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Bond, James Bond

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Booers, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. Goldfrapp would do an amazing theme. They're probably too far off the mainstream radar for the producers to consider them.

    Adele was great, she was of the moment and she delivered a song that'll probably go down in history as a classic Bond Theme. With the Shirley Bassey's and Tina Turner's.

    I'm sure the Sam Smith's etc... could make something as epic and suitable. It would just feel like they'd gone "who's hot right now?" and gone with the top answer.
    I'm sure the reality would be great but right now I can't imagine it.
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  2. I think Goldfrapp were approached for Casino Royale, but it didn't "work out".
  3. It would be amazing if Dame Shirley did the theme again.
  4. Nah, she's done enough. I think Lana would be great even though I'm not a huge fan of Ultraviolence.
  5. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Chvrches would be an inspired choice.
  6. Florence please.
  7. Oh My God. Yes, this is perfect. And it would be an amazing pop song too,

    But it will be Ham Smith.
  8. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Yeah, the plot doesn't sound particularly intriguing, and unfortunately, rather muddy. I didn't like reading that Sam Mendes has only recently invested his time in the movie, either.

  9. Well that looks pretty bloody amazing! Hopefully some of the CGI gets a little more work, but that is a bloody great trailer, some amazing looking shots without giving too much away. Love the use of on Her Majesties Secret Service theme in the music.
  10. Pretty sure he's invested as much time in this movie as Skyfall or any other. He's no hack, he's pretty serious about his work.

    Trailer looks incredible. Much more taken by Madeleine Swann than I thought I would be.
  11. The cinematography looks fantastic.
  12. It doesn't look as engaging as Skyfall, but I'm sure it'll be fine...
  13. I read the summary of the script when it leaked online during the Sony hack and... eh. Not more Bond family drama.
  14. Script's been through many revisions since those leaks. As happens all the time in Hollywood, just usually behind closed doors...
  15. Must say that was probably my biggest worry about this plot, he has a step brother who's a bad guy....really? Just get Bond on a mission, and no, not a personal mission. That said, this looks good, and I have a bit of faith Mendes. I also wouldn't be surprised if Oberhauser ISN'T actually Blofield as is being implied...
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  16. I agree! It's very annoying how all films these days have to be deep and noir. There are ways other than TRAGIC FAMILY HISTORY to construct a character's emotions and motivations.
  17. Definitely looks like it'll be taking a more low-key and personal approach than Skyfall. It could work - I think Daniel Craig should have retired after Skyfall though. I can't see a better James Bond-movie ever coming along.
  18. Skyfall was amazing, I actually accepted Daniel Craig as Bond in that movie. The two previous movies were rather meh. I'm hopeful for this one but I think it'll be very hard to beat Skyfall in terms of quality.
  19. I hate how they're already talking about who next will play Bond just because DC is at the end of he's contract. I think this could be as massive as Skyfall (if not bigger) and I'm sure the Broccoli's will try hard to keep him for at least one more. I absolutely love him as Bond, and would be happy with another for Her Majesty this time!
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