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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by _hazzie_, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. I actually have like 3 albums left, but I love Atlantis Princess the album. Probably going to end up in my Top 5?

    I’m saving Kiss My Lips for later, but I can tell it’ll be one my faves from the title track alone.
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  2. Kiss My Lips takes a couple listens to sink in, as there's a lot of really subtle things in that album that make it amazing. I was pretty meh on it for a while, but once it finally clicked with me it was clear without a doubt that it is her magnum opus. "Blah" is probably in my top 5 songs from her.
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  3. Shattered is my favourite from Kiss my Lips
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  4. Shattered is a close second for me.
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  5. I’m waiting for about 6 BoA albums to be shipped. First cds I’ve bought in years.
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  6. Shattered is totally not one of my favorite songs out of her entire discography. Wait, it ended up on my Best K-Pop Bsides Of The Decade ballot? Must've been an accident. Giving it my 11 in Part 3 of the rate? Oh, would I even go that far...
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  7. It’s a shame it never became a single like it was originally supposed to.

    Due just things in life in general I haven’t imported a physical CD since Kumi released AND back in 2018. Once covid fucks off a bit and I can work again, I have a list of BoA physicals to snatch up (namely Better, Woman, and Kiss My Lips because they’re the easiest to get right now)
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  9. I remember people being disappointed by Kiss My Lips, but I have always enjoyed the title track and the album. It was so lovely to see BoA take the creative reigns from a production and songwriting standpoint, and to me it really shows a level of self awareness of who she is as a singer and musician. It almost feels like a greatest hits, where almost every song is the optimal/best version of a previously released song.

    And I think because she created that body of work not only as a singer but as a writer/producer, it allowed her to move on from songs that were quintessential BoA. I would say Kiss My Lips was the gateway that allowed her to then create some of her best bodies of work to date with One Shot Two Shot, Starry Night, Woman, and Better.
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  10. Real talk, I'm drunk as hell listening to "Blah" and crying because I feel it.
  11. After doing a listen, Kiss My Lips might just be my favorite BoA album. Green Light alone, whew.
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  12. Amazing how BoA is considered the Queen of K-Pop and she's only 34.

  13. How relevant is she in Korea now? like she's considered a legend but doesn't sell huge amounts?
  14. Im not Korean/living in Korea so I don’t have the lived experience, but my guess is that she is well respected, a household name, people go to her concerts, and remember the nostalgia. But there aren’t nearly as many people buying her music now, which is a shame because I think the past 5 years have been her best musical breakthroughs yet.

    Unfortunately k-pop really puts a premium on youth, and even the category of commercially successful solo women in pop music is very slim. It honestly feels like if you are a woman who isn’t in a group then the glass ceiling is very abrupt and dramatic.

    In that way BoA and her peers are in an interesting position, whereas in Japan, America, Europe, etc you have plenty of examples of women in mainstream pop music who are still thriving and selling well despite being “older”
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  15. I get the impression she isn’t selling as well, but isn’t she currently creative director of SM? So she kind of already transitioned to a behind the scenes role.
  16. I have absolutely no memory of typing this ddd

    She's obviously earned enough respect where she's allowed to basically do whatever she wants musically. Even if she doesn't sell LOADS these days, she'll always bring at least some amount of profit to SM regardless of what she does.
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  17. Hmm. The English album's vibe is a lot more sonically similar to Femme Fatale than Blackout, in my opinion? Also wanted to note No Way is top to bottom very Dreamlover Remix by Mariah? Which still has me liking it a bitsy.
  18. I think it’s been considered Blackout 2 because it did for 2009’s dance music what Blackout did for 2007’s dance music. Retrospectively it is indeed a midway point between Blackout and Femme Fatale.
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  19. Yeah, the vibe is a bit too light to remind me of Blackout, teebs. I'm deciding if I like it, though there are some tracks I really like, like Dress Off and I Did It For Love. I unfortunately didn't like the track Britney co-wrote too much, but maybe it'll grow on me.
  20. The biggest issue with the album is that like three or 4 of the songs were originally from 2004-2005 so they sound out of place compared to the songs made in 2008-2009. The Britney song was from In the Zone.
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