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"Bad Drive" should've been Top10!
This is how I feel about the elimination below...


I believe meguri au kanaradzu
Gonna find my way
'Cause i'm moving on shinjite'ru
Believe in love



Jumping BoAs: (11) @Ana Raquel ; (10) @RUNAWAY, @odyism, @Attis, @soratami, @askew, @Crisp X
Still BoAs: (3) @Kaz D'Oerba ; (5.5) @nanapop99
Crispy's Score: 10

5 voters: #40 (average: 7.6)
10 voters: #31 (average: 7.9)
15 voters: #18 (average: 8.233)
17 voters: #12 (average: 8.441)

"Come To Me" is the 6th track from Trax, ravex's first and only studio album, released on April 29, 2009. ravex is a Japanese dance music project consisting of Shinichi Osawa (Mondo Grosso), Tomoyuki Tanaka (Fantastic Plastic Machine) and Taku Takahashi of m-flo. It was initially released as the album's 2nd single on February 8, 2009, and features BoA. An acoustic version was included on BoA's 27th Japanese single Eien/Universe/Believe in Love, released on February 18, 2009. It was written by Emi K. Lynn and ravex, composed and arranged by ravex.

What a line-up. As a reminder, BoA had previously collaborated with Shinichi Osawa on "Everything Needs Love" and with m-flo on "The Love Bug", both collabs that belong in the top tier of her discography selon moi. This one was yet another departure for BoA, showcasing a very melancholic house influenced electronic sound. It starts with striking arpeggiated synths before BoA softly makes her entrance in with a rhythmic melody. I don't know if there's a particular word for the concept I'm trying to explain, but I love how she starts each line in a delayed manner compared to the beat? I hope I'm making sense nn.

Anyway, just when you think the song has given you all it had to offer, it suddenly switch things up by tuning out everything to reveal a dramatic string section. The latter accompanies BoA in what is probably still one of her most emotional performances. This atypical chorus is an unique production choice, yet it's totally pulled off as the build up to BoA's extended high note subsequently makes the following beat drop hit even harder. The additional violin that appears before the final section gets me everytime as well... this song is such a journey! It's curveballs like this that makes digging into her discography all the more rewarding, and I'm so happy it went this far.

@Kaz D'Oerba (3) — "I…don’t really like either version of this song. Ravex version is better than Acoustic, but neither are particularly great."

@nanapop99 (5.5) — "My problem with this song is that you can barely hear BoA. It's like she's drowning under the beat. Great production though. I love how they blended this dark electronic instrumental with some strings. I just wish it wasn't so disjointed. Same for the acoustic version."

@M24 (7.5) — "This one is SUCH a weird song to rate! From the quirky electronic instrumental, to the strings and layered vocals after the first chorus, it's structurally quite strange! I think I like it though (took a few listens to sink in)!"

@evilsin (9) — "The Everything Needs Love of Part 2 of the rate! Bting me on the intergalactic journey, ravex. Also genius to make the acooustic version a little lounge number."

@Attis (10) — "Can Boa work with them again ? This is excellent"

@Ana Raquel
(11) — "The way they created future here!!! their minds etc (the least to comment about the acoustic version the better)"


This is who I am so I just wanna be true to myself
(That's just the way I like it, don't wanna be somebody else)
If you could understand, why it's never enough
(I'm gonna make it happen, who says there can't be girls on top)



Jumping BoAs: (10) @ohdenny, @RUNAWAY, @nanapop99, @evilsin, @Kaz D'Oerba, @Ana Raquel, @clowezra, @Monado, @Attis, @askew ; (9) @Slice of Life
Still BoAs: (1) @M24 ; (4) @odyism
Crispy's Score: 8

5 voters: #36 (average: 7.7)
10 voters: #25 (average: 8.1)
15 voters: #11 (average: 8.533)
17 voters: #11 (average: 8.588)

"Girls On Top (English ver.)" is the 9th track from BoA, BoA's first English album, released on March 17, 2009 and the 11th track from the deluxe edition, released on August 31, 2009. It is an English self-cover of the song with the same name from her fifth Korean studio album Girls On Top, released in 2005. It was written by Young-Hu Kim and Lola Fair (Xperimental Music), composed and arranged by Young Jin Yoo.

If you don't mind, I'm going to skip through this elimination because my thoughts will be saved for the original version, which is still in the running. I probably shouldn't have included it in the first place, I don't even listen to it outside of the album fff. I apologize for making you waste your time writing commentary for it, and for the mess it caused in the leaderboard. We'll get to the Top 10 later today instead!

@M24 (1) — "The lyrics in the english version are awful compared to the original. Enough said." Yeah when K-Pop songs get English versions later on, the lyrics can end up being clunkier in the process. I haven't checked if this is still the case these days (people were bopping to Weki Meki's "100 Facts" anyway right?), but this seemed to be common in the past.

