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❃ BoA - The Discography Rate (Part 2) ❃ - #9 2/2

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Crisp X, May 10, 2022.

  1. Yep and to be honest I had to look him up fff. Samesies for fellow "soundscape" contributor Colin Campsie who was part of the 80s British pop/new wave scene. It's always interesting to see these international collaborations happen. I'm happy to see artists who cut their teeth on making music with their own acts then pop up in the unlikeliest places as songwriters later on and get some coin out of it.

    Back to our regular programming, I should've warned you a single was next...


    Oto no shinai namida ga
    Kono mune nagareru kedo
    Kuyamazu ni fumi dasu yo
    I'm sorry for your tenderness
    Mata aeru made



    Jumping BoAs: (9.5) @askew ; (9) @M24, @RUNAWAY
    Still BoAs: (4) @nanapop99 ; (5) @Crisp X
    Crispy's Score: 5

    5 voters: #49 (average: 7.3)
    10 voters: #47 (average: 7.45)
    15 voters: #49 (average: 7.3)
    17 voters: #49 (average: 7.294)

    "Everlasting" is the 6th track from OUTGROW, BoA's fourth Japanese album, released on February 15, 2006. It was first released as the album's fourth single on January 18, 2006. It was used as the ending song for TV Asahi's program "The Power of Miracle Door TV", and as an OST for the Japanese and Korean dubbings of the movie "Oliver Twist". It peaked at #4 on the Oricon Weekly Singles Charts and at #5 on the Korean Weekly Top 20. It was written by BoA and Natsumi Watanabe, composed by Kazuhiro Hara and Misako Sakazume and arranged by Kazuhiro Hara and Hitoshi Harukawa.

    So this is my lowest remaining score, with another slightly higher one we will get onto a little bit later. I'm not going to say a lot about this cut because I frankly have never gotten into it. I don't mind some balladry in theory, especially one that gives me anime vibes such as this one, but something's not clicking for me here.

    She's done much better in that area, and I'd agree with the voter below who said this wasn't single worthy... but knowing it seems to have done quite well sales wise (I honestly don't know about the barometer of success in this context so please correct me if I'm way off nn), what do I really know?

    @nanapop99 (4) — "A boring and basic ballad. Definitely not single worthy. There's a part of the chorus that reminds me of that one High School Musical 2 song when Gabriella breaks up with Troy near the Country Club pool. Gotta Go My Own Way?" The way this is so specific fff

    @Attis (6.5) — "C'mon anime balladry"

    @evilsin (7) — "I still don't know why this doesn't click with me. Maybe it's a bit too big for me? Or maybe the awful Christmas-y undertones? Some melodies are also kinda cheesy, especially the end of the chorus. They put the mood down for me a lot."

    @M24 (9) — "I'll admit I don't usually enjoy most of BoA's ballads, but even I have to give this one a high score. Even if the verses are a little boring, that chorus is excellent, and BoA delivers her vocals with the emotion required for a power ballad like this to be successful. I hope it reaches the top 20 at least!"

  2. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    The pacing is perfect, @Crisp X unnie!! ♡
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  3. Yeah, good riddance to this one.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Aenai yoru ga kore hodo ni mo
    Fuan na kimochi ni naru nantene
    Aisugu mono ga mamoreru mono to
    Hajimete kanjirareta
    The Night Of Your Color



    Jumping BoAs: (10) @Ana Raquel ; (9) @evilsin
    Still BoAs: (1) @M24 ; (5.5) @clowezra
    Crispy's Score: 8

    5 voters: #53 (average: 7.05)
    10 voters: #41 (average: 7.7)
    15 voters: #48 (average: 7.366)
    17 voters: #48 (average: 7.323)

    "Your Color" is the 10th track from MADE IN TWENTY (20), BoA's fifth Japanese album, released on January 17, 2007. It was written by Satomi, composed by Hiro Yamaguchi and arranged by h-wonder.

    You can take everything I said about "Everlasting" and... not apply it to this newly eliminated ballad. I have a soft spot for her performance and the arrangements, and it helps that it sounds like a spiritual successor to "Every Heart -ミンナノキモチ-". Some could argue it does maybe a bit too much at times? I mean you could sing one's hook over the other. It doesn't distract me from loving it though!

    @M24 (5) — "I know I sound like a balladphobic (maybe I actually am?) but this one is too long for me to enjoy it as much as her other ballads."

    @nanapop99 (8) — "Am I the only one that's hearing the similarities with Winter Love? Not complaining since that's my favorite song on the album but this one just sounds like a slighty less good version." Hmm I don't hear the similarities as much as with the aforementioned song but I get it!

    MADE IN TWENTY (20) is indeed the album that's getting a mini cull so brace yourselves for the next two eliminations...
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  5. Love her corny ballads but this is a tad too generic for me.
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  6. Well, sorry to y'all who can't hear the greatness of this wonderful ballad.
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  7. I don't know how to explain properly but I feel like the melody is quite similar, especially on the chorus... Or maybe the similarities are in the song's structure?

