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Damn......I knew y'all wouldn't appreciate this song.

Also, I'm under the assumption that the songwriters most likely just sold the music and lyrics to both SM and Sandy's company since the songs were only released a year apart. Similarly to TVXQ's Mirotic and Sarah Connor's Under My Skin. There's usually not any legal problems doing this back in the day since the songs were going to be marketed to totally different audiences/countries.
EDIT: was busy typing away paragraphs of what RUNAWAY explained so much more succinctly lol.

I wouldn't call Can't Let Go a cover, as much as it was the case of songwriters/producers selling the same song to multiple markets. In the mid 2000s you had alot of producers recognizing they could get paid multiple times by shopping their song to another territory/market/country. And in K-pop it was even more common in the mid 2000s to have international producers re-sell their songs.

Some other times it's happened are Spark (Luis Fonsi - Keep My Cool), Don't Start Now (Alison Brook - Toodle-Loo), Don't Give a Damn (also recorded by Maria Haukaas Storeng).
Pretty much any song pre-2012ish that features "Western" or European songwriters/producers means that the demo was already finished and was submitted to someone like BoA. And sometimes the songs had been publicly released in other territories, and other times they were only released as BoA songs.

In recent years it still happens, but the way the internet has broken down some borders and the way that K-pop has become a massive industry means it feels a bit less common for the songs to be released in multiple territories to different singers. But hey--BETTER is a top tier BoA track and wouldn't exist without AWA. So sometimes the formula just works.
Thanks for the explanation! It makes me wonder how many other non-BoA instances of this I may have missed while listening to 00s K-pop or J-Pop stuff.


Take it easy
Enter your password
Face reality
Code:nineteen-eightysix and Double one O five



Jumping BoAs: (10) @Ana Raquel ; (9) @soratami
Still BoAs: (2) @nanapop99 ; (4.5) @Kaz D'Oerba
Crispy's Score: 7.5

5 voters: #60 (average: 6.75)
10 voters: #60 (average: 7.05)
15 voters: #59 (average: 7.033)
17 voters: #60 (average: 7.014)

"Revolution-CODE:1986-1105 Feat. RAH-D" is the 9th track from MADE IN TWENTY (20), BoA's fifth Japanese album, released on January 17, 2007. It was written by Kenn Kato, composed and arranged by Daisuke 'D.I' Imai.

This song, with an intriguing title whose meaning I'd be curious to find out is quite the slapper! Those loud horns give it such a propulsing feel and transport me back to the mid 00s. They make this stand out not only in its parent album but in the wider context of BoA's discography back then. I hear the spirit of Beyoncé all over this, who I can totally imagine tear it up on this and give it the spectacle it would deserve if performed live. *cries reading the new elimination post for "Countdown" in her rate*

@nanapop99 (2) — "This song gives me a headache and that Lil Jon impersonator is not it. Another skip." Yeah...

@Kaz D'Oerba (4.5) — "No thank you"

@Attis (6) — "All that hyping for a rather timid track"

(8.5) — "This bop, oh my gosh. BoA didn't reveal her 2005 hotmail password, putting her MSN account in danger, for nothing!" Oh so that's what the title means!

A favorite of mine from the English album is leaving next and I've been dreading this elimination all along...

I'm going crazy here by myself
I want you and no one else
Sending out a signal of my distress
I confess
I'm obsessed



Jumping BoAs: (9) @soratami, @Crisp X ; (8.75) @RUNAWAY
Still BoAs: (4) @nanapop99 ; (4.5) @lalaclairi_
Crispy's Score: 9

5 voters: #69 (average: 6.35)
10 voters: #69 (average: 6.7)
15 voters: #63 (average: 6.866)
17 voters: #59 (average: 7.029)

"Obsessed" is the 6th track from BoA, BoA's first English album, released on March 17, 2009 and the 8th track from the deluxe edition, released on August 31, 2009. It was written by Brian Seals Kennedy, Troy Verges and Hillary Lee Lindsey and composed and arranged by Brian Kennedy and Chief Wakil.

