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Bond, James Bond

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Booers, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. Bloefeld AND Madeline? Two of the three worst things about Spectre?

    Let me set my expectations VERY low.
  2. I could do without Madeline being in the movie (I still think her and Bond had zero chemistry), but all the other ladies look amazing, so... I can't complain.
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    PLEASE can the theme song be great this time around thanks xx Lana, Dua, Haim, Christine & The Queens or Solange would all be great THANK YOU
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  4. What was the third?
  5. The trailer was sprinkled with what I thought was Phoebe Waller Bridge's mannerisms. Particularly Lashanna Lynch's character saying she'll shoot Bond in the other leg and when Bond was saying "Bond, James Bond" to the police guy. I honestly can't wait to see how she's elevated the script
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  6. Lashanna Lynch's character looks like a great addition! I hate that we see a bunch of strong women in the trailer who might only get one "cool" scene in the film before getting killed off/shelved for Bond's emotional push. Sigh. Let's hope Phoebe Waller Bridge helped remove that sort of stuff out of the script.
  7. Sam's theme, sadly.
  8. You see Lynch's character multiple times during the trailer so she's clearly an integral part of the film
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  9. I’d say the three worst things were Sam’s theme, Madeleine and Blofeld being Bond’s long lost foster brother. Blofeld himself wasn’t that bad (not that good either), but that shitty family twist was unbelievable and unnecessary.

    The new trailer looks very much like the last few films. The locations don’t appear to be anything different from what we’ve seen in Daniel Craig’s previous 4 films.
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  10. Yeah, I'm talking more about the other two characters and the Bond franchise as a itself. They often kill female characters for his emotional push in the story and it can get rather tiring to see.
  11. The trailer looks promising even already there are stunts and motifs lifted directly from Goldeneye (bunge dive) and Die Another Day (scarred villain with skin mask and something that might be invisible?). I also hope Madeleine isn't going to recycle Vesper's storyline, unless it's intentional. I enjoyed lots of Spectre so am confident this will deliver.
  12. Yeah the Bond films have pretty crap treatment of female characters. I think we can probably count Ana De Armas’ character as good as dead.
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  13. Apparently one of the locations is Cuba, and she herself is Cuban, so I presume Bond won't meet her until the last act.
  14. Seems like Billie Eilish is doing the theme song - Fukunaga followed her and she just posted a story full of Bond girls.
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  15. aux


    She is.
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    Very exciting!
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  17. It is??
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  18. I think it's a good choice.

    Anyway, we already found the bottom of the barrel with the Jack White/Alicia Keys cacophony. Nothing could possibly be worse.
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  19. Please just be better than Jack White/Alicia Keys' and Sam Smith's Bond songs.
  20. I'm not really a Bond stan at all outside a couple of movies, including Skyfall. (I hated Spectre), but this movie is actually looking shaping up really well. The amount of female representation has me perched and Billie is a great choice.
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