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Bonnie McKee - Singles and EPs

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Drew, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. She's getting this so wrong. Releasing single upon single has worked so well for Kim Petras because she has a machine behind her, but no one is going to pay attention to a random Bonnie McKee single anymore. I hate to say it, but she could have the best single in the world and no one would pay attention. Bonnie needs to take a page out of Eden's book and just drop a damn EP - that's the only what she will get people talking.
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  2. I agree. Bonnie is way passed the time to be doing single after single. She should've been doing that years back. Now is the time to just put out an EP or something.
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  3. Also I must say that all of the singles post-Bombastic (except for Stars in Your Heart and the official release of Sleepwalker) were pretty meh.
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  4. Mad Mad World is a total bop.
  5. So where is the single she promised she would drop in a couple of weeks?
  6. That’s So Bonnie!™️
  7. Bonnie could tell me the sky was blue and I'd still think she was lying.
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