Bold text in quotes?

This has bugged me for a while but I've never thought to ask about it before. How come it's not possible to put bold text into quotes any more? For example:

This text is in bold (duh!)

This text is in bold (duh!)
If this were a forum problem, I'd suggest a patch.

But clearly the problem is with your eyes and I certainly don't think an eye-patch would help.

It bugged me for a while too, but it seems to be fixed now...

Maybe it's our computers? I'm on a library computer now, but I'm sure it doesn't show up as bold on my laptop.. (It's broke now, can't check.)
Well that's weird! I assumed it was like that for everyone. It used to work with me but not for a good while now. Look:

Your quote looks bold to me too, but I often can't see bold text in quotes properly either (I think it just appears as a slightly different font). Maybe it was temporarily fixed to embarrass you.

normal test normal test bold test bold test normal test italics test strikethrough test everything test

angelX said:
This text is in bold (duh!)

This text is in bold (duh!)

text that angelX didn't post, to see whether it behaves differently with non-manual quotes

more text that angelX didn't post
and even more

I can't preview posts properly in Chrome so I'll have to post to see whether the bold text works, whether it doesn't, or whether I've made a complete clusterfuck of the BBCode.

edit: everything looks fine to me. I don't know what went right.


It depends on your browser. Are you using an old version of Firefox, angelX?
I tried this on my netbook where I use Firefox (I don't think it's an old version, given how often it's boasting to me about its recent updates), and that's where I couldn't see the bold text properly. But angelX uses Chrome, so... er, do you use a netbook? Is it a "netbook thing?"