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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Troylovesmusic, Aug 12, 2021.

  1. I haven't stopped listening to this. Birds Eye View is my fave but Skeletons and Only God Knows are also pretty much on repeat as well.
  2. I agree that "Skeletons" and "Bird's Eye View" are probably the best tracks on there but overall, I find it all a bit bare and faceless. The production is very basic and they sound like demos. My opinion may be a bit skewed as I watched the television series. The Cherish twins and Kiely came off TERRIBLY (Shamari is a STAR though) and it makes it hard for me to root for them...if anyone wants to listen to my friend and I rant about the show and this EP, just put out a new episode on our podcast!

    The passion doesn't seem to be there from them to really keep this going other than from Shamari, unfortunately.
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  3. I have started the TV show tonight and I agree that Shamari is a star, but I'm not sure about the rest of them... I mean, the Cherish sisters are bullies, they are really mean, aren't they?

    By the way, I didn't get why one of the Cherish sisters had become a millionaire all of a sudden... Because of song's royalties maybe?

    I love Aubrey and wished she was part of the band.
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  4. DAS


    Honestly Nivea, Shamari and Aubrey as the final band would’ve been amazing. I would even maybe allow the Cherish girls in too as they are undeniably talented singers and songwriter/producers.
    I know she is very much a marmite public figure, but I have such a love for Aubrey, I just need to hear her voice on music, and her versions of skeletons and birds eye view were amazing. I’m hoping that she will continue to be inspired by music and put some effort into a solo project soon
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  5. I'm sure Aubrey would have added something unique to the mix because of her voice.

    In terms of image, I don't think Nivea, Aubrey or even Kiely were made for this group.

    As I said, Shamari is the one for me.
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  6. How did I miss this thread?! I'm absolutely loving the EP which isn't a surprise to me as I'm a big fan of all of the groups who were involved in the show. It's just been such a joy to see them back on the screen (despite the drama) and hear new music.

    Shamari's posted the 'Skeletons' performance without the confessionals edited in.

    The EP has performed much better than anyone was expecting, so I'm interested to see what's next. I know that there are plans to keep going but it remains to be seen if they can really make this work.
  7. They really need to post all the unedited performances on YouTube !

    I actually really like Pam’s ad libs at the end of the live version of Skeletons as well .
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  8. Can they bring Aubrey and Pamela back, please?
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  10. I'm still hoping we get alternative versions of the songs featuring Aubrey's vocals.

    So sad she left the group, she brought something different to these girls. I also like Irish, she's very likeable in my opinion.

    Cherish and Kiely are terrible persons, aren't they? But they sound great in the EP.
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  11. I feel they are misunderstood
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  12. Which ones?
  13. I've been able to put the show aside and enjoy the music on its own.I do understand if others can't, though.
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  14. I think I like the show even more than the music. Hahahaha.
  15. Will they release a music video or something? I need this group in my life.

  16. Full Finale performances uploaded to BET’s YouTube . They’ve left out Birds Eye View for some reason hopefully they upload it soon .

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  17. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Kiely and Shamari are such performers!
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  18. I need a music video!
  19. Birds Eye View

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  20. I need more of this...

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