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Bond, James Bond

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Booers, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. It's a bit shit that a big twist like this has leaked already, even if it's just a pre-title sequence. This film needs to hurry up and come out already.
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  2. Casino Royale and Skyfall are great films, I literally never get tired of watching them.
    I loved the whole sequence of Bond having to redo his training and failing miserably but M deciding to clear him anyway, followed by the visuals in Shanghai and drink with Severine. Stunning.
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  3. He


    What makes Bond so intrinsically male besides using women as props?
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  4. Yeah, its a shame.

    Imagine the audience at the cinema screenings when she walks in as 007.

    I'm not sure how I feel about Blofeld being brought back, feels like they're having another go at getting Spectre right. I mean if the story works, fine, I guess.
  5. They kind of HAVE to bring back Blofeld. SPECTRE only really introduced him. Plus I suspect the new film will borrow quite heavily from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.
  6. I like the idea of this one being a kind of sequel to OHMSS, but if they do the whole Lea Seydoux being killed by Blofeld thing the emotional impact might not feel so earned since their chemistry really felt more like that of allies/friends than lovers/soulmates in Spectre.
  7. The 007 title being given to a woman is a step in the nice direction, but there are still a lot of things that need changing if they want to make the movies more suitable for a 2019 audience (i.e. less misogynistic). I say this as a fan of the franchise; I love the stories etc, but at the same time I'm not sure if there's still a place for it in this day and age.
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  8. They didn’t have any chemistry at all. I’m actively hoping the character is dispatched with quickly simply because she was so awful in Spectre.
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  9. The main problem I had was that she was introduced as a utterly miserable character with not much substance, loathed Bond and her father's assassin lifestyle, then suddenly out of nowhere decided she was in love.
    Very poorly written. Would have made for a more interesting character if she had become a femme fatale type.
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  10. I’m very up for the role of 007 to be played by a woman, although as has been said, shame that it’s leaked already.

    I was so disappointed by Waltz’s performance in Spectre - I LOVED him in Inglorious Bastards so was really hyped to see him in a villain role again. Granted the writing was dire (his whole arc basically watering down to daddy issues) but I really thought he dialled it in.

    Javier Bardem’s opening monologue to Bond as he comes down the elevator in Skyfall is still one of my favourite scenes
    ‘We could eat each other..... hmm?’
  11. I consider Waltz's performance as Blofeld to be the best thing about that film. The script, however, was irredeemably dire.
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  12. My excitement over Christoph Waltz lessens every time I see him a new role. He was amazing as Landa, but every new charachter he plays just feels like a further rough Xerox.
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  13. Yeah Waltz is pretty lazy in his acting choices these days in my opinion. I don't think he had the range for Blofeld, or maybe the script was just too flat.
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  14. Aw, I loved Waltz's performance as Blofeld. He really looks the part.
    There were a few scenes Spectre that I thought were off-putting ("cuckoo").

    But him in his evil liar about to laser Bond was spot on classic Blofeld, as well as the end of the film.
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  15. Stand by for the Ed Sheeran theme tune.

  16. I'm still peeved Amy (rest in peace) never got to do one.
  17. That's such a deliciously James Bond title. Love it.
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  18. No Time To Die (Die Another Day?)
  19. No Time To Die sounds like it really lends itself to a knock-out theme song.

    (I'd love Lana to have - another? Surely 24 was her discarded offer for Spectre - a go at it, but realistically I'd put money on ... Dua Lipa.)
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