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It's been fixed, thank you! It's a shame I couldn't find anything about that documentary. I wish her archives would've been opened to celebrate her 20th career anniversary... SM and avex, what you doing?


All of the reindeer loved him
As they shouted out with glee
Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer
You'll go down in history !



Jumping BoAs: (10) @askew ; (8.5) @RUNAWAY
Still BoAs: (0) @clowezra ; (1) Kaz D'Oerba
Crispy's Score: 6.5

5 voters: #74 (average: 6.2)
10 voters: #87 (average: 5.4)
15 voters: #86 (average: 5.5)
17 voters: #84 (average: 5.735)

"赤鼻のトナカイ (Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer)" is the 3rd track from Merry Christmas from BoA, BoA's first special Japanese album, released on December 25, 2005. It was originally written and released by songwriter Johnny Marks in 1949, and many artists have put their spin on it since.

My first thought upon hearing this was "it's getting quite festive in here!"... without realizing it was a Christmas song until halfway. They got me good! I'm not familiar with the original, or least no other version comes to mind. That means I went into this with zero preconception and I'm sorry but I'm kinda living for this cover. That time capsule of a 00s R&B sounding beat, the random tempo changes, the Xmassy instruments popping in and out, the chant towards the end... I'll pretend this isn't meant to be taken that seriously and that it's something fun, something for the wintertime, something for the girls to get ready and party to. She has performed it during a Christmas themed concert, and I have to admit it pops off quite a bit here!

You had a lot to say about this one, and we start with a full 0 from
@clowezra (0), who felt hatecrimed "
This is actively homophobic, sorry gals."

@Kaz D'Oerba (1) — "
What the hell BoA"

@M24 (4) — "This is how you do xmas music! I don't give it too much of a high score because it's nothing other-worldly, but it lowkey bops so I'm satisfied!"

@nanapop99 (4) — "Trilingual queen! The intro is so misleading though. You're expecting a banger but then you end up with a cheesy christmas song." Yeah it's like it isn't sure what it wants to be.

@evilsin (4) — "
That rap part almost keeled me over."

@RUNAWAY (8.5) — "never did I ever think I would be bopping to a JAPANESE ROCK COVER of Rudolph but here we are. She ATE!"

@Attis (7) — "Fff okay I will give additional point for its daring retelling"

@Slice of Life (8) — "come on rudolph, shake that ass!!!!" Hell yeah!

We're slightly dialing back the energy on the next one...

This…absolutely should have gone first. Shameful!

Wish always gracious days
Let's feel everybody now
It's never-ending place
I wish with you forever



Jumping BoAs: (9) @RUNAWAY, @Kaz D'Oerba ; (7.5) @Monado, @Attis
Still BoAs: (2) @nanapop99 ; (3.25) @askew
Crispy's Score: 6.5

5 voters: #83 (average: 5.75)
10 voters: #82 (average: 5.975)
15 voters: #82 (average: 5.983)
17 voters: #83 (average: 5.852)

"Gracious Days" is the 13th track from MADE IN TWENTY (20), BoA's fifth Japanese album, released on January 17, 2007. It was written by Ryoji Sonoda, composed by Kazuhiro Hara and arranged by NAOKI-T.

If we exclude the bonus track "Last Christmas", which we'll get to later in the rate, this is the actual closer on MADE IN TWENTY (20) and in true J-Pop fashion, this turns out to be a ballad. This one is more on the bright and cheesy side, and reminds me of something I'd expect out of an anime ending. The final English sung hook in particular stands out and, in the context of the album, closes the whole thing traditionally well. Other than that, as far as her balladry side goes, it's far from her most memorable and it goes on for just a bit too long, but I won't necessarily skip it if it comes up on shuffle thanks to its feel good vibe.

@nanapop99 (2) — "It's a no for me. Enough said."

@evilsin (5) — "This is a bit much and it only got worse as it continued. Shame."

@Kaz D'Oerba (9) — "It’s so upbeat and feel good, I absolutely love it. A great way to close out the album"

Speaking of bright...
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I'm not really familiar with the original Rudolph song either, or caught that it was a cover at first, especially given the song is in Japanese. It's hardly amazing, but out of the Christmas songs here I thought it was one of the least bad.

