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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by _hazzie_, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. I Did It For Love is a mega bop! Very Britney-esque late 2000s pop.

    I would also recommend Hurricane Venus album and the repackage track Copy & Paste. It’s full of slick and addictive songs, while also showcasing her mid tempo and ballads which are more (cheesy) saccharine, but still very enjoyable.
  2. I second the English album for its accessibility, like some stuff on it sounds close to Blackout and Circus-eras Britney. Considering the names and styles you mentioned, I'd also recommend an earlier album like VALENTI or My Name:

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  3. I decided to start with My Name and the Britney and Janet-isms are so great to hear and that’s a compliment! It’s the expressiveness in her vocal that does it for me. I love Spark so far.
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  4. One of my friends actually asked me for a BoA playlist not too long ago, so I shifted that playlist around to fit your preferences.

    This is a random mix of songs leaning towards R&B (slow and fast songs), and the Janet, Britney, and Beyonce sounds. I tried to skip over songs/albums that were already recommended to you, and focus on more of the album tracks and singles that aren't the immediate go to's.
  5. I feel like a great introduction to BoA overall is her Here I Am concert, available on Youtube. The Nowness concert also works.
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  6. Sorry for the double post but I was in a meeting when I posted the previous one dd

    The english album is as Britney as it gets - a lot of the songs there are actually Circus rejects and there is the co-write of course.

    It's not my favorite BoA record to be honest. Eat You Up and Did It For Love are some of BoA's best dance performances (the fan scene in the latter's video is iconic) and they are bops but the rest of the record is generic imo.

    If you like Britney I would also recommend these electro BoA Bangers for Beginners:

    - The Shadow
    - Not Over U
    - Action
    - CAMO
    - Woman
    - The emotional bops trilogy: Shattered, Recollection, Irreversible
    - Lookbook
    - Mannish Chocolat
    - Lazer
    - Hurricane Venus
  7. let's not forget her best song.

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  8. I feel like this song is underrated due to its bside nature, but it's one of the closest she ever got to emulating Janet. The bassline and the almost industrial-ish drum beat are infectious, and the production flourishes coupled with her vocals... it's all so lush.

  9. I finished VALENTI last week and I’m listening to this playlist now, it is FIRE, sis. Kiss My Lips is legend things.

    I hope I can get into others’ suggestions this weekend. I’m looking forward to watching the concert @Monado is suggesting.
  10. Defitnely do! The first 40 minutes of her Here I Am concert was carefully designed for the homosexuals of Korea.
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  11. After her previous appearance in 2014, she's on the cover of 1st Look Magazine again. Maybe she made some points:

    Ep5ho14UYAE2eva.jpg Ep5ho19UYAAX9x1.jpg
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  12. Looking gorgeous!

    I was just going to order my physical copy of Better and all the copies on YesAsia are out of print? Was this a limited release?
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  13. I know there have been restocking problems since its release, but I'm surprised it's still happening. Have you tried another site? I got my copy from Ktown4u.

    edit: Nevermind, the limited edition, which includes a poster, seems to be out of print as well. The regular one can still be ordered.
  14. ^Good to know, thanks for the tip! Yeah it was the regular edition I was after so will check out Ktown4u!
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  15. Better as a record kinda slaps huh? I haven't kept up with her releases in recent years but i'm so digging this. I'm not even sure if I could choose a top three but L.O.V.E, Cut Me Off and Got Me Good is one hell of a mid-record triple punch.
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  16. I'm not yet done with my deep dive, but I'm happy to report that Better and Kiss My Lips have made it on my regular rotation xx
  17. Maybe Maybe Not from My Name is killer!
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  18. I’m still not done, but I’ll try to listen to enough so I can properly participate in the rate, unnies!

    As an aside, BoA’s album covers are a bit... disappointing, aren’t they? She technically doesn’t have the same hurdle creatively as boy/girl bands on having to put several members on it so I guess they didn’t just invest in it back then? Better by far is her best cover.
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  19. I have no idea what goes differently in the artwork making process for a solo artist, but you won't find me disagreeing with this point. Who's Back and Woo Weekend are some of the worst offenders. It's weird knowing that, at times, better pictures from the same photoshoots were right there. On other occasions, the cover is fine but it's the typography that I find... questionable nn.

    I'm really not an arbiter of taste when it comes to this topic, but I'd say I do love the ones for VALENTI, BoA (Deluxe), Meri Kuri and more recent ones like Unchained, Woman, and Better the most. I guess they seem to have improved in the last few years.

    Hopefully you can join the rate! I just gave another extension, so you still got 10 more days to go over the songs.
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  20. I'll really try! Surprisingly (or not?), I'm actually liking a lot of her later stuff.

    It was discussed in the K-Pop thread a while back that it's a bit more difficult to have several members on an album cover without it looking like a cluttered mess; hence, why a lot just put on text and some DevianArt graphic design and call it a day. Solo don't have this problem, creatively. I guess she really is the Korean Britney in that sense, too ddd
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