@nanapop99 (10) — "What an odd decision to include this older song. It doesn't really fit the whole dance-electropop aesthetic of the album. The lyrics and her vocal delivery are not as fierce and powerful as the korean version but this song remains a classic no matter what. The rap part should have stayed in the drafts though."

@evilsin (10) — "This is a bop in any language."

@clowezra (10) — "Just as perfect as the Korean version."

@Attis (10) — "
Hmm I don't know why this is rated twice" Let's pretend this was your first time hearing this <3

I am very happy with this top 10!
Each section is well represented, and are definitely the standouts.
I could have done witth Agressive leaving in the 30s to 20s.
Every other song I quite enjoy and understand why they are well liked, even if it every single one isn't my top favorite.
I know I'm a bit late to comment on losing my 11 (apols for being MIA!)

@nanapop99 nailed it! It's all about the piano intro and the guitar solo! One of the best Winter ballads (and yeah I get definite Ayu vibes from the intro)! It's one I need to get listening to outside of the Winter season again (along with some other J Winter ballads) but Made In 20 is not an album I really listen to! Everything in the song just works so well!


Ijen This time is real, No one can deny
Sesang gaunde sara sumswineun gos
Kkumkkwowassdamyeon naega juge haejwo
Geuriweonhadeon moseup, geudaero... (hey)



Jumping BoAs: (11) @lalaclairi_ ; (10) @RUNAWAY, @nanapop99, @odyism, @Monado, @Slice of Life, @askew
Still BoAs: (6.5) @Ana Raquel ; (6.75) @M24
Crispy's Score: 8

5 voters: #9 (average: 9.15)
10 voters: #13 (average: 8.525)
15 voters: #10 (average: 8.683)
17 voters: #9 (average: 8.720)

"공중정원 (Garden In The Air)" is the 8th track from Girls On Top, BoA's fifth Korean album, released on June 24, 2005. The song title supposedly makes reference to the Hanging Garders of Babylon, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World listed by Hellenic culture. It was written, composed and arranged by Kenzie.

For an album track to make it to the Top 10 and to tower above so many singles in the same occasion, it has to be quite beloved! A smooth and groovy jazzy tune, BoA shows her range here. I love how delicate she gets in the pre-chorus, and when she does those vocal bends or slides in the chorus, her voice sounds like honey to me. The organic, live feel of the production complement her performance perfectly, and makes me feel like I'm listening to a long lost 80s classic. Why did I not give it a higher score, you may ask...

It was covered by Baekhyun from EXO for BoA's 20th Anniversary Project, Our Beloved BoA, which saw him opt for a chiller approach. To be honest, I find his voice very sweet but I remain indifferent to this reinterpretation because, personally speaking, that specific Korean coffee shop R&B vibe tends to go in one ear and out the other fff. However, I embedded a more recent outing from BoA herself and in this one, to say she does justice to the studio version is an understatement!

To end on a random note, the delivery in the "Loving you, and make it still" hook that pops up in the bridge and then at the end again reminds me of the prechorus in Natalie Imbruglia's Torn ("There's nothing where he used to lie, our conversation has run dry"). Please someone tells me I'm not the only one that hears this nn.

@evilsin (7) — "This is giving me JPop vibes. And it sounds like the song was created specifically to be performed live."

@Attis (9) — "I love the pairing of classic rock and jazz in here, the real drum sounds great"

@RUNAWAY (10) — "this is one of my standout album tracks from her early Korean albums, and.....god I love it so much. Baekhyun’s cover is also quite fantastic, and it was such a great choice for the SM Station project."

@nanapop99 (10) — "This is one of my potential 11/10! There's something magical about this track that just makes me so happy. I love listening to this song on a sunny day. Such pure bliss. I was so excited when I found out that Baekhyun would cover this song for the "Our Beloved BoA" project but his version was pretty average. It just fell flat compared to the original which should have been a number one hit for weels."



You shoulda loved me right when you had me
(shoulda shoulda but you didn't did ya ?)
You shoulda known I'm not gonna sit around
And wait for you to get your act together, shoulda known better



Jumping BoAs: (11) @Crisp X ; (10) @nanapop99, @Kaz D'Oerba, @Monado, @Slice of Life
Still BoAs: (5.5) @askew ; (7.5) @mi|kshake, @clowezra, @Attis
Crispy's Score: 11

5 voters: #10 (average: 9.05)
10 voters: #10 (average: 8.775)
15 voters: #9 (average: 8.783)
17 voters: #9 (average: 8.7205)

"Did Ya" is the 3rd track from BoA, BoA's first English album, released on March 17, 2009 and the 5th track from the deluxe edition, released on August 31, 2009. It was written by Negin Djafari, Henrik Jonback, Pontus Winnberg and Bloodshy, composed and arranged by Bloodshy & Avant.

