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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Pierre, May 9, 2007.

  1. I don''t really know why but I bought a 2-CD compilation of the Blow Monkeys during the winter sales and I''m actually a bit surprised by how not terrible it is. Of course it''s British 80s white soul, a genre not exactly known for its brilliance, but on the other hand, it''''''''s quite artfully done and most songs haven''t aged too badlyl. I''m surprised to see that I remember at least 3 of their songs, although I could only have named Digging Your Scene beforehand.

    Listening to it now, it seems to me that Dr Robert has been some kind of hidden influence on Will Young''s singing, even if poor Will was barely born at the time.
  2. Springtime for the World is, in my estimation, the most perfect explosion of confetti pop brilliance ever committed to studio tape. Then again, I love everything the Blow Monkeys ever did..."2 to 1 you don''t love me, 2 to 1 you don''t care, but i worship you baby, and i love the way you stare....I backed a winner in you, baby" (to fade).

    Ah, memories.
  3. I can only remember the one they did with Kym Mazelle, which was OK.
  4. i also loved ''springtime for the world'' ... shoulda been a massive hit...

    my other ''choices'' would be - ''no woman is an island'' & the ace ten city mix of ''this is your life''


  5. They do a brilliant version of ''You Don''t Own Me'' (its possibly the campest sounding cover song ever) which I think is on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack CD.
  6. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Wait, the duet with the Gazelle, is on my "if I ever become a popstar I''ll cover it" list.
  7. Used to love ''She was only a Grocer''s Daughter'' (that was their first one, no?). Cannot remember anything from it now -except ''Diggin'' Your Scene''. Hmmm...Should revise...
  8. Digging Your Scene, It Doesn''t Have To Be This Way, and Celebrate the Day After You are 3 of the best 80s pop songs out there. I love me some Dr. Robert.
  9. Wait 12" extended.... fantastic - they really don''t make''em like that anymore!
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