinished". @Untouchable Ace (8.2) complains, "For a Calvin song it doesn't get going." @abael (5) agrees: "For a Hurts/Calvin Harris collab it's pretty minimal." And @VivaForever (3) winces, "Calvin doing a non-bop? Keep it."

  14. Tomorrow we'll be losing 2 more songs, including our first song with more than one word in the title. Hold your 11s tight!
  15. Jam


    It would have been a battle between Devotion and Lights.
  16. Amazing taste.
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  17. I honestly have no idea what is going to be in the top ten here.

    I know Desire is generally disliked but otherwise I have no clue how the forum feels about their discography, so I have no idea whether I should worry for my 11 or not.
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  18. [​IMG]
    54. S.O.S. (5.90)
    highest scores: 10 (@berserkoi @RUNAWAY)
    lowest scores: 1.5 (@CasuallyCrazed)​

    Why are some of these songs so dang hard to find online? It's bad enough that Hurts is one of the most ungoogleable band names of all time! @OspreyQueen (6) agrees: "Apropos of nothing, but the only playable upload of this song I could find was on some sketchy looking Chinese video sharing site. If I get a virus, I’m suing @CorgiCorgiCorgifor the repair funds."

    this link is blocked in many countries so idk if this works for you
    if it doesn't, stream Old Town Road instead

    @berserkboi (10) declares it a "stunning extra! Worth hunting down!" @tylerc904 agrees: "I prefer this to most of the album. Japanese bonus tracks remaining worthwhile after all these years!"

    "This is pretty," @londonrain (5.5) admits, "but they've done this sort of thing much better." @abael (4) concurs that it's "a bit too sedate." And Hurts historian @Untouchable Ace (5.2) notes, "So this was the start of off key melodies for them."

    There's not a lot to say about this song, so here's a couple other songs with the same title:

  19. [​IMG]
    54. Wherever You Go (5.97)
    highest scores: 8 (@roborovsky @tylerc904 @londonrain)
    lowest scores: 2 (@OspreyQueen)​

    Hurts' take on 1D's What Makes You Beautiful is our first multi-word-titled song to leave! This is one of those songs that's hard to do a write-up for, because it's neither particularly good nor particularly bad. I don't ever actively seek this one out, but I never skip it when it comes up on shuffle. Thankfully you guys had a lot to say!

    @berserkboi (6.9, nice) says it's "weak by comparison to the rest, but not tankable either." @VivaForever (5) "can actually see the H&M racks in front of me as I hear this." That reminds me, the new Zara Larsson song is really good.

    @abael (5) cringes: "OK, this is bordering on Boy Band. You can't border that stuff, go all in or stay away." @Reboot (5.5) admits to "quietly bopping to this but at the same time I’m wishing that a real-life love interest would break Theo’s and/or Adam’s heart(s) so they can go back to writing moody songs about life as opposed to writing about love."

    @OspreyQueen (2) has an official declaration: "Not counting Surrender, this is the worst Hurts song. It’s trite as the rest of this damn album, Theo’s vocals are subpar, and the knockoff Chainsmokers production is ABHORRENT. Also, as someone in the thread said around the album’s release, the pitched vocals in the post-chorus sound just like Anne from Little Britain."

    Fun fact, I have never in my life actually seen a Little Britain sketch! But David Walliams is always so charming on those panel shows, I should really check it out --


    oh god​
  20. Those two probably should have been the first ones out to be honest. Not their finest hour.

    "Ecstasy" is understated and beautiful and I'm shocked to see it go so fast.

    Pleasantly surprised Exile is performing so well so far. I'm starting to feel like this rate is going to be completely unpredictable.

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