Saranghae danhana ppunin sojunghan bicci doeeo
Gomawoyo namanui sunshine



Jumping BoAs: (9) @Kaz D'Oerba ; (8.5) @evilsin
Still BoAs: (3) @nanapop99, @Monado ; (3.5) @M24
Crispy's Score: 5

5 voters: #80 (average: 5.9)
10 voters: #76 (average: 6.375)
15 voters: #80 (average: 6.016)
17 voters: #82 (average: 5.897)

"Sunshine" is an OST from the South Korean romance film Love Me Not directed by Lee Cheol-ha, starring Kim Ju-hyuk and Moon Geun-young, and released on November 9, 2006.

This has traditional power ballad written all over it, in a 90s style to my ears, one that I'm anything but surprised to find out it found its way into a film. I'm unfamiliar with the one above, but I assume the song must play a fitting part in it. BoA pulls off a powerful performance, especially the high note towards the final chorus. It's not something I go out of my way to listen to stylistically, so I wasn't particularly moved by it. Some of you were though!

@nanapop99 (3) — "I was bored up until that high note at the end. Apart from that, this is once again just your typical basic korean ballad."

(3.5) — "Holy shit that intro made me expect something different ddd. It's definitely an OST ballad!" Were you expecting something... festive?

@Kaz D'Oerba (9) — "an incredibly beautiful ballad"

Still boucing back and forth between this section and another one...
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Last Christmas I gave you my heart
But the very next day you gave it away
This year to save me from tears
I gave it to someone special



Jumping BoAs: (10) @RUNAWAY ; (8) @ohdenny
Still BoAs: (0) @soratami ; (2) @askew
Crispy's Score: 7

5 voters: #74 (average: 6.2)
10 voters: #77 (average: 6.35)
15 voters: #78 (average: 6.1)
17 voters: #81 (average: 5.911)

"LAST CHRISTMAS" is the 14th track from MADE IN TWENTY (20), BoA's fifth Japanese album, released on January 17, 2007. It was originally released by british pop duo Wham! in 1984. It was written and composed by George Michael and arranged by Jun Abe.

And... we're back to eliminating one more Christmussy anthem. You'd think I would be sick of hearing this song and its many iterations over the years, which is understandable, but there's enough subtle changes production wise to make it fit to a more J-Pop format that it ends up working for me. It sounds almost like it could've appeared on a 90s anime as an ending song, and it's just pleasant to my ears, which not everyone could relate going by your polarizing scores.

@M24 (3) — "I don't hate this… thing is, I can't ever see myself going back to this cover over the original (or some other covers by pop girls). So I'd rather this was one of the first songs out. It probably won't because it's still a strong song."

@nanapop99 (5) — "Her english pronunciation was pretty rough back then and the instrumental sounds like a cheap karaoke track. A for effort, I guess? Hilary Duff remains unbothered."

@Kaz D'Oerba (5.5) — "I love the original version of this song, but this one doesn’t do as much for me"

@clowezra (7) — "I love the original so much that I’m sold on any cover tbh!"

@Attis (7) — "Straightforward cover, it kinda lacks the needed conviction of sadness"

(10) — "I know it’s been done to death, but jesus this cover is fantastic. It’s up there with her Rudolph cover as far as the boppery goes."


Love gyeourui geu cheot nunmankeum
Seolleimeul hangsang ijji anheun chae
Nal saranghaejwo
Haengbogeul naege jul han saram
Oh, you are still the one



Jumping BoAs: (8) @RUNAWAY, @odyism, @Slice of Life, @askew ; (7.5) @Crisp X
Still BoAs: (2) @nanapop99 ; (3) @Kaz D'Oerba
Crispy's Score: 7.5

5 voters: #87 (average: 5)
10 voters: #88 (average: 5.3)
15 voters: #83 (average: 5.86)
17 voters: #80 (average: 5.941)

"12월 27일 (On December 27th)" is the 2nd track from 2007 Winter SMTown - Only Love, a compilation album featuring SM Entertainment artists, released on December 7, 2007. It was an OST on the 2007 South Korean movie My Love, directed by Lee Han and starring Kam Woo-sung and Choi Kang-hee. It was written by BoA, composed and arranged by KENZIE.

I have to be honest, but I'm a bit bummed to say goodbye to this ballad this early. Not too surprised though, as the title hints at some Christmassery. Despite that, the whole thing ended up subverting my expectations by sounding really gentle and pleasant with its acoustic guitar driven mood and that particular 6/8 rhythm. Musically, it's closer to the kind of ballads I'd expect from a Western contemporary pop rock band, think something like Goo Goo Dolls or Jimmy Eat World, which makes it stand out from the others in this rate. That also means... it's my catnip! BoA sounds fantastic on it, and the very short-lived string section here and there also gives me celtic vibes for a moment. If it wasn't for the title, I'd almost forget it's Christmas themed.

