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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Crisp X, May 10, 2022.

  1. Not even Top 20 messT

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  2. [​IMG]

    Oh~let's break the rule
    Just go where you want
    Maeum kkeullineun gose
    Bari dahneun got neol bureuneun place
    Eodirado i don't care



    Jumping BoAs: (10) @nanapop99, @odyism ; (8.5) @RUNAWAY, @Slice of Life
    Still BoAs: (7) @mi|kshake, @Ana Raquel, @clowezra, @soratami ; (7.5) @lalaclairi_, @M24, @evilsin, @Attis, @Crisp X
    Crispy's Score: 7.5

    5 voters: #23 (average: 8.35)
    10 voters: #22 (average: 8.125)
    15 voters: #30 (average: 7.95)
    17 voters: #31 (average: 7.941)

    "Freak In Me" is the 7th track from Girls On Top, BoA's fifth Korean album, released on June 24, 2005. It was written by BoA, composed by Charlotte Eiram and arranged by Ahn Ik-soo.

    As we get into the last third of the eliminations, the earliest album loses an album track that stands out for being another spin on New Jack Swing. The 90s undertones are strong, and I appreciate how smooth and subdued the whole thing remains despite the beat grooving quite a lot! It contains one of the most memorable hooks of the album, this time relegated to the backing vocals, while BoA adlibs inbetween. I don't know if this is exactly what a call and response is but, among the funkiness provided by the instrumentation, it adds a nice touch to the chorus! Guess it's another one of those "I should've scored it higher" cases for me nn.

    @evilsin (7,5) — "This is little MJ inspired, no? I like the overall vibe and can definitely groove to this. The chorus' cadence is quite playful as well."

    (10) — "One of my early favorites when I first discovered BoA's discography almost 8 years ago. This song is giving 90's R&B vibes and I am so here for that. The pre-chorus is where it's at. Another strong album track."

    I'm going to do a recap of what's left because it's been a while since I've done one and there was a longer break after the previous elimination!
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  3. Top 30


    둘이 함께 (Do You Love Me?)
    Girls On Top
    공중정원 (Garden In The Air)


    Silent Screamerz
    OUTGROW ~Ready butterfly~
    make a secret


    Lady Galaxy
    Winter Love


    Sweet Impact
    LOSE YOUR MIND feat. Yutaka Furukawa from DOPING PANDA
    Diamond Heart


    I Did It For Love feat. Sean Garrett
    Did Ya
    Look Who's Talking
    Eat You Up
    Girls On Top


    Bad Drive
    Believe in LOVE feat. BoA
    UNIVERSE feat. Crystal Kay & VERBAL (m-flo)
    Girlfriend feat. BoA

    What songs do you think won't be staying for much longer? I'll do another recap once we reach the Top 20!
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  4. Not y'all pissing on the English album and letting it get away with the most tracks in Top30.
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  5. First things first, thank you dear @junglefish for the liking spree!



    Brave kono mune ni itsudemo
    Ima horeru you ni
    Just ho sore zuni nama kiteku
    Yume dake wo shinjite



    Jumping BoAs: (10) @evilsin ; (9.5) @Monado
    Still BoAs: (5) @clowezra ; (5.5) @Ana Raquel
    Crispy's Score: 8.5

    5 voters: #31 (average: 7.8)
    10 voters: #29 (average: 7.925)
    15 voters: #29 (average: 7.983)
    17 voters: #30 (average: 8)

    "BRAVE" is the 10th track from THE FACE, BoA's sixth Japanese album, released on February 27, 2008. It was written by EMI K. Lynn, composed by Jun Suyama and arranged by Shoichiro Hirata.