Oh boy, I knew this one would be controversial as people were already coming for it pre-results. Look, I get it, it may have some cheapness to it due to sounding like it was mixed with a potato, BoA is barely recognizable thanks to the amount of vocal processing, and yes it does feel like she's just been handed a Circus leftover... yet, I'm living for it! This has been another early favorite of mine from the time I got into her music. Despite its shortcomings, I can't get enough of the thumping 80s arena rock, Blondie-y beat, the spacey synths in the chorus are a trip, and the hook is such an earworm. Sometimes I don't need more than a basic bop to get me through a difficult day, and this has everything I'm looking for in one!

(4) — "I wish BoA had more (or better) rock-ish tracks because this overproduced noisy mess hurts my ears. And the autoune is out of control on this one. First skip on the album."

(6) — "I appreciate the rhythm and the rocky undertones in the instrumental, but this is the first song in the album that feels a bit undercooked. Still some nice catchy moments here and there."

@M24 (6.75) — "This is so good, my gosh. That propulsive beat is everything to me. Wish BoA's personality shined a bit more in the song, but it's still good!"

@Kaz D'Oerba (7.5) — "Husband gets his life to this song. I don’t, but I still bop a respectable amount."

Ah…yeah this is definitely one of my least favourites on the album, I think I only rated one song lower than this nn. Enjoyed it when it came out but it’s not aged well in the slightest.
I honestly can't make out whether this is supposed to be sarcastic or serious dd, but 1986-1105 is her birthday (05/11/1986).
Totally serious, which is even worse. Dates aren't written like this in my country, so I would've never figured this out fff.

I'm free from the K-Pop Slasher rampage and have graphics to make for the remaining songs, so expect eliminations to resume later!

Touch like that
yeoreumeul dameun hyanggiga ipsure meomul ttae
hyanggeutan hoheubeul naegero jeonhaejwo
Let’s make it all night long.
We got something going on!



Jumping BoAs: (9) @Slice of Life ; (8.5) @evilsin, @Kaz D'Oerba
Still BoAs: (4) @nanapop99 ; (6) @clowezra, @Attis, @askew
Crispy's Score: 6.5

5 voters: #67 (average: 6.45)
10 voters: #58 (average: 7.125)
15 voters: #56 (average: 7.15)
17 voters: #58 (average: 7.044)

"Touch" is the 5th track from 2006 Summer SMTOWN, a compilation album featuring SM Entertainment artists, released on June 20, 2006.

For a SMTOWN song, this one is actually nice, no shade intended nn. The whole thing has a slight spy vibe that borders on cheeky for me. I like her use of the falsetto in the verses, and how it helps give that part, and the song overall, more edge. It wouldn't sound out of place on one of the albums rated here, though I suppose it could've been fleshed out a little more. For example, it's lacking a bridge that stands on its own and without it, I feel like the chorus gets replayed over and over again. The repetition does work as I get the "Touch like that" hook stuck in my head at random times!

@nanapop99 (4) — "I would enjoy this okay track a little bit more if it didn't sound so unpolished and cheap. I do wonder if all of those random songs were recorded for a potential 6th Korean album after Girls On Top. It's strange how she was literally on a hiatus in her home country for like 5 years before the Hurricane Venus comeback."

@M24 (6.5) — "Pretty good, a little gem in the extras. It sounds a little 90s, but that's not a bad thing for me!"

@Kaz D'Oerba (8.5) — "This is my second favourite song with “Touch” in the title in this rate"

Not sure I'll have time for another elimination tonight but I can tell you the next two cuts are from the sole Korean album in the rate...
I gave Touch a 6.5!
I usually forget about it as a Summer SMtown extra, but I am glad that there are sprinkles of Korean tracks in the BoA Korean discography drought (between Girls on Top and Hurricane Venus).

