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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by eddy2375, Dec 2, 2012.

  1. The video for Bo Bruce's (from The Voice) first single, "The Fall", is out:


    It's pretty good. Definitely getting a Bat for Lashes/Ellie Goulding 'ethereal songstress' vibe. Her and Vince Kidd were the only contestants on the show that I thought anything of. Fingers crossed she sells decently.
  2. I know The Voice wasn't everybody's cup of tea (much less mine), but I didn't expect this quite lovely song from a quite good singer to be met with such resounding indifference!

    Even Kate Bush wrote about her... (Your faves could never etc. etc.)
  3. 13 days and no-one posted...

    That PJ hype.
  4. I didn't watch The Voice so she's completely new to me, but wow, what a song. It starts off so small but it just gets bigger and bigger up until that amazing climax near the end of the song. Consider me hooked, I hope this becomes a hit in the UK.
  5. Prettttttttttttttttttty. I did like her on The Voice, you could definitely see the potential but this trumps anything I would have imagined.
  6. That really is beautiful. Half way through I thought this is nice but dull, isn't really going anywhere, but it builds perfectly. Sterling effort. Hope it gets some airplay.
  7. Very pretty song.

    I always thought she had the most potential, perhaps not commercially but artistically. I hope the label she signed to reflects that.
  8. We have the album cover.

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  9. Before I Sleep track list;

    1. Landslide
    2. Save Me
    3. Alive
    4. Speed the Fire
    5. Telescope
    6. Ghost Town
    7. On the Wire
    8. Holding the Light
    9. Lightkeeper
    10. The Fall
    11. The Hands I Hold
    12. Echoes
    13. Golden
    14. How We're Made
    -iTunes bonus tracks-
    15. Search The Night
    16. Another Life
    17. Over & Over (Run With The Horses)

    And you can listen to previews
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  10. "The Fall" is beautiful. Can't wait to hear her album.
  11. The song's great but everyone from The Voice seems to be cursed to crash and burn.
  12. You can listen to previews of the songs on iTunes, and judging by them, I doubt this album will crash & burn.
  13. Oh god please no... she is hideous and can't sing!!
  14. The Sia / Greg Kurstin song 'The Hands I Hold' is quite good.
  15. Save Me music video

  16. Jam


    I disliked The Voice and didn't stick with it, but after listening to The Fall awhile ago I thought I'd give the itunes previews a listen as it seems the sort of music I enjoy. I'm quite impressed.
  17. This is actually a really lovely album.
    My highlights;
    "Save Me"
    "Ghost Town"
    "On The Wire"
    "Holding The Light"
    "The Hands I Hold"

    Working with the Poole sisters & Henry Binns really does wonders for her sound.
  18. Jam


    Very impressed with the album, bought the CD and then purchased the extra download deluxe tracks.
    Instant favourites are Ghost Town and On The Wire.
  19. Very nice new video for "Alive"
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