    We finally reach 8 averages! I've always had a soft spot for that one. It's anthemic, dramatic, and sounds darker than most of its parent album, with the tremolo guitar giving it that menacing feel. It also has one of my favorite pre-choruses and choruses out of the entire songlist. Not to be a rockist, but of course I have to mention the guitar solo which slaps! It sounds different from those I hear in lots of J-Pop, and just does the job of filling what would've otherwise been an empty bridge perfectly. In another timeline, this would've been the OST to a successful movie and it would've become a BoA staple then, but let me dream!

    @M24 (6) — "The verses are SO good, they give me Britney vibes. Unfortunately, that chorus leaves a lot to be desired. It's a shame because the rest of the song would deserve an 8 at least."

    @Attis (8) — "Oh the first ballad that I love, the pop-rock production is well-done"

    (7.5) — "I see this song as the outlier from the album. Sonically, it sounds a little more mature in comparison to the cutesy aesthetic attached to most of the other tracks. I like this side of BoA. A great tease for her future projects."

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  6. Well, there are definitely worse songs in, c'mon now!
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I'm honestly shocked that 안개/Mist has made it this far. I mean, YES, it's amazing, but usually these slower songs are always out early. Same with Silent Screamerz, and....poor Made in TWENTY only having one single left. I seriously can't even predict what will go next.
  8. Both of those are amazing though, at least some taste has been shown so far.
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  9. [​IMG]

    Cry kikoeteru kimi no koe zetsubou nanda mada sa
    Umareta hi omoidasou

    Isshoukenmei datta janai kekkou ganbatteta janai



    Jumping BoAs: (10) @Ana Raquel, @Slice of Life ; (9.5) @RUNAWAY
    Still BoAs: (6) @askew ; (6.5) @M24
    Crispy's Score: 8

    5 voters: #31 (average: 7.8)
    10 voters: #22 (average: 8.125)
    15 voters: #22 (average: 8.183)
    17 voters: #28 (average: 8.044)

    "SO REAL" is the 5th track from MADE IN TWENTY (20), BoA's fifth Japanese album, released on January 17, 2007. It was written by Grass·HOPPER, composed and arranged by Masaaki Asada.

    This album track is one that always stands out anytime I put the album on. Let's not mince words, it's such a bop! We're back in funkier territories meets Y2K pop, and this time the particular energy and cheekiness the song contains makes me think it would work in so many contexts. The comments brought up commercials or fashion runway, but I personally hear a lot of videogame soundtrack vibes from this. It must be because the ascending chord progression in the chorus, which doesn't seem super common in pop music, provides a victorious feel to my ears. It works so well following the quite tense pre-chorus! In juxtaposition, the way BoA tackles the hook with that edge in her voice acts as an interesting contrast. I'm just rambling as usual, but I really love when pop songs, that may sound simple at first, make use of melodies and arrangements like these in creative ways.

    @M24 (6.5) — "This one flew past me when I was first scoring this album. It's actually a solid pop song! I much prefer it to the singles."

    @nanapop99 (7.5) — "I could see this being played as background music on a fashion runway or maybe in some random shampoo commercial? It's a solid bop!" Well you didn't exactly get your wish but it did feature in a commercial I'm embedding below!

    @RUNAWAY (9.5) — "Mandy Moore who?! This is a BAWPEROO <3"

    Oh by the way we're losing a single next...
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  10. [​IMG]

    Put me on
    Report to the dance floor
    I'm feelin' so energetic
    Don't think y'all will ever get it



    Jumping BoAs: (10) @ohdenny, @RUNAWAY, @Kaz D'Oerba, @clowezra, @soratami ; (9) @lalaclairi_, @evilsin, @Ana Raquel
    Still BoAs: (4.5) @odyism ; (5) @Slice of Life
    Crispy's Score: 6

    5 voters: #14 (average: 8.9)
    10 voters: #15 (average: 8.4)
    15 voters: #18 (average: 8.233)
    17 voters: #28 (average: 8.044)

    "Energetic" is the 2nd track from BoA, BoA's first English album, released on March 17, 2009 and the 14th track from the deluxe edition, released on August 31, 2009. A radio edit was released as the 1st and only single from the deluxe edition on July 21, 2009. It was written by Sean Garrett and Yirayah Garcia, composed and arranged by Sean Garrett and Clubba Langg. Commercially, the song debuted at #48 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart before peaking at #17.