    I was constantly mistaking Winter Love, Your Color and Candle Lights when I first began my BoA deep dive a few years ago. I even created this little trilogy in which each songs represented a different season: Winter, Spring and Summer. Am I making any sense right now?
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    I know we're a ways away from it happening but I can't wait for part 3. I CANNOT stop listening to Possibility and want to give IDENTITY the tens it deserves <3
  9. The way her discography has been split here, part 3 is genuinely the best part of her catalogue overall. She’s only gotten better and better teebs!
  10. [​IMG]

    Mune ni candle lights tomoru you ni
    Ima nara ieru tokedashita kono omoi
    Konna yoru wa kimi no ude no naka ni tsutsumare
    Yume wo mitai tsutaetai no I love you



    Jumping BoAs: (10) @Slice of Life ; (9) @odyism, @evilsin
    Still BoAs: (5) @clowezra, @Monado ; (6) @Attis
    Crispy's Score: 7

    5 voters: #46 (average: 7.4)
    10 voters: #43 (average: 7.6)
    15 voters: #51 (average: 7.266)
    17 voters: #47 (average: 7.338)

    "Candle Lights" is the 12th track from MADE IN TWENTY (20), BoA's fifth Japanese album, released on January 17, 2007. It was initially released as a B-side to the album's 3rd single Winter Love on November 1, 2006. It was written, composed and arranged by Kim Hyung Suk.

    We're eliminating another ballad tonight, and it's one that I've always found gentle. I'm a sucker for latin influenced guitar in this soundscape, and I love the little piano motifs that pop up throughout. The hook also sounds strangely familiar for some reason, which is why I tend to gravitate towads it. It's giving Toni Braxton to my ears even though the song(s?) I must actually be thinking of must be sung by someone with a less deep tone.

    @M24 (6.25) — "Such a gorgeous midtempo! The acoustic guitar coupled with BoA's emotional vocals perfectly convey the message of the song, I think."

    @nanapop99 (8) — "The spanish guitar is the highlight of the song and it's definitely doing things for me. I am living for it! Once again, I'm hearing some similarities with Your Color and Winter Love; specifically on the chorus. She could have ended the album with this song to be honest."

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  11. You are! I can definitely understand mixing these up because her ballads from that time could blend together.

    I'm trying to finish this rate by the end of November or early December and I'm also excited to focus on Part 3 so it's likely I'll ask for an early 2023 opening date. I'll let everyone know after the winner is crowned in case plans change!
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  12. Is This Love from the Identity album is a gem. Such an underrated album in her catalogue. I also cannot wait for part 3. So ready to give my tens to the whole Kiss My Lips album (except for Green Light & Double Jack).
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    Excuse me? You mean you're giving them both your eleven?? Because I know you're not gonna tank them...
  14. Stop eliminating my favorite tracks challenge. Do that challenge.
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  15. Soundscape (10)
    I've loved this song since it was released. The exact type of song I had been craving, and a lovely b-side to Everlasting. Crisp X put it perfectly that it's one of the best r&b numbers from BoA in this time frame. I love how agile her voice is and how warm the production is. Looking back I may have rated it a bit high if I think of the context of BoA's entire discography, but it's definitely one of my favorites from this time period. It carries the torch of a song like Kimochi wa Tsutawaru, but you can hear how much more developed her vocal performance has come from those early debut days.

    Heroine (7)
    This is a good album track and brings the energy back up nicely. But as everyone has described by bringing up other artists, it's generic enough that it could go to many singers. I do quite like how the song opens up from 1:50 onwards.
    I never made or heard the Shine More comparisons, but changing some of the plunky guitar and percussion to strings and I can hear it a bit more. Interestingly enough, I always thought that if BoA were to cover a Namie song Shine More would be a strong contender. (IDK about 2022 but an earlier BoA would have alot of fun with the adlibs swirling through the production).

    Everlasting (7)
    Fine at the time, but I always found the production to be so dry. I like her voice on the chorus
    It could be a song for dozens and dozens of other artists, and it would still be just fine.
    I understand why this was a single and a successful one at that at that time period. But this contributed to some of the imaging of ~this more mature BoA in Japan is now a winter ballad princess~
    Merikuri was great but unfortunately had the ripple effect of them really making a center piece of her artistry these groggy ballads and downplaying the dance performance and roots in pop/r&b.
    I think if I were to go back I might adjust the score to a 6.

    Your Color (8.75)
    This is a generic slightly wintery ballad, but done well.
    I can hear the aching in her voice, and I enjoy the melody and how it builds, layers some harmonies, and opens into the chorus. This is a ballad highlight from this section of the rate, but again maybe I inflated the score a bit too much because of balladphobia.

