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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by _hazzie_, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Some sad news that I missed, but puts things into perspective.
    BoA's brother was diagnosed with cancer and doctors anticipate he only has a few months left to live.

    At first I thought BoA was being extremely quiet due to the sleeping pill incident, but between that, working, and her family, I am sure they are all going through it.
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  3. Second post on the forum. As a birthday present from me to me, I decided to order a custom vinyl of BoA's Kiss My Lips. Her best album in my opinion.

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  4. Looking forward to watching this later:

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  5. I NEED this.
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  6. The Prologue was cute, but I almost wish it was episodic like Nobody Talks to BoA. Or perhaps just had more in depth discussion about different eras. It was really lovely to see her speak about her 20 years in Japan, but I think everything was surface level overview, and not that intimate if you have been following BoA for the past 20 years.

    I sometimes wonder what she thinks of the less popular eras that people don't talk about as much (Who's Back, Identity, her latest JPN album, etc). But I also recognize with a career like BoA's, she could literally have a 12 hour interview if she were to get too in depth about each era lol.

    Anyway knowing that this was titled The Prologue, I am guessing this is the beginning and we can expect a new Japanese project of some sort? I know I've mentioned it before, but for her next JPN album I think the perfect combination would be plenty of uptempos, Disco, Funk/City Pop, indie r&b, and then sprinkles of the classic BoA sound that allows for a strong dance performance.

    After Part 1 of Crisp's BoA rate, I realize that the first few Japanese albums really got the ratio and formula for BoA's sound right. LTMH especially was uptempo after uptempo, with just enough variance in midtempos and ballads. I think her recent Korean music has really found the perfect balance and some of her best work yet, so now I'd just like to see her bring that quality control to her recent Japanese music.
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  7. I miss BoA. My first album with her was Better, so I need to go back to her back catalogue because I am sure there are so many gems.
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    There are. Even just on this album alone.

  9. Finally got my copy of Better now that YesAsia are shipping to the UK. Think it's up there with her best KPop albums (although One Shot Two Shot has still to be topped for me). My favourite songs so far are Better, Temptation, L.O.V.E, Cut Me Off & Honey & Diamonds and Start Over. Honey & Diamonds is such a grower!
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  10. Honey & Diamonds ended up being my favourite track from that album!
  11. I'd never listened to BoA before, but earlier in the month I discovered Kiss My Lips and I haven't seen my wig since. It's actual perfection, like it reminds me of Emotion and Breathe In. Breathe Out. Apparently 2015 is still spoiling me.

    Justice for Shattered not being a single though.
  12. According to her Instagram, BoA’s brother passed away today from cancer (I believe).

  13. New video just came out, I believe this is one of her best releases in years, and quality has never been an issue with BoA. What a bop!
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