    Back to BoA's short-lived English era, the main criticism that comes up is how much BoA gets sanitized on this album, like a lot of her personality is sucked out of her. While I don't fully agree with this premise, there are some songs that give validity to this argument and, unfortunately, this is one of them for me. From what I grew up with during that time, this electropop single feels right in line with the material from Rated R, The Fame, Discipline, X, and Hard Candy Say you're a Western pop fan without telling me you're a Western pop fan nn among others, so on paper I should love this.

    It's also aptly titled, as it's upbeat and doesn't let up. With that being said, it's too repetitive and anonymous. BoA's performance is monotonous and the backing vocals take up quite a lot of space, especially the male ones, which can give the impression BoA is barely present on her own track. It does work as a "hype song" though, I mean I would absolutely be living for it if she randomly decided to play it live or if I were to hear it in a club, at a party, wedding etc. I wouldn't go out of my way to listen to it otherwise.

    @M24 (6.75) — "This sounds a lot more dated than anything else in the album tbh! That chorus is a non-event, luckily BoA absolutely owns the rest of the song. If she sang the chorus, maybe I would've given this a higher score!"

    @nanapop99 (8.75) — "Call it outdated or cheap, I don't care. I will report to the dancefloor for the rest of my life! The album version is a tad boring but the radio edit works perfectly as an album opener. That extra bridge could save lives. Facts only."

    @evilsin (9) — "This would go so hard in a club, goddamn. I like how kinda minimalistic it is, but it's so effective at the same time."

    @Kaz D'Oerba (10) — "this would probably be my 11 if my 11 didn’t exist. It’s an absolute highlight of a banger"

    The next cut recently got a mention in the thread...
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  11. "STILL." and "SO REAL" always felt like a duo to me for some reason, and I rated them the same score of 9, so I'm suprised that the former left us long time ago and the latter held on for so long. Both are great to me.

    And "Energetic" had to grow on me, since at first I thought it didn't really go anywhere and it should've, but in the end it won me over with its ambient presence. Despite its name, it's pretty lethargic.
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  12. Ok maybe a 10 was optimistic for Energetic but it really is such an excellent bop, the Blackout vibes are through the roof and it slaps every time!
  13. Part of me wonders if I was too harsh on Energetic, but I think no matter how I slice it or listen to it contextually it will never get higher than a 6/10 from me.
    I'm tight on time so I can't go as indepth about the recent entries, but I will say a random thought that entered my mind is that it would have been a real delight to see BoA self cover some of her English album songs. I think changing the instrumentation for some songs, and a vocal delivery/arrangement that is more confident (and in any language she felt like) could really turn a song like Energetic around for me.

    (Thinking of how The Greatest version of Make a Secret really was an evolutionary feast, and it'd be amazing to hear that same progression or change for the more wobblier English songs)
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  14. [​IMG]

    Saeng gahk hah myuhn moo uht hah nah
    Jee nah gahn choo uhk
    Geu rae doh ae tah geh
    Geu ree neun mah eum



    Jumping BoAs: (10) @RUNAWAY, @odyism, @evilsin, @clowezra ; (9.5) @askew
    Still BoAs: (5) @lalaclairi_, @nanapop99 ; (5.5) @M24
    Crispy's Score: 9

    5 voters: #63 (average: 6.55)
    10 voters: #49 (average: 7.425)
    15 voters: #33 (average: 7.916)
    17 voters: #26 (average: 8.073)

    "안개 (Mist)" is an OST from the 2007 South Korean movie "M", directed by Lee Myung-se and starring Gang Dong-won and Lee Yeon-hee.

