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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by _hazzie_, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Only One is a full album and it also had 7 song dddd. Go figure.

  2. [​IMG]
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  3. The album is her most solid release in almost a decade. I like every song.
  4. uh

  5. I didn't think the album had many great songs aside from the title track, Shattered and Fox. This mini sounds more modern and has better production to me.
  6. I keep thinking she’s singing “One Shot, Two Shot - now I’m on / One Shot, Two Shot - pass the bong” in the chorus/post-chorus and I’m bopping more so imagining it as Korea’s answer to 2 On.
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  7. Oh my god thank you for (inadvertently) reminding me that this happened:

    "I listened to your CD, like, two days ago. It's very cool." Dddddd
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    1. close to me (Unchained Ver.)
    2. Make Me Complete (Unchained Ver.)
    3. Only One (Unchained Ver.)
    4. FLY (Unchained Ver.)
    5. 私このままでいいのかな (Unchained Ver.)

    I am so excited for alternate arrangements of all these songs.
  9. Previews of Unchained have been out

    And the album is out on the 14th (for your specific country).
    So it should be out for North America and Europe by tomorrow on streaming services.
    I was expecting all of them to be stripped piano ballad arrangements, but I'm pleasantly surprised by Make Me Complete, Only One, and Fly. I might have to rearrange the tracklist of WKM and replace the album versions of Make me complete and Fly. What a difference a live jazzier acoustic arrangement makes.
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  10. As for her newest releases this year, I would say.

    1S2S is perhaps her most solid Korean release that feels like a new chapter. All her previous Korean albums were formulaic and even at their best (Kiss My Lips), were predictable or the best/newest versions of songs BoA has done before. 1S2S isn't groundbreaking or innovative, but for an artist like BoA it feels like she is finally stretching herself and showing a new side that is relevant to 2018.

    Watashi Kono Mama de ii no kana, is a surprisingly solid BoA release. I feel like BoA became popular and had her golden era so fast and quickly in Japan, that there were alot of growing pains as an artist right after the Outgrow Era. Made In Twenty, The Face, and Identity (along with her US debut) felt like a series of missteps and repetition. So this album feels like we are officially out of that era of trying to repeat past successes.
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  11. I've recently started to listen to her music properly, and I'm kinda obsessed. I get major Britney vibes from a lot of her stuff, especially the early stuff.
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  12. BoA's current stuff is kind of what Britney should be doing now.

    She could pull off the choreography in One Shot Two Shot because it's mostly hand movements with the dancers doing most of the actual work to make the scenes look impressive. Based on her recent IG post, she could probably execute the choreography in Camo too.
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