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Blood, Tears & Votes: The Hurts Discography Rate. WE HAVE A WINNER

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by CorgiCorgiCorgi, May 20, 2019.


which album are you rooting for?

  1. Happiness

  2. Exile

  3. Surrender

  4. Desire

  5. Dedicated by Carly Rae Jepsen, out now on iTunes and Spotify

  1. I'm more upset over the possibility of worse songs getting further than I am about this being out. If I was ranking alone, this seems about right. Now if Stay, Xmas, Rolling Stone and the rest of Exile could depart soon, this top 10 could really be special.
  2. How do you manage to have so many odd opinions across all of the rates?!
  3. A strange mixture of both being everywhere on the rates forum, and my lack of understanding of artists histories/music in general being unmatched on the forums. I'm just about to dive into that Banks rate and I haven't even heard of her/them. Everyone will undoubtedly be waiting on my take on their discography, and it'll almost definitely go down well.
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  4. [​IMG]
    17. Rolling Stone (7.91)
    high scores:
    10 (@OspreyQueen @VivaForever @berserkboi)
    low scores: 5 (@Sprockrooster @əʊæ)​

    A conflicted and visceral straightforward rock song sprinkled with Shakespeare references and literary one-liners, Rolling Stone is a more gritty, world-weary Hurts that we’re used to. Between the roaring chorus, evocative storytelling, and solid (if very 2015) production, it’s easy to see why this became one of their most popular songs. It's very accessible, almost to a fault - as much of a bop as this is, I feel like there's a dozen other groups who could've recorded this.

    @abael (6) The chorus is a no from me.

    @saviodxl (7.5) They should write a novel

    @londonrain (8.5) Who else would come up with an anthemic chorus that starts with “SHE SAID HER DADDY WAS AN ALCOHOLIC...”?

    @berserkboi (10) A moment!

    @VivaForever (10) As if I’m not going to love a song that starts ‘In fair Verona where we lay our scene.’ For a song whose hook is ‘her daddy was an alcoholic,’ it bops so hard! It is a bit dated and a little tediously ~indie~ thanks to the dubstep influence, but it’s also like... The 1975 if they were good. (A preview of things to come on Desire, perhaps, but done so much better and more Hurts-like.) The line about ‘in Belarus she was a vespertine’ doesn’t make much sense though since vespertine isn’t a noun? Did they mean ‘libertine’? (Mylène son effet!) Regardless, this would be a serious 11 contender if my 11 weren’t set in stone.

    @OspreyQueen (10) This is the most Exile-like song on Surrender musically and lyrically, so naturally I love it. I love how brutally matter-of-fact the lyrics are in dealing with the horrible topic of parental abuse.

  5. [​IMG]
    16. Blind (7.97)
    high scores:
    10 (@CasuallyCrazed)
    low scores: 4 (@abael)​

    A grandiose bop that veers a little too close to OneRepublic territory at points, Blind was an excellent choice for a single. With its stomp-along drums, pulsing guitars, and deceptively simple lyrics, it’s one of Hurts’s catchiest singles — but it doesn’t sacrifice their trademark elegance and intensity.

    @abael (4) This is high school rock band level lyrics.

    @OspreyQueen (8) While it doesn’t quite have the magnitude of its preceding tracks, this is a great song. “After the beauty we’ve destroyed, I’m cascading through the void” is a great line.

    @Reboot (8) I keep forgetting that this song exists. It’s nice, though.

    @VivaForever (8) I’m taking this from the album and running.

    @saviodxl (8.5) Theo took the "cut out my eyes" part too literal when filiming the music video, didn't he? We love a dramatic and lamentant hero

    @Untouchable Ace (9.1) This album as a whole gives me imagery of small English country towns. Ones that are near coast lines and cold. This track I think includes British kids chanting.

    @berserkboi (9.4) Beautiful!

    @londonrain (9.5) Theo is being un peu dramatique even by his own standards here, no?

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  6. The Single Effect is strong with some of these. And I like Only You but top 2 on Exile is... not very realistic.
  7. Only You outlasting Blind? Really?
  8. I'm pleasantly surprised that All I Want For Christmas Is New Year’s Day is still in.
  9. Sorry......

    15. All I Want For Christmas Is New Year's Day (7.99)
    high scores:
    11 (@VivaForever @əʊæ) 10 (@CorgiCorgiCorgi @roborovsky @CasuallyCrazed @RUNAWAY @londonrain)
    low scores: 2 (@soratami)​

    This was almost winning for a while - a couple of early 11s kept it covering around the #2-#3 spot for quite some time. And what a winner it would've been! All I Want For Christmas Is New Years Day bittersweet carol about getting through the rough times, even when things seem hopeless. There have been lots of songs about feeling alone in a crowded room, but AIWFCINYD does it better than any of them.

