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Bonnie McKee - Singles and EPs

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Drew, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. The songwriter did sing her own songs because Katy also wrote them.
  2. Can she not just release a mixtape and get it over with? I doubt those songs of 5+ (or even more years) are going to bring in any coins?
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  3. Right? Just the same I think. However I don't really bother about Bonnie right now. If she comes through with something, I'll check out. But I ain't holding my breath for that - or I'd die.
  4. The Bombastic EP was wonderful, along with Sleepwalker, but this was such a bop too:


  5. The preview on her IG story is promising.
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  6. I’ve had fifteen years of ‘promising’. I just want a second album.
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  7. Lovely sounds stellar from that clip, but um...why does the graphic on her Instagram story say August 8th and then say it's coming out Friday? Is that the date for an album/EP/~*project*~ that I missed news about, or?

    EDIT: AUGUST 08 is a singer and rapper, apparently! She's also tagged Khalid (!!!) and Billie Eilish (!!!!!!!!!) in the Instagram post
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  9. ...oh, duh. I'm a terrible Billie fan!
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  10. Okay Bonnie, prime placement of "Bombastic" in the new Charlies Angels trailer
  11. She's on live. Album is coming; she's working with creative directors for videos and an idea for the visuals.

    Still holding onto all those songs; still ignoring our questions about if she will ever just release them.
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  12. I will believe her when we actually hear the album.
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  13. Albums huh?
  14. I just assumed they meant "album's" and left the apostrophe out, as in "the album is coming" nn, but if she wants to make up for lost time then go for it sis.
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  15. She's still live, going live with fans and finally someone asked her about them. And she looks so annoyed and said "Well they're coming when the album I'm working on comes out, I need to do that first but Pop needs to come back around. Plus I need to have them re-produced because they sound dated".


    Her excuses are endless.
  16. I was 17 when ‘Trouble’ came out and it pretty much soundtracked my second year of college. Never thought I’d be 32 and still waiting to hear a second body of work from the same person, but here we are. Waiting for pop to ‘come round again’. Sis, keep it. If I wanted to hear ‘Worst In Me’ in 2031, I’ll just play the MySpace rip I’ve been bopping to for 900 years.
  17. She's an independent act. She does not need to wait for that sound to come back around because she isn't going to play on the radio. Ever. She is ridiculous.

    Normally I wouldn't support stealing but for gods sake somebody just hack into her computer and leak them so we can have them and be done with it. She said a few months ago the Epic tracks would be used for another project that isn't hers but they would still have her voice on them and she can't talk about it yet. I assumed that meant a soundtrack. I wonder now if she wasn't pitching them for Charlies Angels?
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  18. She should release the Epic tracks as a throwback mixtape and just get on with releasing something. Anything.
  19. Interview with Songfacts:

    Songfacts: Do you have a plan for getting the album out there?

    McKee: I'm going to start with singles in the next probably month or six weeks, and I'm just going to keep putting singles out until I feel like there's enough interest to put out a full-length. But, I have a full-length written and recorded, it's just a matter of getting the timing right. It's just that it's a different market - it's not like, get a record deal, look at a calendar, do two singles and then the album. It's just completely different - everything is up for grabs.

    I just read a quote from Katy the other day that was like, "Yeah, I'm going to put out singles and not put pressure on myself to do a whole album." I think that's a really beautiful, freeing thing for an artist, but it's also kind of scary and unstable because it could just go on forever. It's nice to have a plan to be like "OK, the album is coming at this time, we're doing this many singles," but it's kind of like you choose your own adventure and just figure it out as you go.

    I can't believe she's still doing this. She's been saying all year again "I'm working on the album, I'm releasing an album for real this time" and here we are again at "well... maybe". It's so frustrating. As an independent act she isn't gonna build interest without content. And when her singles (take Thorns for example - the first alleged lead into an album) don't reach the number of streams she has in her mind then she just throws the towel in. And it sounds like thats what she's already prepared to do here again. She needs to release a single every week for lets say 5 weeks and then just drop the album. Then a few months later she needs to release a few singles every week from the Epic sessions and just drop that album. During all that she'll have built up some interest and a more dedicated fan base because there will be something for them to be fans of. She needs to look at someone like Kim Petras or Iggy and model her releases after them. Releasing one song every year and a half is not working.

    Anyway.. the rest of the interview is good but mostly stories we've heard before. New info is that Let There Be Love was originally pitched to Miley Cyrus but she wanted to change more of it than Max would allow. Also since the full song wasn't posted, here's her version of Lovely:

    It's nice. She has a perfect voice for pop music. Shame we hear it so seldom.
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  20. As an albums person, I have yet to adjust to the new model of doing infinite singles, maybe an EP, and then an album if we’re lucky. I both love and hate what streaming has done to music consumption.
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