It's not bad, it's not great. It's the equivalent of a b-side that doesn't make its way to an album.
It's a bit generic, but I think some shifts to the instrumentation could get it to a 7 or 8--or even make its way to a the BoA english album.

Your eye it spy ye~
Ijen nae gwisgae ppalgan nae ipgae Talk to me all night long
Hancham chajawassdeon naega neoui Venus
I spy my eye. You think you're gonna take me home



Jumping BoAs: (9.5) @M24 ; (9) @Slice of Life
Still BoAs: (3) @nanapop99 ; (5.75) @askew
Crispy's Score: 7

5 voters: #53 (average: 7.05)
10 voters: #55 (average: 7.175)
15 voters: #54 (average: 7.183)
17 voters: #57 (average: 7.088)

"I Spy" is the 9th track from Girls On Top, BoA's fifth Korean album, released on June 24, 2005. It was written by Hong Ji-yoo, composed by Hayden Bell, Lyndelle Palmer-Clarke, Eric Amarillo, and Michael Feiner and arranged by Ahn Ik-soo.

BoA goes funk rock! It detect some Jackson siblings' influence in here, once again, and it's no surprise that she sounds right at home on this kind of soundscape. Personally, everytime I put this on, I keep focusing on the groovy bass work and the clavinet riff. The reason being that anytime I hear the particular latter instrument in a song, I can't help but think of Superstition by Stevie Wonder nn. It gives this album track that throwback sound! Additionally, I love the curveball she pulls with the bridge, led by an odd stylistic shift (one that I still can't pinpoint what it reminds me of... it feels pirate-y?), before the whole thing ends with a key change and haunting choir-like backing vocals. Take me to church!

@nanapop99 (3) — "Never liked this one. There's something about it that just annoys me... Another skip."

@Attis (6) — "The arrangement is a bit messy, the hook sounds like a bad soundtrack of Disney show"

@evilsin (8) — "That chorus is so catchy, wow. The rhyme and rhythm here are really something."

(9.5) — "My favorite bside of the album! I think it's a better version of Moto tbh, as the chorus is a bit more solid and BoA plays more with her vocals (particularly in the "I spy, my eye" at the end of the chorus)."


Neo nareul boji mothamyeon neoui maeum dapdapaji
Hangsang nal chatge doeji dalkomhaji keopi hyang, yuhokcheoreom
I won't stop, Don't Stop Don't Stop (get it, get it)



Jumping BoAs: (10) @Slice of Life ; (9.25) @ohdenny
Still BoAs: (4) @nanapop99 ; (6) @Kaz D'Oerba, @clowezra, @Attis, @askew
Crispy's Score: 7

5 voters: #51 (average: 7.1)
10 voters: #57 (average: 7.15)
15 voters: #53 (average: 7.2)
17 voters: #56 (average: 7.117)

"집착 (Addiction)" is the 6th track from Girls On Top, BoA's fifth Korean album, released on June 24, 2005. It was written by Jin Young-jin, composed by Jamie Jones, Jason Pennock, and Makisha Davis and arranged by The Heavyweights.

I wonder if this album track would slot in @RUNAWAY and @evilsin's recently finished J-R&B rate! On paper, I should like everything about it. The beat has a playfulness and quirkiness to it (not unlike certain K-Pop acts that come to mind) that very much appeals to me. The chanted hook is aggressive and anthemic enough to make the song pop off enough. The rest is just fine, but at least there's potential in the whole package.

However, my main gripe is the mixing. Something about it seems undercooked to my ears. First, I would've appreciated hearing more low-end. Then the backing vocals are extremely pushed to the front, to the point the harmonies in the chorus end up sounding shrill to my ears (even with my Beyerdynamics headphones!), while some of the arrangements sounds flat or quiet in comparison. As a consequence, this song is lacking in dynamics. With that being said, the mix doesn't surprise me as it reminds me of the vocal heavy alternate mixes some pop/R&B singles would get when they were sent to radio during that era... but we're not dealing with a single here, so this leaves me confused fff.