@nanapop99 (2) — "So tired of these snoozefest ballads. To be honest with y'all, I didn't even listen to this song in full. That's how much they bore me."

@Kaz D'Oerba (3) — "I love Christmas music but she could’ve kept this thanks"

Let's stay away from festive songs for a moment...

Itsuka nee kawashita
Yakusoku wo chotto oboete imasuga
Itsuka kitto kanaerareru
Sou shinjite mo iode anata koratara ira
Watashi wa kokoni iru



Jumping BoAs: (10) @RUNAWAY ; (7.5) @lalaclairi_
Still BoAs: (4) @odyism, @Monado ; (5) @nanapop99, @evilsin, @Ana Raquel, @Crisp X
Crispy's Score: 5

5 voters: #58 (average: 6.85)
10 voters: #81 (average: 6.025)
15 voters: #80 (average: 6.016)
17 voters: #79 (average: 5.985)

"be with you." is the 4th track from THE FACE, BoA's sixth Japanese album, released on February 27, 2008. It was initially released as the album's 4th single on February 20, 2008. It was used as the theme song of the 2008 Japanese movie "
10 Promises to My Dog", directed by Katsuhide Motoki, and starring Rena Tanaka, Mayuko Fukuda and Etsushi Toyokawa. It was written by Satomi, composed and arranged by h-wonder. It peaked at #13 on the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart.

From the opening chords, you know what's coming and that's a really sappy sounding ballad. My perception of a song can sometimes change if it's attached to something I have a connection to, so I'm curious to watch the movie mentioned above. Having not seen it yet though, I don't have any emotional attachment to this single, which I've never been into. I mostly blame the key change for that. I find it to be unearned here and it makes me grimace anytime it comes fff. I know it's a common trope, but I wish the entire song stayed in the verse's key instead. Other than that, the song... exists.

(5) — "Not her best ballad but not her worst either. She released at least 6 or 7 similar songs to this one. I'm lowkey tired at this point."

@Kaz D'Oerba (6) — "not my fave BoA ballad"

(6) is my nemesis as unlike me, they prefer the chorus "I like this, though I wish other bsides from the album had become singles. The chorus here is solid, but the verses are kind of boring, hence my score."

Time to switch to another album...
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Sumi chaoreugo chamassdeon nunmuri nayo
Geudae saenggage harureul tto butdeuljyo
Hanbaldo deo tteji moshago geudae tteonan geu jarieseo
Haengyeo doraolkka meomulleo issjyo



Jumping BoAs: (9) @Kaz D'Oerba ; (8) @Attis
Still BoAs: (3.5) @M24 ; (4.5) @odyism
Crispy's Score: 5

5 voters: #84 (average: 5.6)
10 voters: #83 (average: 5.95)
15 voters: #78 (average: 6.1)
17 voters: #78 (average: 6.014)

"숨… (Breathe Again)" is the 12th track from Girls On Top, BoA's fifth Korean album, released on June 24, 2005. It was written and composed by Ha Jeong-ho and arranged by Jang Se-won.

It's starting to feel like groundhog day, as another traditional ballad leaves the rate. I've found a couple things to praise about the last couple ones, alas this isn't the case with this album closer. I do appreciate the outro with additional instrumentation. It sounds even gorgeous for a moment, then that part sadly fades out instead of lasting a little bit longer... but this is the first song with a score above 6, so let's celebrate that.gif!

@nanapop99 (6) — "An okay album closer. Nothing outstanding about it. For some reason, I always mix up this track with "Stay in Love" which is on her previous album. I guess it's because they both sound like your typical basic korean ballad."

@evilsin (6) — "Korean ballads really didn't stand up to the Japanese ones back in the day, huh?"

@Attis (8) — "This is actually kinda good ballad, I'm a sucker for 90s-tingy Asian ballad"

@Kaz D'Oerba
(9) — "hauntingly beautiful"

It's been fixed, thank you! It's a shame I couldn't find anything about that documentary. I wish her archives would've been opened to celebrate her 20th career anniversary... SM and avex, what you doing?

I believe this is documentary I was talking about. It's pretty insane to see how overworked she was by both SM & Avex back in the days... Going back and forth between both countries, and with a broken leg to top it all?!?!

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