    A great thing about rates like these, even as a host myself, is discovering tracks I wouldn't have stumbled upon if I and @RUNAWAY didn't have to dig into her most obscure stuff. And honestly? This is one of this rate's standouts for me. Nothing else in the songlist sounds like this, and it seems to explain why it got a few polarizing scores despite its high placement. It's one of those where you either get it or you don't. It's such a change of pace for BoA and she pulls it off thanks to an ethereal performance that fits the noir, sensual vibe 100%. The production is quite atmospheric and evocative and the whole thing has that immersive, almost cinematic quality to it. I feel like I'm transported to a night at a lounge, jazzy bar and Sade are going to perform next, if that makes sense? Definitely one of the most unique songs she put to her name, and that I'm going to revisit a lot!

    @nanapop99 (5) — "This is probably her most unique song. It gets a little bit repetitive at the end but I'm still enjoying the mysterious vibes of this track."

    (5.5) — "Ooh, this one is a sensual mood piece, I like it. BoA should do more songs in this vein."

    @evilsin (10) — "I've... never knew there was such a sensual BoA song out there all these years. These is the discovery of the rate for me. Simple magical."

    (10) — "I adore this atmospheric mysterious legendaric OST bop. We need MORE of this style BoA unnie!!"

    @Attis (10) — "Mmmm deliciously noir, mysterious night jazz piece"

    @clowezra (10) — "The biggest rate discovery for me out of both BoA rates so far, I’d heard of this but never gave it a go, this is immaculate? It’s so mature and haunting, completely blown away."

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  15. Still gobsmacked that I ignored this for so long, a phenomenal track. This should have beaten a fair few remaining songs!
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  16. Mist an instant 10 for me. And at the time of release it really encapsulated it felt to be a BoA fan. Where this OST song swept in like a breath of fresh air, from the vocal delivery to the genre exploration.

    The song itself ages extraordinarily well. It showcases all parts of BoA's voice beautifully. The supported sensual lower notes into the upper chest voice, and then the haunting head/mix voice on that simple yet experienced "aAaahahhh" on the chorus. It's the perfect balance of power, control, and restraint.

    In terms of production and music, it's a sound that BoA has encircled and tapped into here and there. But I love how particularly slinky, smooth, haunting, and ethereal this production is. Songs like Believe In Love Acoustic version, BRAVE, etc have a similar mood and effect on me. And songs like Garden in the Air and Before You Said Goodbye to me tap into some of the adjacent genres. But even after 15 years and countless albums later, Mist is still a unique gem for BoA in how it combines mood, vocal delivery, and genre checkpoints.

    I also love to draw through-lines in discographies, and I think the jazz-adjacent genres and/or the sensual ethereal mood of the songs I've mentioned, laid the groundwork for what I consider to be uniquely BoA songs from 2015 onwards (All That Jazz, Recollection, Irreversible, etc)
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  17. We really do need BoA: Deluxe (BoA's Version) [From the Vault]
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  18. [​IMG]

    Every Me, Every You ! Afuredashita hikari no BEAT wo abite
    Every Wind, Every Mind ! Hajikeru no SMILE
    DANCING, kono mama SPARKLE !



    Jumping BoAs: (10) @RUNAWAY, @Kaz D'Oerba, @Slice of Life, @Attis ; (9.5) @M24
    Still BoAs: (5) @nanapop99, @askew ; (6.5) @clowezra
    Crispy's Score: 8

    5 voters: #29 (average: 7.95)
    10 voters: #22 (average: 8.125)
    15 voters: #16 (average: 8.283)
    17 voters: #26 (average: 8.073)

    "Sparkling" is the 2nd track from Vivid, BoA's 26th Japanese single, released on June 4, 2008. It was written by MIZUE, composed by Kazuhiro Hara and arranged by h-wonder.