    Unlike many other holiday tunes, the Christmas references don't feel shoehorned in. It feels genuine, not cheesy. It's a perfect depiction of how the sometimes-forced whimsy of the holidays can just make you feel even more hopeless and lonely - but it never forgets to remind you that this, too, shall pass.

    Not only did (most of you) love this, but the critics loved it too. Digital Spy declared it "everything a Christmas tune should be", describing it as a "Yuletide downer (that) eventually blossoms into an uplifting anthem". And BBC Radio 1's Chart Blog gave this "mournful, dignified song about feeling slightly left out of a party" 4 out of 5 stars, singling out the chorus as a highlight.

    @abael (6) It's a testament to Hurts' talent that I didn't hate a melancholic Christmas song.

    @OspreyQueen (7.5) I don’t see why anyone would feel so strongly about New Year’s Day but that’s just me. This is a cute little Christmas(?) song all the same.

    @berserkboi (8.7) This isn’t bad at all, but does not live up to the rest (I’ve said that a few times, hey?)

    @Reboot (9) I think I’ve already pointed out in the Kacey Musgraves rate that I hate Christmas. And New Year. But I don’t hate this song.

    @Untouchable Ace (9.2) Tastefully modern for an Xmas song. Blood red and Christmas red really are their colours. I love their consistent image and imagery.

    @londonrain (10) The perfect sad Christmas song.

    @VivaForever (11) Finally, a Christmas song I don’t have to overrate like I usually do to account for the grinches in every Popjustice rate (Kylie...). From the moment I heard this, I just wanted to hear it again. And again. After about five plays, I knew it was a 10, just on aesthetic grounds. And then I actually listened to the fucking lyrics.


  10. [​IMG]
    14. Only You (8.06)
    high scores:
    10 (@saviodxl @Reboot)
    low scores: 6 (@abael @VivaForever)​

    Exile's second-to-last track falls, leaving Miracle as the final song remaining from their, shall we say, divisive second album. Only You is a bombastic little banger, with the impeccable production and wistful pathos that we've come to expect from Hurts. For some reason, this song was never a single, despite being one of their most instantly catchy songs.

    BBC called it a "perfectly poised pop song", and MusicOMH also dubbed it an album highlight - "a shameless pop love song playing to a much bigger crowd than Hurts have been used to so far. It doesn’t try too hard to be anything more than a simple, catchy track."

    @abael (6) It's almost as if the production is circling something great, but never goes in for the kill. Missed opportunity.

    @OspreyQueen (7) It's nothing special.

    @Untouchable Ace (9.5) Melancholia. That's probably why I like Hurts so much.

    @berserkboi (9.6) Gorgeous moments!

    @saviodxl (10) Huge chance to do well on Eurovision wasted here!

    @Reboot (10) Cute bop. I wish they'd performed it live.

  11. Only imagine! It would be epic
  12. gemma.gif
    Whew. Guess it's time for Miracle and Stay to get their farewell messages in order...
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  13. [​IMG]
    13. Lights (8.07)
    high scores:
    11 (@RUNAWAY) 10 (@CorgiCorgiCorgi @Reboot @əʊæ @saviodxl @Untouchable Ace)
    low scores: 4 (@Sprockrooster)​

    Lights is a pulsing, throbbing synthbanger a la TSwift's Style or Ariana's Love Me Harder, and it absolutely rules. I'm surprised they don't have more songs like this, honestly - it's a great platform for that precarious balance between detached aloofness and heartfelt sincerity that Hurts has perfected over the years. The lyrics are a bit repetitive, but the vocals and the production communicate more than enough to make up for it.

    In a grave act of pop injustice, this song was released as a single and got an official video and everything, but failed to make any real impact. Absolute blasphemy. I mean, just look at that video:

    @OspreyQueen (7.5) The disco influences are a little too…on the nose.

    @abael (9) Synthesized style.

    @berserkboi (9.8) A bit French disco, impressive!

    @Untouchable Ace (10) I bet all of their music videos are related and tell a story when in the correct order. Albeit with some actor replacements.

    @Reboot (10) The live version of this is ridiculously good. I hope this goes top 5.

    @RUNAWAY (11) that music video is EVERYTHING. I fell in love with this song because of it, and it honestly became my 11 because of it. I love everything about this song, and this might be a #basicbitch choice for an 11 but I adore it and it was the only song (other than Affair) that I considered for my top score.

  14. [​IMG]
    12. Blood, Tears, and Gold (8.14)
    high scores:
    11 (@roborovsky) 10 (@CorgiCorgiCorgi @RUNAWAY)
    low scores: 6.5 (@əʊæ @Ana Raquel)​

    Despite this song getting an official release the fourth single from Happiness, there's not a lot of info about it online. I did, however, learn a lot about meniscus tears.

