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Bond, James Bond

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Booers, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. No to Beyoncé. Spirit from the Lion King is a decent enough song but her lower register just isn’t pleasant to listen to.
  2. Nothing about her voice is pleasant to listen to.
  3. He


    A sizzling hot take.
  4. Yeah, I know.

    My dream would be Jessie Ware. She'd never get the job as she's not a big enough name/star (but then part of me thinks if Rita Wholidge can get the gig then anyone can - I fucking love All Time High by the way!). Something slow-ish and sultry along the lines of Tough Love or Wildest Moments would be amazing.

    We'll get Ed Sheeran or someone else just as bland and ubiquitous though.
  5. Muffy, sis...the opinions...
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Janelle Monae.

    She’s powerful, she’s already got an impressive film resumé, and she could bring a new flavor to a theme that always does its best to flatten out the creativity of its respective performers.
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  8. Look Into My Eyes is right there on The Electric Lady. Just alter the lyrics to incorporate the title and you're done.
  9. Lana needs a shot at this again. TRUST ME, she will deliver.

    If she can give us a 24 + Blue Velvet, she can totally soundtrack Bond.
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  10. An intentional k.d Lang "Surrender" tea?

  11. The first trailer for 'No Time To Die' is coming.

    Madonna will also return to the franchise, this time as her MDNA-persona.

  12. Ready for Beautiful Killer (No Time To Die Orchestral Mix).
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  13. This looks great
  14. James Bond is probably the only film franchise I'm still interested in, so I'm glad it looks good!
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  15. Ana looks so god damn hot. I didn't watch the last one and have no plans to so I hope I want be confused with this one.
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  16. Christoph Waltz is back? Guess I'm gonna struggle through his scenes for Ana and Lashana.
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  17. I find the editing on the trailer a bit flat but it looks pretty good. A business-as-usual Bond film rather than a big emotional one or something really dark. The action scenes look very Skyfall.

    Most likely just an extended cameo
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  18. Finally, a colourfully vibrant Bond movie. The two Sam Mendes films were DULL.
  19. Looks good! Although direct sequels and characters reappearing isn’t something I really need from Bond. The fact that the characters reset everytime is what keeps it from feeling too stale I think.
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