    We love a misdirection don't we? The way this starts like a ballad before turning into a classic J-Pop bop never fails to cheer me up. It has a familiar feel that sounds comforting, and out of all her songs, it actually reminds me of "The Lights of Seoul" the most. I do think the verses slightly border on a certain kind of cheese I usually associate with other acts that aren't my cup of tea, which is why I tend to prefer the chorus overall. Those wide, bright synths make the latter pop and hold my attention while the singalongy hook is imprinted on my brain. I also love how the chord progression evolves during that part, taking a dark-ish turn that compensates for the sugariness of it all.

    @nanapop99 (5) — "On most days, this song annoys me and I would skip it whenever it comes on shuffle but sometimes I see myself bopping to it so let's say I remain conflicted with this one."

    @evilsin (8.5) — "This is an awesome song that severely lacks a second chorus at the end."

    @M24 (9.5) — "What a bop, it's probably my favorite japanese single from this era! Too bad it was left off all the studio albums. The CGI from the MV is so cringey, but I'll give it a pass considering the year it was made haha."

    @RUNAWAY (10) — "Controversial opinion??? This is one of her BEST Japanese singles. What a RUSH!!"

    @Kaz D'Oerba (10) — "gives me Beautiful Flowers vibe which is only a good thing"

    @Attis (10) — "Now this is 00s sugary J-pop boppery that I love"

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  19. [​IMG]

    Fast cars and bubble baths
    High heels stepping on the gas
    Looking at me
    They're looking at me



    Jumping BoAs: (10) @nanapop99, @Ana Raquel, @askew ; (9) @ohdenny, @RUNAWAY, @soratami
    Still BoAs: (4) @odyism ; (7) @mi|kshake, @Kaz D'Oerba, @Attis, @Crisp X
    Crispy's Score: 7

    5 voters: #15 (average: 8.8)
    10 voters: #27 (average: 8)
    15 voters: #25 (average: 8.033)
    17 voters: #25 (average: 8.088)

    "Look Who's Talking" is the 4th track from BoA, BoA's first English album, released on March 17, 2009. It was written by Britney Spears, Michelle Bell, Christian Karlsson and Pontus Winnberg, composed and arranged by Bloodshy & Avant.

    I've joked about the self-titled album being partly conceived by picking Circus leftovers, and this time there's some truth to it. This album track is indeed an unreleased Britney cut, first written in 2002 and intended for In The Zone. I found more information about its origins on a fan wiki page.

    It's a testament to its timeless sound that it didn't sound dated in 2009. I'm into it but I'm not as much hyped about it as some of you because it sounds like she's simply covering the original song without adding her own flair to it. With that being said, it's cute that they first met at the BoA & Britney special back in 2003 and the journey led BoA to have a song lended by the latter. I wish it led to a brand new song and a proper duet at that instead, but it's lovely to hear how this came to fruition. The seeds were planted back then and BoA saw the harvest!

    @Kaz D'Oerba
    (7) — "It’s a Britney reject. A *very good* one, mind you!"

    @M24 (8) — "Unlike Did Ya, I feel like there's sort of a Britney blueprint in the song. It could've been the fact they made BoA sing it like Britney did, or simply that B&A had Brit in mind when they wrote this song. I must say it's not among my favorite leftover tracks from In the Zone sessions, but it's serviceable enough."

    @evilsin (8) — "Some Britney-ism are so apparent here, but I really like how BoA got to sing one of Britney's songs. I bet she was over the moon when she got it for herself, because I'm pretty sure she is a fan just like the most of us, who has at least half a soul."

    @nanapop99 (10) — "Not a lot of people can say that they have a Britney Spears penned track on their albums. And I honestly think that it still sounds so fresh, vibey and futuristic to this day. The power and impact of In the Zone-ney remains strong."

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  20. As a Britney stan, first and foremost, Look Who's Talking is the song that made me discover BoA back in 2014 so I will always be thankful for this iconic crossover. It would have been even more iconic if they had kept Britney's vocals and released it as a duet!!!
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