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❃ BoA - The Discography Rate (Part 2) ❃ - #24

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Crisp X, May 10, 2022.

  1. The Face and Made In Twenty have some gems that I love, but more than any album they feel like big interchangeable playlists that don't neccesarily make a statement as a body of work. It's very Avex pumping out consecutive releases to keep hitting while the iron is hot, but I find that this had the opposite effect because the music didn't have time to grow with the audience.

    I have some favorites from the english album, but unfortunately it was dated on arrival by chasing trends. And the facelessness that evilsin mentioned is especially true in how much the songs flattened BoA's voice to the point that a casual listener would think she was a strong dancer who relied on autotune. Some people might even say that BoA used to be guilty of *oversinging*, so the sudden monotony of the English songs was a quick way to alienate preexisting international fans.
    I'm not saying that BoA is Whitney-Mariah-Aretha levels of singing and it was hidden, but she definitely has so much more to offer as a vocalist when you compare her vocal performance between The Face, BoA, Identity, and then Hurricane Venus.
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  2. I've never actually heard the album in full but my feeling was, like you said, faceless/not very BoA! Interested to hear it!

    Starting rating today and my copy of The Greatest arrived. Aiming to finish on the 23rd!
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  3. Re-listening to the English album and it's still wall to wall bops but trying to find good quality streams has been a real struggle.

    Also Girls On Top is amazing in Korean, in English and in Mandarin.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    It's...on Spotify?

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  5. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    The English album is also not available here in the Philippines.

    And since I’m here, lemme beg the good unnie @Crisp X for an extension FFFFFFF!! Pleek unnie!! Have mercy on my late ass!
  6. Cries in Australia.

    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Ugh I'm so sorry you two!! Is it available through the Best&USA stream? The second disc was the English album, but only the first disc appears on US Spotify (for obvious reasons).

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  8. It's not available either in my country... this album's haters won!
    No worries, an extension will be announced #soon... I'm going to post an album write-up first.

    Please keep rating and voting unnies!
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  9. Gonna start rating The Face tonight!
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  10. Just finished writing down my scores & commentaries for all 5 albums! I'll probably do the extras this weekend. It took longer than expected since I'm not used to reviewing music. If I like a song, I would usually just say that it's really cool and a lot of fun but I obviously couldn't write that for every songs on this rate. English is also not my first language so I had to pull several muscle brains in order to properly articulate my thoughts and opinions. But we got there in the end so yay! Anyways, thank you @Crisp X for the extension.
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  11. That means a lot, thank you for participating! I totally relate to the bolded part, I mean there are only so many ways I can drag someone's scores in the upcoming song write-ups until I run out of my limited English vocabulary hehe.

    Also, I was thinking about the extension and I would now love to have your votes by

    09th July 2022 @ 12:00 AM GMT

    I have received two ballots so far, and I'm hoping two more weeks will be enough for everyone else x​
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  12. Appreciate the extension! I have only a couple albums left to rate.
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  13. Thanks for the extension - fallen behind this week!
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  14. Thank you for the extension—I’ve been getting ready for a holiday so I forgot about this until today eeek!
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  15. Bless you! I'm in a hurry trying to finish my uni classes (should be over in a few hours) so I'll start tomorrow.
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  16. Thanks so much for the extension!
    I will definitely participate as I have a score for every song.
    At this point I will just see if I need to shift any scores, because it can get so difficult to parse the differences between 6s, 7s, and 8s. I also would love to do commentary for each song, but I am so bad at conscise descriptions lol
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  17. I’m still doing this by the way! I’ll have my scores submitted in time, might be cutting it a bit close though. I’ve had less down time on holiday than I thought haha
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  18. I have extras left to rate and some main songs to write commentary to. Hopefully I'll be done today.
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  19. Finished rating and submitted!
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  20. Just submitted my scores! Here’s how things turned out:

    Girls on Top: 7.19
    Highest Score: 10 (x1)
    Lowest Score: 3 (x1)

    Outgrow: 6.71
    Highest Score: 10 (x1)
    Lowest Score: 4 (x1)

    Made in Twenty (20): 7.29
    Highest Score: 10 (x2)
    Lowest Score: 4.75 (x1)

    The Face: 7.33
    Highest Score: 10 (x1)
    Lowest Score: 4.5 (x1)

    BoA: 8.27
    Highest Score: 10 (x4)
    Lowest Score: 5 (x1)

    Extras: 6.72
    Highest Score: 10 (x3)
    Lowest Score: 1 (x1)

    I think overall these albums are much more consistent than the first few albums. However, they’re all just consistently decent, which is the roughest part about this era of BoA for me. There’s not a lot that’s really standout, but at least there’s nothing abysmally awful (save for one or two songs) in this set either. It’s all very…fine. However, I will say that the Japanese albums all kinda sound the same. I wouldn’t be able to place which album a lot of the songs would be on if I didn’t know by heart.
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