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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by _hazzie_, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. I'd love that. The ballads on Hurricane Venus might actually be my favourite songs of hers.
  2. Please, no ballads. I despise them.

    I want another Eat You Up/My Name/Copy and Paste style single.
  3. Implode is her best song ever. Fact (opinion).
  4. Pen Expers

    Pen Expers Moderator

    She's been laying down beats recently.. tweeted about making choons on Logic.
  5. Pen Expers

    Pen Expers Moderator

    She's doing Running Man. Amazing. First variety show in Korea. K-pop Star must've given her a confidence boost.
  6. BoA is amazing. She's making a Korean comeback this Summer!
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  7. Just wanted to pop in and say that the original video for Eat You Up is insanely good.
  8. Definitely good. Such a shame she didn't get the success she deserved with that album, even if it was too much Americanized.

    Anyway, her latest albums (post 2006) are my favourites. Can't wait for this one!
  9. Queen Boa will show everyone how it is done.
  10. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    It's been too long, this better be out of this world good.
  11. Please, don't disappoint.
  12. Best popstar in the world at the moment.
  13. I'm surprised no one has mentioned her Korean comeback... 2 weeks left!
  14. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    WHAT. Why haven't I heard this!? EXCITEMENT.
  15. It might have been posted in the general k-pop thread but it's hard to follow...

    Anyway, I can't say I like much songs on her last album, Hurricane Venus aside:

  16. Let's not forget this :


    Stunning. Her best ballad, by far.
  17. I heard yesterday it was going to be the end of this month!

    I loved her last album, I didn't think I would at the time hearing it was quite ballad heavy but they are gorgeous songs, having said that I hope the new album is more upbeat.
  18. She needs to step up her game because she can't runaway to Japan now in case of "underperfoming". Watch her releasing Milestone (Korean Version).
  19. The new single/album is called "Only One" and was written and composed by her... Probably a ballad, then!
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