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Bond, James Bond

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Booers, Dec 5, 2014.

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    I'm gagged at how No Time To Die has had literally no luck throughout the whole of its creation
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  2. Extending this nightmare seven extra months for Poor Daniel. Scream.
  3. I don't think this is just about China. By April it's likely that many other markets will be affected.
  4. Bond films are traditionally released in November, so they probably thought if we're gonna postpone, might as well postpone it 6 months...

    Just in time for the next cold/flu season........
  5. No problem, they can just postpone the single's release and hold back all copies of the CD until the film comes out...

    Oh wait...
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  6. Cinemas are bleeding business since the virus, with home streaming booming as people nest in more. And this is going to increase. It makes total sense. No point releasing films when barely anyone will risk sitting in theatres.
  7. Muffy sis that's 8-9 months away and the theme song just came out. I'm screaming.
  8. It’s a shame Billie’s theme isn’t going to get any more momentum out of this delay though I’m hoping it will, but other than that I’m not bothered in the slightest. I’ll go see it anyway...
  9. Maybe I can watch Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Skyfall and Spectre for the first time. Oops.
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  10. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I'm wondering if they're gonna make Daniel Craig do a whole new press tour in November nn. Poor him.
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  11. Two classics, one middling, one ugh.
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  12. Casino Royale: great, Bond and Bong girl absolutely sizzle, third act goes off the wheels.
    Quantum of Solace: I personally really like it, but it's also REALLY hard to work out whats going on. The script did not explain itself or signpost anything. It's just Daniel Craig in foreign set scenes put in a sequence.
    Skyfall: epic, funny and self-aware, but crippled with contrivance and fawning over the directors name.
    Spectre: SHITE. So much colour grading it takes all the weight out of the actions scenes. The most dull car chase in history. I've had more exciting taxis to work. By the time it gets to London, you don't even care.
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  13. I wish they'd put all the Bond films on Netflix. In Canada, we had them on Crave but it was for a limited time
  14. MGM and EON make a shitload from Bond movies in Christmas boxsets, supermarket DVD/Blu sales and TV broadcast rights. Even buying a digital copy of any single one of the movies is gonna set you back around £10 a title. It's literally their only money-making IP, they ain't putting any of them on Netflix, at least on the major physical markets, until the boomers die out.
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  15. Makes sense! I grew up buying their DVDs. Idk about nowadays, but back then they had some awesome, unique special features. Their "making of" documentaries for each film have always been my favourites!
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  16. The 2000 release of The World is Not Enough was my first DVD purchase!

    I bought all the existing movies in 2006 when the ultimate edition remasters came out (Fopp were doing a 2 for £19.99 deal I think) and then in 2012 upgraded to the £120 Gold and silver bluray boxset with my student loan money. It had extra space to hold Skyfall too. One thing about EON, they didn't skimp on Bond extras.

    Oh no wonder I'm in debt...
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  17. You can get most of those 2006 Ultimate Edition 2-disc sets for a quid or two now. I got about 15 for £15 on eBay last week, to fill in some gaps (it's left me with a few duplicates, but hey).

    I'm just missing Tomorrow Never Dies. Got all the others in various forms (the original World Is Not Enough and the reversible sleeve Die Another Day, I'm keeping).
  18. They did have quite a few last year if I'm not mistaken?
  19. I think it might have been the newer. ones. Crave had all of them as a collection for a while.
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