I was dreading this elimination all along, and I'm delighted mostly everyone saw the light by helping it get this far! It has been a major favorite since day one and was an easy contender for my 11. This deep cut has an interesting history, being a remake of "Buddha's Delight" by Haley Bennett from the American musical romantic-comedy film Music and Lyrics, released two years earlier. I haven't seen it but from my understanding, the original song is supposed to be a spoof of American pop artists appropriating other cultures. By lending it to BoA for her first foray into the American market, it makes me wonder if there a hidden layer I'm missing fff. The lyrics were completely rewritten though!

On an album that sees BoA takes a bit of a backseat by adapting her vocals to the full blown electropop direction, she gets to show off a lot more here. It doesn't seem to have the vocal processing that the rest of the album has, or at least nowhere as much. It's a camp earworm, full of hooks, that suits her perfectly. It almost has a spaghetti western or surf vibe that make me liken it to Sound Of The Underground by Girls Aloud or even The Munsters theme song, and I can imagine her having a blast recording it due to the quirkiness. It's built around a indian influenced motif that sounds like a sample but doesn't seem to be one as I couldn't find a source. It's giving Toxic by Britney due to its usage, and given Bloodshy & Avant were behind both, I think there's something to it. Who knows if it was loosely inspired by some if not all of the aforementioned songs?

Even though it stands out stylistically from the rest of the album, I wish it had been released as a single or even gotten a music video. Maybe it was just ahead of its time... At least it got an outing during her first Korean tour BoA Special Live 2013 - Here I Am, from which the performance below is taken. Bring it back, BoA!

@M24 (8.5) — "It's got the Bloodshy & Avant flair, though I admit it sounds a little demo-ish compared to their usual stuff from the time. It's still an awesome song anyway!"

@Kaz D'Oerba (10) — "I will angry sing along with this 24/7. I love it so much"

@Slice of Life (10) — "oh i was starting to think this album isnt for me and then this mfing bawp came on!!!!"

(10) — "Wouldn't be surprised if this was a reject from the Circus album. Sonically, I would say that it's a better version of Mmm Papi. It's a very cool and a lot of fun bop and I'm glad she randomly performed it on the Here I Am tour."

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Aishi ae ba NOT LONELY mirai ni okuru SMILE
Kitto deae rusou kimi to muki ae ta hi arukara
Ai gaareba SO EASY kuya mazu iki ru STYLE



Jumping BoAs: (10) @lalaclairi_, @M24, @RUNAWAY, @nanapop99, @evilsin, @Ana Raquel, @clowezra, @Monado, @Slice of Life ; (9) @Kaz D'Oerba
Still BoAs: (5.75) @askew ; (6.75) @odyism
Crispy's Score: 8

5 voters: #5 (average: 9.4)
10 voters: #5 (average: 9.075)
15 voters: #5 (average: 9.116)
17 voters: #8 (average: 8.852)

"AGGRESSIVE" is the 1st track from THE FACE, BoA's sixth Japanese album, released on February 27, 2008. It was written by Natsumi Watanabe, composed by Daniel Pandher and Tommy La Verdi and arranged by h-wonder.

I was initially surprised to see this song go this far because I don't rank it among my favorites, but a bop is a bop... and this album opener is a big one! The intro alone sets the tone right away, acting like a time capsule to the late 00s with a sound that was prevalent back then it's just missing a "Mr. Worldwide!" to top it off fff. Sometimes all I want is a thumping beat, buzzy syncopated synths, and a singalongy hook. What I like even more about it is that despite the dance-pop soundscape, it seems to retain elements of her early teen pop days, with the orchestral hits in the verses in particular giving me that vibe. I'm also into the re-recording, which opted for a more electronic direction that literally lives up to the song title, even though it had to sacrifice the melodic arrangements and the dynamics in the process.

@M24 (10) — "Bop of incredible proportions. That chorus is so instant, I liked it from the very first listen. Another bside that should've been a single! Surprisingly, even though I like most of "The Greatest" rearrangements, I much prefer the original. The new version is so noisy and bass-heavy, that it's missing that pop magic of the original."

@nanapop99 (10) — "Probably her best opening track that wasn't released as a single. What a fantastic slice of dance-pop perfection. I'm also giving a gold star to the build-up outro. It's just so euphoric!"

@clowezra (10) — "Another 11 contender for me, hearing this for the first time blew my little gay mind. Phenomenal tune, that intro alone, I mean!?"

@Slice of Life (10) — "aespa girlies, pleek cover this next!!!!"

When "THE FACE" was just released "AGGRESSIVE" was the album track for people, I do remember this clearly. I was only last year, when she released the self-cover when people started saying that the original wasn't that great, to which I strongly disagree. The original sounds like a modern take on disco with futuristic elements that I adore so freaking much.
The Greatest version of Aggressive is so lifeless... It's like they took away all the fun from the original and made it sound like a Femme Fatale unreleased demo... I love Garden in the Air so much and I love how much BoA loves it too. Did Ya is definitely the best non-single track from her english album so I'm glad to see it in the top 10. I sometimes think about how KEY from SHINee compared that song to Nega Dola on their reality show back in 2018. He really is a true stan!