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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by _hazzie_, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. The first part of the rate hasn't even started eliminations yet and I'm already afraid for how the English album will do in part 2 dddd
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  2. I did The Face yesterday and phew, it’s much better than 20 Y.O.

    This is the throwback bop I’ve been looking for!
  3. Honestly, I think it might be one of the highest rated albums in that part. Regardless of its chart stats, I feel like it was many people's introduction to her music, so maybe some will look back fondly on it. I know I personally will.

    Quote me later this year if I'm totally wrong nn.
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  4. I listened to the first English album over Christmas for the first time in years and honestly it still bops. It’s obviously of it’s time, but songs like I Did It For Love and Energetic remain bulletproof.

    Eat You Up is literally my most played song ever, I think it’s play count on my old laptop was like 700 ddd
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  5. It’s great but it’s a bit relentless listening to the full thing - but Eat, I Did It, Energetic and Hypnotic Dancefloor are all top
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  6. I did some minor tweaking to the tracklist of the English album last night and then proceeded have the album on loop for like 5 hours. It still holds up SO well. Here's what my current tracklist:

    I Did It for Love
    Energetic (Radio Edit)
    Did Ya
    Look Who's Talking
    Eat You Up
    Girls on Top
    Crazy About
    Dress Off
    Hypnotic Dancefloor

    I'd prefer Energetic as the album opener, but I tried putting Did It in almost every spot on the album and I couldn't find a single place where I like it ddd
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  7. Her English album has held up incredibly well, it definitely felt more like Blackout 2.0 at the time, but over the years it's felt more and more like her own. Crazy About and of course Eat You Up are the standouts for me.
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  8. Dress Off has been the one that I've grown incredibly fond of over the years. It's probably in my Top 3 from the album along Energetic and Touched.
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  9. Did Ya remains the one for me. It's like a cross between Toxic by Britney and Sound Of The Underground by Girls Aloud. It screamed single as well.
  10. Yes I love how BoA slayed Buddha's Delight!

    Oops, I mean Did Ya! x

  11. Don't say you wanna
    Don't say you were gonna
    You should've loved me right, but you didn't, did ya?
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  12. Has she ever played live in UK does anyone know?
  13. I've just had a MOMENT with Mannish Chocolat and now I have it on repeat. I think it's one of the best things she's put her name to.
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  14. Outgrow’s first few tracks are really strong so far.
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  15. I've relistened to her entire catalogue a couple times over the past few days after this thread became active and the rate. A few years on, and I still have a really weird relationship with the Hurricane Venus album. On paper, it should be incredibly strong because I like all but one song on it (and the one song I don't like is exclusive to the repackage), but it just feels so...disjointed? Jumps from song like Dangerous to I'm OK, or Let Me to Implode are just so jarring as it's going from Lady Gaga-esque 2010 electro pop to acoustic ballads, and it goes back and forth the whole album.
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  16. I'm surprised Only One was released in 2012. It sounds very early 2000s.
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  17. Oh wait, The Top is that ciggy 2011 synth bop

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  18. I think that’s what I like about it
    She’s the most consistent artist I can think of - I’ve been listening to Better so much, it’s a classic in the making
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  19. Reminds me of Britney’s Do Somethin’
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  20. I’d like another self written, composed, and produced effort again a la Kiss My Lips. It’s her masterpiece and I’d like another album where she was involved the entire process again, she’s so talented on the composition and production side of things.
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