    It's a bit Hurts-by-numbers, but that's not really a bad thing, is it? I feel like this is a great introductory song for someone who's not sure if they should check out Hurts's music. It fits all the checkboxes - angelic vocals, lush synth-heavy production, and simple but poignant lyrics. While it's not their best song, it highlights what they do best, if that makes sense.

    @OspreyQueen (7) Not a bad song, but it takes the momentum right out of the album.

    @abael (7) Everything is done well here, but it's missing that ineffable hook.

    @Reboot (7) I never loved this song as much as the rest of the album. I think that’s down to the chorus? It’s still really, really good, but it never sparked much joy for me.

    @Untouchable Ace (8.8) I hope there was none of that when she was shaving.

    @berserkboi (9.7) Stunning!

  15. [​IMG]
    11. Beautiful Ones (8.26)
    high scores:
    11 (@Sprockrooster) 10 (@CorgiCorgiCorgi @Reboot @Untouchable Ace)
    low scores: 5.75 (@CasuallyCrazed)​

    Beautiful Ones is a beautiful song, praised by NME for the way it "takes the full-blown pomp of their trademark Euro-synth-pop sound and gives it more of a shameless and infectious dancefloor sheen". The instrumental is wonderful, but I think it has some of their all-time best lyricism:

    It's just a phase, you're not to blame
    For everyone trying to please you
    But you're too young to come undone
    So don't let them try to deceive you

    But you really can't talk about this song without talking about that video, can you? It's easily the most powerful video Hurts has ever made, starring vocalist Theo as a victim of anti-LGBTQ+ violence. Paper magazine gave the video a beautiful writeup:

    Right now, California is the only state that has banned the use of gay or trans "panic defenses," which allow perpetrators of assault or murder against members of the LGBTQ community to get away with their crimes by claiming that a victim's sexual or gender identity caused them to act out in a temporary fit of insanity. As we see the protagonist of Hurts' "Beautiful Ones" video politely decline the advances of one of the eventual attackers, it's hard to ignore how the law helps advocate for this type of behavior.

    Since the song's release, several other states (and a few countries) have banned panic defenses. But that doesn't mean it's safe for everyone to truly be themselves yet. Hopefully we get there someday - but until then, this video is a stark reminder of just how dangerous it is to simply exist in public as an openly LGBTQ+ person.

    @OspreyQueen (7) This is actually one of my favourite tracks from Desire (and it’s still only a 7, that’s sad huh). It’s a nice inoffensive slice of pop, even if it does sound suspiciously similar to Final Song by MØ.

    @abael (7) A losing Melodifestivalen song. Polished but a song done many times before.

    @berserkboi (9.9) Beautiful message and filmclip!

    @londonrain (10) The video is gut-wrenching and the song is one of their best. I was surprised when it got panned on the forum. I hope this is the last Desire track standing, at least. (Also, David Sneddon continues to surprise me with the things he pops up with a writing credit on.)

    @Untouchable Ace (10) SO Beautiful and powerful. I didn't know they hed new material coming and as I was scrolling YouTube I heard the song along with the video for the first time. It was the first time since my 11 that I was hooked. I listened many times and always thought of the video. The 'Oh' could be triumphant or wretching.

    @Reboot (10) Random story that Beautiful Ones always reminds me of: I decided last-minute to get tickets and flights for the last concert of the Desire tour, and it ended up being a bit of an adventure because I got stranded in Manchester for a couple of days due to unprecedented snow. I was only supposed to be in Manchester for a DAY. I was STRESSED. It was terrible. The airline then also decided to send me on a flight to Southampton for some reason instead of getting me straight back home. I’d never been to Southampton before, and it felt like the middle of nowhere. It was all quite weird and a little bit worrying. I’m actually surprised I wasn’t more of an anxious wreck. I did manage to meet Theo at the stage door of the concert venue afterwards, though, and not knowing when I was going to get back home made the concert all the more special. Beautiful Ones will always remind me of that trip. The song is also genuinely really good. I love a euphoric pop anthem.

    @Sprockrooster (11) Not sure if this would have been my 11 without the music video. But sometimes a music video can push an already magnificent to such great heights it is virtually untouchable. This is clearly one of those cases for me.

  16. 3 eliminations in a row, wow @CorgiCorgiCorgi
    OK, good reason!
  17. Their masterpiece aka Lights not reaching top 10?
    Ready To Go being the last Desire song standing?
    Surrender having 2nd most songs left?
  18. The list of 10-givers (i.e. Team Taste) should include me, @CorgiCorgiCorgi.

    I can't believe this was outranked by Ready To Go, Miracle, Some Kind Of Heaven and Nothing Will Be Bigger Than Us. This was almost my 11 and is the high point of the whole Desire era.
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