@nanapop99 (4) — "Pretty mediocre. I've never listened to any J.Lo albums but in my head this is how one of her filler album tracks would sound like. A skip."

@Kaz D'Oerba (6) — "I don’t have an addiction to this song, that’s for sure. Chorus is fine, the rest is…there."

@Attis (6) — "Underbaked and a bit annoying nn"

(8,5) — "Is it just me or the thrumpet-like sound in the instrumental is kinda annoying? It's as if I could breathe when it stopped for that little middle 8 minute before the final chorus. Speaking of which, it does drown out that sound to be more bearable." Yeah, like I pointed out above the mixing is really off so I totally get your criticism!


Love is just what you can’t see doramatikku na
toki no naka de anata to onaji yume mite itai
itoshii feel me baby



Jumping BoAs: (9) @RUNAWAY, @odyism, @evilsin ; (8) @mi|kshake, @clowezra, @Slice of Life
Still BoAs: (3.5) @nanapop99 ; (5) @lalaclairi_
Crispy's Score: 7

5 voters: #69 (average: 6.35)
10 voters: #55 (average: 7.175)
15 voters: #56 (average: 7.15)
17 voters: #55 (average: 7.161)

"Love is just what you can't see" is the 10th track from OUTGROW, BoA's fourth Japanese album, released on February 15, 2006. It was written by Ryoji Sonoda, co-composed by BoA and Ken Matsubara and arranged by Ken Matsubara.

I love the drums on this. They remind me of the Rich Harrison production you'd hear all over 00s R&B and how recognizable they would be in their live drum driven approach. I suspect this one is sampling "Crazy In Love" because it seems built around the same drum loop, or a similar one. Anyway, BoA glides and soars over this. It overstays its welcome by just a little though.

@nanapop99 (3.5) — "Is it just me or does it sound like an unfinished demo? The chorus is also quite disjointed and it keeps me from enjoying the song completely."


Before you said goodbye to me...
So I wish I said just...
I love you



Jumping BoAs: (9) @Slice of Life, @soratami ; (8.5) @odyism
Still BoAs: (4.5) @clowezra ; (5.5) @Monado, @askew
Crispy's Score: 8

5 voters: #47 (average: 7.35)
10 voters: #45 (average: 7.525)
15 voters: #50 (average: 7.283)
17 voters: #54 (average: 7.2205)

"Before you said goodbye to me" is a B-side to the Dakishimeru single, released on November 23, 2005. It was written by Shoko Fujibayashi, composed by Kazuhiro Hara and arranged by Hitoshi Harukawa.

So this b-side was a nice rediscovery for me. This has the upbeat jazzy feel that was present on "DO THE MOTION" and "With U", surely helped by the use of organic instruments that make it come even more alive when she performs it. The cheery horn section brings me joy and I'm all over this particular vibe that acted as a change of pace for her then. Too bad it's more of an obscure cut because I would totally take it over many of the ballads or some bland album tracks that made it to this rate's albums instead.

@M24 (6.75) — "Even though that title indicated a ballad, it ended up being a chill jazzy bop instead! I quite enjoy it."

@nanapop99 (7) — "A breezy bop. This is the kind of song I like to listen while driving on a long highway during a sunny summer day. The live band also adds a nice touch to this feel good track."

@evilsin (7.5) — "Honestly, I listened to this like only once back when I discovered BoA, as I clearly remember the title and the chorus melody, but I don't remember this being so cheerful, dddd. I thought it was in the same vein as "Kimi no Tonari de"."

@Kaz D'Oerba (8) — "I think this would’ve made a really good closer for Outgrow" I should try tacking this on the album to see if that works!

Speaking of that album, OUTGROW is next on the chopping block...