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Bond, James Bond

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Booers, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. Yes sis! One of my absolute fave Bond themes along with The World Is Not Enough and The Living Daylights (a very- and surprisingly- enjoyable film by the way).

    I'm taking my iPod in with me to listen to GoldenEye while Sam's theme plays. I absolutely refuse to acknowledge that it is a thing and live in a fantasy world where Tina returned to give us all what we want.
  2. Looks amazing... Thank Gawd the abysmal Smith song isn't all over the trailer.
  3. I can't believe his Bond theme is the first to get to #1, how sad.
  4. #JusticeForGarbage
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  5. Hype levels through the roof!
  6. Did somebody ask for a completely ridiculous Sony advert featuring Moneypenny?

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  7. It's really depressing considering how great some bond songs are.

    Goldeneye, SkyFall, The world is not enough, live and let die all deserved it before Sam bloody Smith's Adele rip off.
  8. I am loving this Moneypenny's sass. Kween.
  9. Hmmm...
  10. She was great in Skyfall, even if M completely stole the show.
  11. I'm debating a midnight showing for this, but then I'm not sure if I'd like to be fully alert for it. Might just have to see it several dozen times.
  12. #JusticeForAllBondThemeSongSingersBarSamSmith
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  13. Even Lulu's horrific theme??
  14. Especially Lulu. Well, not. That was my least favourite till Sam Smith came along. An anagram of his name is Ms Am Shit - lolz
  15. I think License to Kill is heavily underrated as a Bond theme. It's excellent by all accounts.
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  16. New IMAX poster


    A bunch of images have been released too but I won't post them because some are slightly spoilerish.
  17. My favourite underrated Bond theme is All Time High. #JazzBop
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  18. Skyfall is genuinely my favourite but I have a soft spot for Nobody Does It Better.
  19. Chris Cornell's "You Know My Name" came onto my ipod before. That one is so flipping underrated but more importantly I think it works really well over Casino Royale's opening titles. It really did introduce Daniel Craig's Bond with such a bang; those black and white opening scenes of the fight in the bathroom leading into the casino-themed opening titles were such a breath of fresh air.
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  20. I love You Know My Name!
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