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Bond, James Bond

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Booers, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. I hated it at first but it grew on me very quickly. At least they did something different.

    Likewise, I enjoy Quantum of Solace, even though it's very apparent there was script-troubles (it doesn't explain itself particularly well, it took me about a year to really work out what was going on). Skyfall is a better movie, but to me it suffers under a massive contrivance, over reliance on self-reference and shoddy colour grading. Spectre is just terrible. The helicopter scene has absolutely no weight or dynamics, and everything from then on is just tepid. And has an even worse contrivance, making it Casino Royale part 4 rather than Skyfall part 2 is not a chasm I'm happy to jump over.
  2. I've seen Spectre once and I'm content to never see it again. Samella's theme is an abomination, there is a general "this will have to do" air to the script, the sudden swerve into secret lairs mid way through was cringe, there was zero chemistry between Bond and Madeline which made her declaration of love preposterous (especially since she spent every moment of the film up to that point being dismissive of him) and it's very clear that Daniel didn't want to be there. He's going through the motions without putting any kind of effort in to it.

    The only half decent moment is the Day of the Dead sequence at the beginning- and even that is ruined by shoddy CGI.
  3. Yes! She was terrible. I just posted something on a Facebook fan page summarising her role as "I hate you, get away from me. Actually, I love you". I don't know if something was cut but her sudden declaration of love for him kind of came from nowhere. It was a shoddy film.
  4. There’s rumours circulating that Lashana Lynch (she was in Captain Marvel) will be taking the mantel of 007 in the new film.

    We have decided to stan
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  5. Yes she said Bond is a male character. But we know he's in retirement at the start of this film so it's pretty likely the 007 moniker would go to another agent in his absence - I can definitely see this leak being true. Fingers crossed!
  6. Yeah. The reports don't say she's the new James Bond just that she'll be featured in someway as 007 which could mean anything.
  7. Bloefeld is back apparently. Christopher Waltz has been seen at Pinewood on set. Cancel the film. He was dreadful in Spectre.
  8. My biggest issue with Spectre is that they wasted Monica Bellucci. She should have been the mastermind/villain. Not just a an older woman Bond slept with (which was the big headline for her role around her casting... cue a big eyeroll)

    I feel like they will do it but poorly. Like, they won’t allow a woman to be Bond but she’ll have the 007 title. Either go all the way or not at all.
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  10. Loool. I wouldn’t put it past her trying for it.

  11. Watching these gammon meltdowns has been very enjoyable.

    007 is a codename, anyone can have it. This news is far more interesting than finding out they're bringing back Blofeld.
  12. I bit, this morning, couldn't help myself. Surprise, surprise, fifty something, bald male who votes Tory and has Brexit emblazoned in his profile picture was the cause. Usually, I'd think why bother but then, after I tried to explain why it was important to have diverse representation, he responded "As for BAME, surly there have been hundreds in the Bond franchises, most have been dealt with by Bond whilst saving the world." That's the sort of thing you can't let go.

    He ended eventually with "I’m a member of society too, had you forgotten, but I am forced to submit... not all change is bad, but it would be nice to be included in the discussion."

    Anyway, I just got a call from my mother and told off for baiting the racist as, although "I really don't care for him and think his views are absolutely awful" they've already booked Christmas dinner as a group and he's on the adjoining table.
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  13. I'm going say it once more for the people who just don't get it.
    James Bond should NEVER be played by a woman.
    It has nothing to do with sex, race or anything.
    James Bond is a male character.
    Trying to change that is stupid as hell.
    You want a female secret agent? Make a Salt 2, or another female spy espionage film.
    Why do they feel the need to change a beloved character who is a MALE. That's not James Bond if it's a woman. It's a poor attempt to be different and frankly, it's lazy and ridiculous.
  14. They’re not making James Bond female, you dumbass. They’re giving a female the title of 007 because he’s retired at the start of the film and that means he’s no longer 007.
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  15. I don't think they are making James Bond female, they are just making a female Agent "007".

    @Aidan said it better.
  16. I’ll stop you right there - James Bond isn’t being played by a woman. Have a good day !
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Thank God you've cleared it up for all of us. I was really wavering there, but now you've enlightened us, I've absolutely come round to your train of thought.

    I'm going to say it once more for the people who just don't get it. They are not making James Bond a female. They are having a female take the moniker of 007.

    Have a nice day.
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  19. No no, my rant was NOT about a female getting the 007 title. That's perfectly fine. I'm a huge fan of Bond, so I know how the '00' status works.
    I was ranting about the people online who wanna make a ridiculous problem out of making the whole role of Bond female in the future.
    Yeah, a female "007" sounds great.
    Especially the actress that was revealed to have that part. She's wonderful.
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