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Now you know damn well there is only one choice, bestie


asdflj I actually like that one beside that abomination's presence.

80% of the ballads can vacate tbh, maybe White Christmas first ?

Now you know damn well there is only one choice, bestie


A trigger warning would've been appreciated, bestie!!

But that one is safe... for now.

Manifesting a 100% Christmas-themed bottom 5

80% of the ballads can vacate tbh, maybe White Christmas first ?


I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten and children listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow



Jumping BoAs: (8) @ohdenny ; (7.5) @mi|kshake
Still BoAs: (0) @M24 ; (3) @nanapop99, @clowezra, @Monado
Crispy's Score: 6

5 voters: #90 (average: 4.4)
10 voters: #88 (average: 5.3)
15 voters: #90 (average: 4.8)
17 voters: #90 (average: 4.882)

"White Christmas" is the 2nd track from Merry Christmas from BoA, BoA's first special Japanese album, released on December 25, 2005. It was originally written by Irving Berlin in 1942. It has been covered by many artists, the version sung by Bing Crosby being the world's best-selling single.

To the surprise of no one, the first song to go out is part of the Christmas themed batch. That's par for the course, but would it be a true Popjustice rate experience without people shuddering at the thought of listening to that type of stuff? Putting these on during this scorching Summer did feel weird, I confess nn. I would say, as far as Xmas renditions go, this one is quite inoffensive, unlike those from Part 1. It may have to do with me having not heard this standard as frequently as others, despite the amount of covers it has gotten over the past century, or with BoA's gentle vocals over this R&B version lifting it up a little bit. Let's see what rants you guys prepared for that one!

We start right out the gate with our first negative score, courtesy of @M24 (0) — "I thought I wouldn't score anything lower than Girls on Top (English ver.) but this takes the cake. I'm usually no grinch, but I ain't got time for xmas covers and this isn't "Last Christmas"."

@nanapop99 (3) — "This christmas song has never been my favorite but I was genuinely surprised to hear a R&B beat on this rendition. Not my favorite." We can tell, with this score!

@Kaz D'Oerba (4) — "This is one of my less favourite Christmas songs, but this version is better than some others I’ve heard. Not amazing, mind you."

@Attis (5) — "There is no way we're gonna let this making it far in the rate, isn't it ?" Right on the money!

@evilsin (7) — "Oh God, no, I thought I was safe from any Christmas-themed music in this part of the rate. Guess I was wrong. I have to say though, the arrangement is pretty good here. Kinda bops even." The beauty of life is that no one is ever safe from Christmas themed music.

Will this rate start with a Christmas cull or subvert your expectations? Let's guess!
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None of you guessed the next cut...


In autumn I will write a letter
Whoever you will be, please accept it
On the day when the fallen leaves scatter
A wandering woman is beautiful



Jumping BoAs: (2) @nanapop99, @Ana Raquel, @askew ; (3) @Monado
Still BoAs: (8) @odyism ; (7.5) @Kaz D'Oerba
Crispy's Score: 6

5 voters: #88 (average: 4.8)
10 voters: #90 (average: 5.15)
15 voters: #88 (average: 5.36)
17 voters: #89 (average: 5.205)

"Autumn Letter" is the 13th track from Girls On Top, BoA's fifth Korean album, released on June 24, 2005. It was written by Go Eun, and originally written, composed and arranged by Kim Min Gi in 1971. Kim Min Gi was an influential singer who made waves in the 70s with his protest songs, which served as anthems rallying pro-democracy protesters during authoritarian regimes. It resulted in his music being banned from broadcast and stores by the South Korean government for more than a decade. Many of his songs, such as his most famous "Mountain Dew", have been covered over the following decades. As of recent, Solar from K-Pop girlgroup Mamamoo did a rendition of "Autumn Letter" in 2017.

I don't know if this song went under the radar, or if everyone just forgot about it when guessing the first cuts. It's not difficult to understand why as it's BoA singing acapella for barely one minute, which isn't really something people are craving, at least on a studio recording. It also makes it the shortest song in the rate. I do think it's cute to hear BoA in this register, even though I wish it was a fully fledged song runtime wise.

As for its placement in the album and the "Girls On Top" music video, I wonder if there's a particular connection to be made between her shift to a more mature image during that era, her singing about female empowerment on the title track, and her covering a song by an outspoken political activist. Knowing the context provided in the hyperlink above, maybe I'm going somewhere or there is another, more historical subtext that would speak more to Korean citizens?

Only one low scorer left a comment, with @nanapop99 (2) claiming "I honestly don't really care that much for this random outro. Still don't know why it was included at the end of the Girls On Top MV."

@evilsin (6) — "Huh? What is this? Cute, though." I hope the tiny context I was able to provide after some research helps!

@clowezra (7) — "Always thought how lovely this is, her voice is perfect."

@Attis (7) — "Nature is healing"

We're going back to the Extras for the next elimination...
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Awai hana afureru omoi
Hibi mashi tsuzukete yoku you
Itsumeteru arutabi ai ni
Onaji hikari sashimasa you ni
Itsuma demo mamotte itai
I love you so tenderly



Jumping BoAs: (10) @Kaz D'Oerba ; (8) @RUNAWAY
Still BoAs: (2) @nanapop99 ; (3.75) @odyism, @askew
Crispy's Score: 4

5 voters: #84 (average: 5.6)
10 voters: #85 (average: 5.625)
15 voters: #86 (average: 5.416)
17 voters: #88 (average: 5.235)

"precious" is the 2nd track from be with you., BoA twenty-fitfh Japanese single, released on February 20, 2008. It was written by Ryoji Sanada, composed by Kazuhiro Hara, and arranged by Hitoshi Harukawa.

After being reminisced of the ire Christmas music gets in these corners, it's time to jump right to another controversial genre, ballads, and "precious" gets crowned as the worst one this time. While I don't feel repulsed by this type of song, I also won't come to the defense of this b-side. It's very reminiscent of some of the plodding ones we've rated in Part 1, meaning it's simply... nondescript.

@nanapop99 (2) was close to giving this energy "I would rather never listen to this boring song ever again. At this point, all of those ballads blend with one another and it makes me sick." I hope you feel better since!

@M24 (4) makes an interesting comparison "It sounds like a Disney princess song, doesn't it? Unfortunately, I feel like it never builds up to something grander." I've never been a fan of Disney songs, so that may explain my indifference here.

Sometimes the underdogs have people rooting for them, with @Kaz D'Oerba (10) claiming "This deserved a spot on The Face over a couple of the songs that actually got on" I wonder which ones you're referring to...

You've been calling for the next elimination...