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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by _hazzie_, Jul 26, 2011.

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    ^Agreed. BoA is way more relevant in 2012 than she was in 2010. Only One totally turned it around for her. HV was largely helped due to the massive amounts of comeback hype, but looking at the singles, we can see the era as a whole fizzled out rather quickly and with little impact.
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    What does this mean? "Only One" isn't some artsy weird track, and it shows off her 'dance machine' powers much better than, well.. any Korean single before.
  3. Only One is a great album, but Implode from Hurricane Venus is one of the best kballads ever.
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  4. What I mean is that I miss BoA's electric sound like the american album or her song "Adrenaline"... And yes, I know she shows her dance machine on "Only One" but I think the dance routine doesn't fit the song even if it shows how amazing she is. I prefer the dance routine of The Shadow.
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    As outlined here
    on the last episode of K-pop Star mr YG was so impressed by BoA's work with her contestants (and she got more 'trainees' through than the other two) that he said to Lee Soo Man, "If you're watching you should promote BoA to vice-president now".

    Korean media watchdog Mediaus published an opinion piece today saying SM, while still making money, is in a messy state now with actors' projects flopping and artists' releases generally viewed unfavourably by the public, and that they shouldn't take it as a joke but consider it for real. In Korean:
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    This song goes super hard


    From "Love & Honesty".

    I've been listening to all her studio albums in preparation for the concert next Sunday (although we're unlikely to get non-translated Japanese stuff there) and she had a really strong streak in Japan. Well, none of her albums are bad, and none stand out super clearly, which is the problem when people start asking about where to start.

    But one of the stronger JP albums is definitely 'The Face'. Released after the also great 'Made in Twenty' it's inexplicable how sales started slowing down here, although I guess they did for a lot of artists.

    From the gorgeous acoustic rnb strumming of 'My Way, Your Way'

    to the dreamy keys of 'Diamond Heart'

    and tons of other great tracks, including some of her stronger ballads like 'Love Letter', stronger in-your-face uptempos like Lose Your Mind and stronger earworms like Sweet Impact AND strong self-composed material in "Girl in The Mirror".
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    Nice interview

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    New and improved.
  10. Disturbance
  11. Lots of BoA goodness here!

    I like the new direction she's taken.
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    Making of

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    Promotions in full swing in Japan

    She's performing on a few TV shows, first one tomorrow at Music Japan.

    Unfortunately the predictions of the NINKI index don't suggest too hot of a week on the Oricon: 8th place. Hopefully should do reasonably well on digitals.
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  14. The NINKI rate is not that bad. At least 18.70 people out of 700 are aware that she's got a single out. I'm expecting no more than 10.000 copies sold.
  15. The Japanese version of The Shadow doesn't flow very well, the lyrics sound off. At least we have the flawless Korean version.
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  17. Does anyone know where to get Radio Contact, the demo which Hurricane Venus came from?
  18. OMG it's great...
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    9th first day on Oricon. 4th on recochoku though.

    Seems avex has handled this thing with the usual incompetence though: No stock in main JP record stores of Only One, same with Amazon Japan!! It sold moderately well on the first day, how could they understock it this bad? Forcing it through digital channels?
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