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Bonnie McKee - Singles and EPs

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Drew, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. I love this.
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  2. This is brilliant and Armin is one of the biggest DJs in the world, she could definitely make some decent coin with features like this. Her voice is perfect for it.
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  3. Heard it but not a fan. Will give it a few spins.
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  4. Music video:

    I like the song a lot. The last year or so has been really good for Bonnie professionally - she had a song on Kygo's album and got to go on tour with him for a good portion of last year, even getting to perform at Coachella. She was getting exposed to a pretty big audience, which is why its so frustrating that she didn't really do much with it. She did release Sleepwalker and Mad Mad World (but abandoned the latter) and I feel like she could've done more with that opportunity. I don't get why she makes it clear she's all geared up to release EP's or an album and then suddenly its just radio silence.

    This years off to a good start - she has this song out now which might do something internationally, and she's got Dumb Blonde with Avril which is her first single in a long time for a relatively high profile name (even if the song itself won't end up doing anything). I just wish she'd jump on these opportunities and release her own music.
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  5. We're rooting for Bonnie!
  6. Looks like an album is finally coming!

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  7. Rob


  8. The info from her livestream is basically her usual stuff - she's really going to release an album now, she's aiming for summer, it'll be a combo of stuff she's writing now and stuff she's recorded over the last year or so. She's still saying it will be "dark" and more along the lines of Thorns (bleh). None of the Epic songs will make it, but she's planning to use those for a different project that she can't talk about because its too early (so... they'll never come out). She probably wouldn't sign to a major label again because she makes more money off her masters now than she did signed to a label. The Mad Mad World video didn't come out because she had 2 editors quit on her and its all green screen and she can't edit it herself. She said when she finds someone else to finish it she'll still put it out.

    Nothing else of interest. She told the Part of Me story again. She talked about Lonely for You and Dumb Blonde. I think it's disappointing that she's still operating under the theory that she needs everything to sound current when she is not a mainstream artist and it doesn't matter. But I guess I'm glad she wants to get on with it, but she's given us this spiel before- which she acknowledged, but that still doesn't ignite much hope in me.
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  9. She says this every couple of months then disappears.
  10. And what would you know.

    It’s frustrating that nothing followed Mad Mad World and we’re sat here non the wiser as to when she’ll release more material.
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  11. I’ve pretty much lost all interest in Bonnie now. If the Epic stuff leaks, someone @ me.
  12. Same.
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  13. I third this.
  14. She's in Holland (?) right now to perform with Armin Van Buuren so my release phobic queen is still collecting some coins.

    She was in the studio a few weeks ago with DJ White Shadow, I presume for her own project but I don't know that.
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  15. Still bopping to “Somebody’s Gonna Get Hurt”. She’s one artist I’ll always be ready for music from. Her voice is sublime, her pen game is aces and she just knows how to craft great pop songs (except that Avril single).

    Just wish she was as serious.
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  16. What is her deal? I haven't kept up, I gave up since she never releases anything.
    Does she just not feel confident in her material, is it a label deal issue, or does she just not even really want to release anything and just make music for nothing like Porcelain Black has been doing for half a decade?
  17. Sis you could just read the page of this thread your post is on.
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  18. I've gathered she's claiming to be working on an album but... It's been YEARS overdue so what's been the hold up? By now, no one cares. She was supposed to be secret weapon behind Teenage Dream. Now if she came out as that people would be like "Yeah who cares"
  19. They felt that way in 2013 when she did have that heat sis. She released a major label supported single. It didn't really do much and then they refused to let her put anything else out. She's not on a major label now and hasn't been since 2014. She's not under the delusion that she's gonna have some big hit. I don't know why she says she's gonna do something and then doesn't. It's been a mystery for years. What we know is she's recording and has been funding her career herself for the last 5 years and thats crazy expensive. She's not lazy. She toured with Kygo last year, she continues to go to writing camps for other artists, she's on a song with Armen Van Buuren and was overseas onstage singing it this very day. There's a lot to complain about with Bonnie - she herself has said she's got 100's of songs dying on a hard drive and she needs to put them out. She knows lack of content is an issue. So far she isn't following through on that, but trust me she isn't expecting her status as songwriter to the stars 8 years ago to sell anything.

    *And she co-wrote 3 songs on Teenage Dream out of 12. Secret weapon my ass.
  20. Her songs for Katy is how I came to find out about her so that is whyy I say that, and I think it could have been used as a marketing tool years ago - but obviously that didn't pan out well. Glad we got to hear her sing that songs she's written though because I prefer the songwriter sing their own songs. Like when Sia covers her Rihanna songs, it's always better.

    So, I hope she puts something out now that she isn't waiting for some big chance to smash with any particular song. As an independent artist and someone that is so good at cranking out pop tunes, I imagine she could put out some pretty great stuff. It's just a matter of doing it I guess. And hopefully she will.
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