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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by _hazzie_, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. The Who's Back album cover was something else. Her worst album and tour too dd
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  2. It hurts to read but yep... it's her most inconsistent release of the 2010s, even though it houses some favorites of mine. Putting years old singles together doesn't help making it a cohesive listen either.

    I've yet to watch the DVD from that tour, so the final comment intrigues me. At least she released a career highlight of an album a few months later!
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  3. Also the fact that she added FLY to the next album too is a scream.

    I think the tour is visually pretty, each section has a distinct theme and the costumes/props reflect that, which is something her recent shows don't really have. But I wasn't a huge fan of the setlist, the ballad section is exceptionally long and BoA hardly did any choreography. I still think it's worth a watch though, it's a very colorful show.
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    Honestly, the J-Country album version of FLY is a highlight for me. I adore the album, and it's one of her strongest Japanese albums by far for me. Where am I now, Make Me Complete, Right Here, Right Everywhere, Crow, the title track, UGH ALL AMAZING. I love that album so much.
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  5. Was listening to this yesterday and found it very pleasant and nostalgic.
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  6. This is my favorite BoA song! I know the ENTIRE choreography
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  7. I dived head first into her early discography over the holidays after Better being one of my favourites last December and colour me sold.
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  8. Hurricane Venus cover is gorgeous
  9. Okay, I’ve been catching up and I’ll be honest, Made In Twenty is a bit too ballad, OST-esque for me dddd It starts off promising with the My Humps sample (was this a legal sample?), but it’s followed by a bit too many slower songs for my taste. And I don’t mind ballads, too, but a lot just weren’t interesting enough to really catch my attention on first listen. I did quite like when we got to the Y2K vibe of So Real.
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  10. Made In Twenty is probably the album I've revisited the least and, for this reason, I am the most looking forward to see how it fares in Part 2. The amount of ballads has to do with it, but it's also sandwiched between Outgrow and The Face that I much prefer over it.
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  11. I’ve always liked her ballads so tent to play ‘Made in Twenty’ for a chill out.
    The Face is great !
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  12. Imagine if One Shot, Two Shot and Woman had been fused into one album. THAT is what dreams are made of.
  13. I’ve gone on an insane BoA binge. I love her progression and actually the old albums are still great to listen to. One Shot 2 Shot is so amazing, Better is so amazing. Everything I’m listening to is taking my breath away. Truly an icon and still only 34. She’s my absolute favourite KPopper (well tied with Uhm Jung Hwa)
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  14. Why is Only One a "full" album and One Shot, Two Shot a "mini" album when they're the same length with the same amount of songs, and the latter is superior in every way.

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    Participate in the rate if you haven't already! I know @Crisp X would love to see you!
  16. I’ll try - I’m always confused by the rules lol.
    Currently loving these two:

    Oh and this!

    She just does something to me! The package she puts together is untouchable.
    Is she still big in Korea? Who would you compare her to UK/US wise?
  17. She's often compared with Britney, which I don't think is an unfair comparison. They both started quite young, were both FORCES in their prime, and were both able to out-dance all their backing dancers.
  18. This was the first song I heard and fell in love with her.
    Must have been at least 10 years ago
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  19. I first found BoA through her English album about 3 years ago. I Did It for Love was the first song from her I really loved which is ironic because now it's my least favourite off that album.

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  20. I would gladly relinquish one of my kidneys to see BoA perform the fan dance sequence from "Did It" live.
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