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Bond, James Bond

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Booers, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. It could have been Jessie J.
  2. It couldn't, let's be real.
  3. So it's official....sigh!

  4. What terrible news... And there was me secretly hoping Ellie would be kicking off Album No3 with it.
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  5. Well no but if there's something you wanna say is a worse scenario than the last one then just add Jessie J to the equation.
  6. I'm excited to hear it.
  7. Sam Smith described it in a radio interview with Nick Grimshaw as "classic" and "timeless". When Grimshaw asked if it was a dance track, they both just laughed.

    As if Sam Smith is above the likes of A View to a Kill/Die Another Day/Moonraker (end credits disco mix)
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  8. I weep for the lost possibilties.
  9. I do have a love for the more upbeat Bond themes, throw Live And Let Die and Goldeneye in there and I'd live... (Though A View To A Kill never quite lives up to it's opening 20seconds).
    Adele did the massive huge traditional power-ballad theme with Skyfall and did it to perfection, they need to be trying something different this time.
  10. Disclosure have done some production on the song.
  11. If Sam Smith starts bitching one more time about people compare him too much to ADELE... My God this man needs a mirror
  12. Goldeneye is so great.
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  13. that has deflated my Spectre excitement somewhat. I'd have rather they'd have given Adele another shot.
  14. Isn't it just!
  15. Goldeneye is the best Bond theme ever. It's so gay. It's all about the inflections Tina puts on certain words.

    "See him MOVE... through smoke and MIR-rors.... feel his PRESENCE! In the CROWD..."

    So gay.
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  16. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    It's weird how for Adele, although obvious, seemed like the perfect choice, but with Sam, who is an equally obvious choice, it's fills me with dread. I mean, the man can write a song, I just don't like any of them.
  17. Ok, these are better than Skyfall's artwork (but that was so uninspiring anyway), but I had hoped for something better this time around.... unfortunately just a case of same ol' same ol' with the Craig era artwork...
  18. They always photoshop Daniel Craig so badly.

  19. Final trailer's here. Looks insane.
  20. Sam


    Oh my goodness I'm so excited.
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