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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by _hazzie_, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Oh so that’s why it felt very 2004 urban and then abruptly goes synth-y.

    In any case, I just finished the rate and I think Kiss My Lips will end up being my favourite album. I love love her use of backing vocals on the album.
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  2. I think Better might just squeeze Kiss my Lips out of 1st place. Start Over is amazing!
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  3. I spent the weekend with the Woman record and I honestly really enjoy every track. I can appreciate the critiques from a few pages back, but maybe they don't resonate with me too much since apart from BoA I am pretty disconnected from the Kpop scene. Even though some of the songs are obviously of their time, i'm still bopping, and the more R&B-inspired tracks feel quintessentially BoA
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  4. I love Woman the album, but the title track has Hurricane Venus syndrome. Where it feels a bit too formulaic, and like it could be given to a dozen other singers. But overall I still enjoy and understand why it's the title track. And overall it's one of her strongest albums.

    I think the video is what is so disappointing and yikes.
    I love the walking upside down and the routine, but the moments that pull from Beyoncé's Formation are so blatant and kind of offensive. The hats, the car scene, and the editing is whatever. That's just K-pop repurposing visuals and copying which is one thing. But the imagery that mirrors the plantation scenes in Formation, but instead there's random white women in the building? To me that shows that her team was okay with moodboarding and pulling inspiration from Formation but they didn't actually understand what made that video so successful, otherwise they wouldn't dare to recreate that scene. So that video really soured the song for me.
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  5. What would you say are her best albums for someone who wants to get into her discography properly beyond quick lil' singles?

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  6. Any of her albums from the past five years (save for one): “One Shot, Two Shot”, “Kiss My Lips”,“Watashi kono mama de ii no kana ”, “Woman”, and “Better” are good places to start. You can work back from there.
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  7. Thank you! Noted. Just wondering, are any of her 2000's albums considered to be among her best?
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  8. Listen to My Heart is up there. I also really like Valenti, Atlantis Princess, My Name, The Face, and her English album. In all honesty, her only clunker to me is her debut.
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    RUNAWAY Staff Member

    VALENTI and LOVE & HONESTY. LISTEN TO MY HEART has great singles, and her Korean albums are definitely worth a listen, but the Japanese albums are just EVERYTHING.
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  10. One Shot Two Shot, defitnely. Her latest album, Better, is also a good starting point.
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  11. If you want to hear her best bodies of work you can check out the following album/mini albums:
    Better, Woman, Kiss My Lips, One Shot Two Shot (mini-album) and Starry Night (mini-album).

    If you want to hear her best albums from her most popular years, the kind of albums that most of the general public know her for I would check out any of the following:
    Any of her first four Japanese albums (Listen to My Heart, Valenti, Love & Honesty, and Outgrow) and her classic k-pop albums My Name & Girls On Top.

    After those albums I would also check out the album Who's Back.
    It has a really bad reputation amongst BoA fans because of the rollout (only one new song upon it's release, Avex doing the j-pop thing where even if a single is 2+ years old it makes it onto the album, etc). But if you don't know any of the songs at all, it's actually a good selection of songs if you are interested in what her Japanese material has been like in the past decade. And it rounds out the shift between her early popular years and her most recent output of music.

    Here is my recommended order if I knew nothing about BoA and was interested in hearing her best music, and then learning why she became so popular.

    Better or Woman -> One Shot Two Shot and the Starry Night mini albums -> Kiss My Lips -> any of her first four Japanese albums -> My Name or Girls on Top.

    Just know that at some point you *might* get a little audio whiplash depending on how far back you go because there is an obvious voice change that happens when someone debuts so young, and then has a 20 year career.
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  12. Just started watching the 2010 Xmas on Youtube (yes! Xmas songs in May and I'm loving it!) and what a setlist! So nostalgic! Hopefully the Starry BoA Youtube channel is still up at actual Xmas time to watch it again.
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  13. “Did Ya” is that bop that deserves top 20 in the next rate but probably won’t achieve what it deserves.
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  14. Did Ya is one of the few good BoA songs from that project.
    I find that the most disappointing thing about her english album is that it mostly lacks all the warmth, character, and charm of what makes a good BoA song. You can say what you want about her pronunciation or ability to emote in English, but the melodies and songwriting itself was just so monotone and used the more underdeveloped parts of BoA's voice at that point.

    For part 2 I am quite excited to tank the "BoA" album, and inflate all the ballads that I now know will be in danger.
  15. To take with a grain of salt, but I'm thirsty for any... crumbs.

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  16. I'd love it if we got both a Korean and Japanese album this year but I'm being greedy! I'm all ready to order my copy of Better once YesAsia start shipping to the UK again!

    Continuing my watch of the Xmas 2010 Live and reached Over ~Across the Time~ and wow! I imagined how great this song would sound live when I first got Love and Honesty and it did NOT disappoint!
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  17. I feel like I've heard a similar thing about another song lately, not ultimately given to BoA though.
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  18. You might be referring to SHINee’s Don’t Call Me, it was written for BoA before she decided on Better!
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  19. Oh my bad, I should have clarified that I was referring to Ladies' Code.
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  20. Oh how interesting! Would love to know what it was, I love kpop ‘who was it originally for’ stories. Still get can’t my head around Red Velvet ever considering Ko Ko Bop for example.
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