    Candle Lights (9)
    I am a sucker for classic BoA r&b synths and spanish guitar. This song is sensual, and has a nice groove to it. I definitely don't consider this a ballad, but more in line with Soundscape, Flower, Can't Let Go, etc. I think this is one of my higher rated songs in this rate, but I think it's just that so many of the songs released at the time are just...solid 7s. Not a ton of unlistenable songs, but definitely not as many HIGHS
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  16. Soundscape and Everlasting out already - ouch!!
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  17. [​IMG]

    No more make me sick
    Kore ijou wa futari de irarenai kitto
    Semete saigo mou sukoshi dake sunao ni naremasenka ?



    Jumping BoAs: (9) @lalaclairi_, @RUNAWAY ; (8.5) @Slice of Life
    Still BoAs: (5) @M24 ; (6) @nanapop99, @askew
    Crispy's Score: 7.5

    5 voters: #44 (average: 7.45)
    10 voters: #50 (average: 7.375)
    15 voters: #45 (average: 7.45)
    17 voters: #46 (average: 7.367)

    "no more makes me sick" is the 8th track from MADE IN TWENTY (20), BoA's fifth Japanese album, released on January 17, 2007. It was written by MIZUE, co-composed by BoA and AKIRA and arranged by AKIRA.

    Obvious influences aside, the first thing that comes to mind everytime I put this on is BoA's own earlier album VALENTI. It's a familiar sound as it feels like a strong sucessor to the R&B tracks housed on the latter, except with her matured vocals. I love how most of it is filled with tons of arpeggios played by various instruments. It could easily end up sounding busy, especially during a part like the chorus that has so many things going on in the background, but it stays grounded instead. It helps that, with BoA's understated performance, the whole thing has that chill mood front to back. It makes it a really pleasant listen, even if I do think it's part of the "good, not great" material she gave us in spades during that part of her career.

    @M24 (5) — "Chill R&B number. I neither hate it nor love it, though I appreciate it introduces the strongest half of the album with a few bops in between the solid ballads of Your Color and Candle Lights."

    @nanapop99 (6) — "It's a cute throwback to the Valenti/Love & Honesty era. It does sound a little bit out of place on this album and that's why I always forget about it. The chorus could be better too."

    @Kaz D'Oerba (6.5) — "this song unfortunately did not no more make me sick"

    @Attis (7) — "
    I like the harp pluck here"

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  18. I gave it a 6.5, but it could be a 6 or 5.
    something about it just feels off to me. It has some of my favorite elements, but I don't enjoy how the song opens up. The pre-chorus is probably my favorite part, but then the chorus feels abrupt and not as fulfilling as it could be.

    I also think it's the case of being generic enough that there are lots of songs that are similar but a bit more fulfilling to me. First songs that come to mind are Namie's Girl Talk, Crystal Kay's Hero, Beni's Kira Kira, and of course BoA's own songs like Love & Honesty are all songs that I feel sonically related but stick the landing a bit better than No More Make Me Sick.
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  19. It's a slick little number that I do enjoy quite a bit. Happy to see it go this far.
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  20. [​IMG]

    I'm careful cuz if I put my hands on you,
    Ain't no telling what your girl is gon do
    I'm so eager just to get to know you
    I got moves, said "BoA wants to show you"



    Jumping BoAs: (10) @clowezra, @askew ; (9) @lalaclairi_
    Still BoAs: (3) @Monado ; (5.5) @M24
    Crispy's Score: 7

    5 voters: #37 (average: 7.65)
    10 voters: #44 (average: 7.55)
    15 voters: #51 (average: 7.266)
    17 voters: #45 (average: 7.411)

    "Crazy About" is the 3rd track from BoA (Deluxe), the deluxe edition of BoA's first English album, released on August 31, 2009. It was written by Sean Garrett, composed and arranged by Sean Garrett and Davenport & Spencer.

    Time to eliminate another album track from the English album. I find this one to be actually solid in its Blackout-like electropoppiness. The chorus has that darkness in the hook and instrumentation and I'm a sucker for those synth sweeps that's all over it. BoA seems to use more of her higher range compared to a good chunk of the other tracks on the record, which is a plus, but I do tend to get bothered by the background male vocals as they're a bit too omnipresent for me here nn. A basic club banger maybe, but one I don't mind even if it's not that memorable.

    @M24 (5.5) — "This is more demo-ish than I Did It for Love… I guess Sean didn't have that many good demos to tell to SM after he sold that one for the standard version!"

    @Kaz D'Oerba (7.5) — "this song is interesting in the fact that I know there’s Nothing amazing about it, but I still absolutely love it. Fits amazingly between Girls on Top and Dress Off, by the way."

    (8) — "This is like "Energectic", but on drugs. I live for the vocal layering and some of those cute little melodies."

    @nanapop99 (8) — ""You didn't smash on the radio". I've never bothered looking up the lyrics but is that what the random guy says on the intro? Is he implying that BoA is a flop?!?! Well, he's clearly wrong because it's a smash. The song can get a little bit repetitive after the 2-minute mark but the production goes hard. I will always bop to this Gimme More/Get Naked knock-off."

    @clowezra (10) — "This has always been one of my favourite songs by her, wish it got me lore love!"

    The next elimination is from the same album by the way...
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