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Bond, James Bond

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Booers, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. aux


    Dua Lipa seems the most likely. I'd love to see Lana have a go at it though.
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  2. Ummm, don't I remember that Adele was signed for two themes and they gave Sam 24 so she'd do the Big 25th Anniversary one? Or did I make that up? Not that I wouldn't love Dua to do it, but I dunno if she fits the (archaic?) thinking of Eon.
  3. It has to be Lana. I’m not even a fan but her voice was made for this.
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  4. Dua Lipa???

    Where on earth does that come from?

    Just give it to Sade like they should have done 25 years ago.
  5. No Time To Die...
    What a great Bondian title.
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  6. aux


    Multiple rumours have been flying around since last year about her doing the theme.
  7. Good grief.
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  8. Lana would be the perfect choice. I also wouldn't mind hearing Adele do another theme but I don't see her doing it again so soon.
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  9. That was in 1987!
  10. No to Dua. Maybe to Adele. Yes to Lana.

    Has Shirley Bassey still got the voice? I wouldn't say no to one more.
  11. We need Lana to sing the theme, be a Bond girl, and win an Oscar
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  12. #TeamShirley
  13. I see them hiring Mark Ronson as both songwriter and 'performer' and letting him find a vocalist.
  14. I can actually kinda imagine Miley having a fair crack at it. Gaga would also do a great job I’m sure.
  15. Would LOVE Christina to belt out a big gorgeous bond song!
  16. Definitely to Louisa.
  17. Sorry, I meant the 25th film, not "anniversary." Which is exactly what I said, you're right.
  18. What if Queen B did it?
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  19. BANKS is booked and busy.

    she isn't really

  20. This is an excellent Bond theme
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