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Bond, James Bond

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Booers, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. He plays an agent in Man from UNCLE to universally lukewarm reviews.
  2. Henry Cavill is so boring. Absolutely not.
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  3. Agreed, Henry Cavill is too dull and not charming enough to be Bond.
  4. I don't think Idris is too old. Either way he could just do an epic two-part Bond movie and then call it a day. They could even take the opportunity to do something really off the wall like set in the 60s or something and go all out pastiche. A Black Bond in the 60s would be incredible.

    Not to self promote or anything but I wrote an article for work about what Spectre should be.
  5. I was devastated at the end of Skyfall. I'm glad they gave Dame Judy a good send off rather than just re-casting M and not explaining like they've done in the past.
  6. I think Idris is too old though. It's a shame because ten years ago he would be the perfect Bond.
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  8. I hope we have some decent artwork this time around, Skyfall's was just so boring, could have been for any film. Casino Royal's was nice, then QoS had that brilliant teaser image, then that went to crap too. I want a classic Bond poster out of the Daniel Craig era.
  9. Ok, I had some artwork concerns so this makes me happy, such an improvement on the dull Skyfall teasers, even if it is still bond-staring-ahead thing, this one is cool. Now please, something different / traditional for the actual poster please!
  10. Goldfinger costume, Live and Let Die style man behind...

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  11. But then again Daniel Craig looks a bit too old to play Bond now, looks like he's spent too much time in the sun.
  12. I don't think that poster is actually official? It really doesn't look it...
  13. It was on the official Bond facebook page, so believe it is. If you're worried about the quality, go take at look at the Skyfall promo shots, your faith will be restored that this one is going in the right direction!
  14. I'll only be worried about Daniel if he ever starts to look as ancient as Rodger Moore did in A View To A Kill.
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  16. Seconded.....
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  17. Why can't Ralph Fiennes be the villain? He'd actually be scary, and the poor man needs his chance to shine.
  18. And just like that, that horrendous bore has killed off any excitement I had for this. I shall take ear plugs with me to the cinema so I dont have hear his "talents".
  19. Quit the drama guys, it could have been Goulding.
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